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In today’s marketing world, email messaging is a source for information, so why not use free email lists for marketing to promote products? Using emails is a great way to send and receive messages such as advertisements, promotions or free giveaways.

Free Marketing Email Lists: Opt-in Plugins

Mailing Lists For Advertising

Opt-in Plugin
Opt-in email list allows people who visit a business’s website to sign up. Start the free email lists for marketing with a subscription opt-in form located on a business or personal web page. This form of email marketing targets new users to the website by simply clicking on the subscription and signing up for whatever the business is marketing or promoting.

This method of starting an email list does not generate quick email lists but it is more reliable than sending unsolicited emails to someone and not receiving a response in return. Moreover, this form of email listing allows a business person to build a strong relationship between the owner and his clients.

In addition, the owner can offer free or valuable content along with his affiliate code installed in the link. Another way to create free email list is to create a “squeeze” page for the website which offers free items. For instance, to capture an audience’s attention offer a free e-book, product or sample product to visitors. However, in return for the free offer the business requires the first and last name and the email address of the person requesting the free item.

A squeeze page does take some work to incorporate on website. The first step is to find or create catchy headlines that will attract visitors. Then add 6 to 7 giveaways or traffic exchanges events that the website offers along with the opt-in form. This form of free email lists for marketing should drive a lot of traffic to the squeeze page on a constant basis enabling the email list to grow each day.
Double Opt-in Plugin

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WordPress blog has a free Double Opt-in plugin option to create a free email lists for marketing products and services. This option can be generated by setting up a subscription campaign.

The Double Opt-In Plugin consists of placing a sign-up form on the side bar of the WordPress blog. This form also requires information such as name, email or other information, if needed. However, after a user fills in all the necessary information on the form they click the subscribe button and the process begins.


The email address and subscription of the user is established and an email confirmation link is sent to the users via WordPress Double opt-in plugin. WordPress internal database stores and saves all detail information of new subscribers for the email listing. However, once the user confirms his/her subscription a welcome message is sent to the subscriber by the plug-in default pre-compiled welcome text.


Email to Receive Deals Opt-in Plugin

A business website can be set up to have a visitors enter their email to receive coupon deals using his/her mobile device or computer. All the visitor has to do is sign up by entering their email address in the sign in box to receive special offers or half off prices on the company product items. For instance, coffee shop giveaway free samples of coffee when visitors sign up then send weekly or monthly deals on discounted coffee.

Free Email Lists for Marketing: Compiling a List

Buying mailing lists marketing

Mailing Lists Services

There are many ways to compile free email lists for marketing. Many individuals and organizations think they should hire a company to compile the emails and send them out. However, the easiest way is taking a two –system approach. As people submit their emails, add them to a database such as a simple Excel spreadsheet.

Add the emails to the contact list located in the business’ email account. If the business owner is a sole proprietor, then it is best to create a separate company email account. The owner doesn’t want the marketing emails to become mixed up with personal contacts.

Label the contact list something that is associated with the promotional product being sent. This is especially important if the company has more than one product it’s marketing. For instance, a coffee shop would have a contact list “Dark Roast Coffee Sample Recipients” or “Morning Coffee Sample Recipients.”

Creating a contact list in the email and spreadsheet allows a company to keep track of people who opt-in and send out weekly specials.

Another good option of course is to use Aweber.

Below is a list of some very important tips for email lists for marketing your business. These tips will help a business manage a successful email list subscription with opt-in plugins.

Get On Mailing Lists

• Send important and useful information to clients something they want or can use. For instance, offering a free coupon off on a meal or half price off on certain clothing.

• Send emails on a regular basis to your subscribers to make sure to keep in touch

• Send a video to subscribers to talking about yourself, your website, your products or your social Medias.

• Find different places to add subscription forms

• Put up incentives to generate visitor sign up.

Regardless of the method a business uses to gather emails, it’s important to use the method that works best for the company. For example, businesses may want to use the traditional method such as using posters or even give away a free t-shirt to interest people to give up their email addresses. Ultimately, using free email lists for marketing will help a business grow and generate new visitors to their website or mobile device on a daily basis.

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