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Windows Defender uses the Windows Update client to download and install signatures. If signature update fails on your build agent, the HRESULT error code is likely coming from Windows Update.

  • The error code itself is cryptic, a 32-bit hexadecimal number.
  • There are many sites that document many Windows Update errors but, but no single site has a comprehensive list.
  • This page has the most comprehensive list of error codes and links to other pages with more codes

We're also putting together the following table as a good reference for more actionable information

80004004Operation aborted. Some of possible factors that could cause it: 1) Incomplete program installation/un-installation; 2) Corrupt registry files; 3) Unreliable/Unsteady Internet connection
800106BAWindows Defender application failed to initialize
80070002Some files in the Windows Update might be missing. Refer to this for a possible fix
80070070Out of Disk Space
80070422SelfUpdate check failed. Unable to startup the Windows Update service
80070490A file (CBS Manifest) that's needed to install updates is corrupt. To correct this problem, you'll need to repair Windows
800704E8The remote server is not reachable, or a manual Windows Defender update is being done at the same time when the automatic updating takes place
80070643A generic error is encountered by Windows Installer
80070652Another program installation is in progress, or a previous installation has not been completed successfully (in which case restarting computer generally fixes this issue)
80072EE2Connection Timeout
80072F8FA general cause is the date and time settings being in error
8024001EOperation did not complete because the service or system was being shut down
80240022Windows updates failed. Some of possible factors that could cause it: 1) Corrupted system files; 2) Out-of-date certificate of your computer
8024002EAccess to an unmanaged server is not allowed
8024402FExternal cab file processing completed with some errors
80248014This error probably occurred because of corrupted update files

If your Windows PC gets infected with malware, the anti-malware software you have installed may not be enough to remove it. Fortunately, there are several portable anti-malware tools that you can run. Let’s look at the best portable antivirus (anti-malware) tools to scan and disinfect your PC.

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In a hurry? Here are the best portable antivirus (anti-malware) tools that you can carry to an infected Windows PC to run scans. Read on for more details.

  • Avira PC Cleaner (link will download .exe)
  • Kaspersky TDSSKiller Portable

The Threat

If you’ve used a computer for more than a week, you’ve heard about malware, or at least viruses, a type of malware. Malware is a generic term for malicious software. What can malware do?

  • Steal data
  • Delete data
  • “Lock” your files and prevent you from using them (ransomware)
  • Spy on you (including audio and video)
  • Damage hardware
  • Use your device to send spam or malware

If your Windows PC gets infected with malware, or you’re suspicious that it may be infected, you should immediately turn it off. Why? If you continue to use it, or even let it sit there connected to the Internet, malware may be running in the background. Instead, follow the steps below.

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Antimalware ScannerAnti malware scanner

Several portable antivirus tools can be used to remove malware from a PC. Why are they called portable? Because you put the tools on a portable drive, such as a USB drive, and run them from there, rather than using the infected PC to download them from the Internet.

Not all the tools I list here are truly portable in the sense of running directly from a USB drive or other external media, but they will let you install on your PC from the USB drive. And unlike full anti-malware software, they don’t start running in the background or set themselves to automatically start when you turn on your PC. They’re simply scanners.

Some of these tools include the latest definitions when you download them, but others don’t and will need to download definitions before scanning.

To prevent any malware from communicating over the Internet for as long as possible, start with the offline scanners; those that can run without an Internet connection. After you remove as much malware as possible with those, then connect to the Internet to update and scan with the other scanners.

A couple of these scanners (McAfee GetSusp and VIPRE Rescue) don’t have a visual interface; they run on a command line, so you’ll see a black window with white text appear.

In most cases, it’s overkill to run this many tools, but when it comes to removing malware, I prefer to err on the side of caution.

The threat of malware is another reason why I strongly recommend that you take regular backups so that you always have a clean copy of your files.

Malware Remover Free

Microsoft antimalware scanner

The Best Portable Antivirus Tools

Here are the best portable antivirus (anti-malware) scanners, in alphabetical order. These are all free! In the next section, I’ll explain how to download and use these.

Antimalware Scanner
  • Avira PC Cleaner (link will download .exe)

How to Use the Best Portable Antivirus Tools

Let’s walk through the steps to follow to use these portable antivirus scanners on your infected Windows PC.

  1. As soon as you notice (or suspect) your PC is infected, shut it off.
  2. On a different computer (not the infected one), download the anti-malware tools listed above. If you don’t have another computer, ask a friend for help, or try your local library or an Internet café. This can be done on a Mac or Linux machine; you don’t need Windows to download the software.
  3. Find a USB drive (or other external media) to put the anti-malware tools onto. Copy any valuable data from that drive onto a clean (non-infected) computer. Then, copy the anti-malware tools onto the drive.
  4. Start the infected PC in Safe Mode (not Safe Mode with Networking).
  5. Connect the USB drive (or other external media containing the anti-malware tools) to the infected PC.
  6. Double-click the tools to run or install them. The following scanners will run in Safe Mode, without Internet access:
  7. Restart the PC into normal mode and run the rest of the tools, which need Internet access:
  8. If any scanners find malware, take appropriate action (probably quarantining the files). Most tools can take action for you, but you may need to manually deal with some. Continue to run the scanners that found malware until they no longer find any.
  9. Uninstall the anti-malware tools that you installed on the PC.
  10. To reduce the risk of future malware infection, install anti-malware software. I have top-rated anti-malware listed on the Resources page. Bitdefender’s software has consistently earned high ratings from multiple organizations over the years, and I recommend it.
  11. Because the USB drive (or other external media) you used could have been infected, format it to wipe it clean.

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