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These days, many antivirus companies are branching out and now sell VPNs, tweaking and cleaning software and various other services or applications. While you as a user might have no interest in anything else being offered apart from the free antivirus, the antivirus company is keen to make you aware that these other products exist. A few vendors have gone further and now put their free antivirus behind a launcher fronted that advertises their other products.

Both AVG and Avira have gone down this route and when you click the tray or desktop icon for the antivirus it takes you to the launcher instead. AVG’s interface is called Zen while Avira’s launcher is called Connect. They are referred to as central hubs to control the products you own from the company on all your devices. In reality though, they are hindrance for the majority of users that just want the antivirus and are not interested in any of the other products.

Avira Antivirus gives you all the tools you need to stay safe—and it’s all packed into a single app. Key Features of Avira Antivirus Security & VPN. Super-Light Virus Scanner & Cleaner — Scans. I dont go by any data published in websites. I personally tried many free antivirus and I settled with Avira free. For my system it is the lightest. Avast is definitely a resource hog. With Avira my system boots up in less than 30 seconds. Avira is more of a 'full service' company than just a standalone antivirus company. This software offers a highly configurable way to streamline an already light-on-resources software. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

The problem is Zen and Connect are integrated into the free antivirus packages and refuse to let you uninstall the launcher software while the antivirus is installed. The tray icons also take you to the launcher instead of opening the antivirus main interface. In essence, you are stuck with the launcher whether you want it or not.

While these launchers shouldn’t really take up a huge amount of system resources, they are for the most part, unnecessary. Here we’ll show you how to disable AVG Zen and uninstall the Avira Connect Launcher so you don’t have to use them if you don’t want.

For those who dislike AVG Zen, the bad news is the 2017 free antivirus has integrated it even more tightly into the package than before. Previous methods to uninstall Zen or stop it from installing altogether now don’t work. Therefore, the best option with the current AVG Antivirus Free is to disable Zen so you don’t have to use it. Here’s how:

Disable AVG Zen In AVG Antivirus Free 2017

1. If you don’t have it already, download and install AVG Antivirus Free(watch out for the adware). AVG no longer offers a full offline installer on their main download pages, so download the 3MB stub installer and install while connected to the internet.

Tip: AVG has removed all previous version free antivirus offline installers from their servers, but weirdly, they’ve been replaced with full offline installers for the 2017 version. Even though AVG doesn’t officially release 2017 offline installers, and the names are the old filenames, the installers are the newest version. Here’s the offline installers for AVG Antivirus Free 2017.

Download AVG Antivirus Free 2017 Offline Installer 64-bit
Download AVG Antivirus Free 2017 Offline Installer 32-bit

It is not certain how long these files will remain available, but for now, they work fine if you want the full offline 2017 installer.

2. Once AVG is installed open the Antivirus interface via Zen and go to Menu > Settings at the top right.

3. Click on Troubleshooting and uncheck the option for Enable AVG Self Protection Module. Press OK and Yes to accept the warning.

4. Close all AVG windows and open the Registry Editor by typing Regedit into Start or the Run dialog (Win+R). Navigate to the following key:


5. Right click on the Zen key and press Delete. Close Regedit again.

If you prefer not to go into the registry yourself, you can download this ready made Delete Zen key .REG file which will automatically delete the key for you when you double click on it.

6. Log off or restart the computer. Now when you left click on the tray icon the AVG antivirus main window will open instead of the Zen UI. Right click and and it gives the options to open the antivirus direct or run a scan. Also, the arrow on the left of the AVG window does not open Zen.

Do note that after booting, the tray icon sometimes takes 30-60 seconds to revert to the Antivirus Free popup. If everything has worked as expected you can go back into AVG Settings at step 3 and re-enable self protection.

The desktop and Start Menu icons no longer work as they point to the Zen launcher. Change the Properties > Target for the shortcut to “C:Program Files (x86)AVGAntivirusavgui.exe” or “C:Program FilesAVGAntivirusavgui.exe” for 32-bit, or just delete/not use the shortcuts.

Here’s a short YouTube video showing how go through the steps above to disable AVG Zen.

We have run AVG for a few weeks like this and Zen has not returned, although there was not a major program update during this time. If a program update enables Zen again simply disable self protection and delete the registry key by following steps 3-6.

Use AVG Antivirus Free 2016 Without Zen Installed

While Zen is present in 2016 versions of AVG, it is only force installed in the free version. Antivirus and Internet Security don’t have Zen included during install. It is possible to find a full offline setup installer for AVG Free 2016 elsewhere on the internet which doesn’t include Zen, but it will fail during install.

If you don’t want to have AVG Zen on your system and don’t mind using the 2016 version, there’s still an easy way to do it. All 2016 versions should be supported for the foreseeable future and with this method you get the latest release released from the AVG website.

1. Go to the AVG support page and download the AVG Antivirus full installer for the paid version (not the trial). Make sure to get the correct 32-bit or 64-bit version for your system.

2. When starting the install you will be asked to enter a license key. Copy and paste or type the following into the box:


This serial number is taken directly from the Antivirus Free 2016 setup installer. You are simply using the free license key on the Zen free paid installer.

As previous AVG products do not update to major new versions automatically, you will remain on 2016. There is another way to do this which is to install the trial version of Antivirus, choose to uninstall it and you will be offered the chance to revert to the free version. For users with Antivirus Free and Zen installed already, it’s probably easier to uninstall both and then use the above method.

Uninstall Avira Connect Launcher

Although the Avira Connect launcher looks somewhat different to AVG’s Zen, they both do the same thing. Before Connect, there used to be a popup when you clicked the Avira icon in the system tray. Now it’s a full blown user interface. One advantage Connect has over AVG Zen is you do have direct access and some control over the antivirus from the tray icon context menu, so opening the Connect interface can be avoided.

The good thing is Connect can be completely uninstalled from the system. The drawback is you get no tray icon and have to open the antivirus window from a shortcut on your desktop or Taskbar etc.

1. If you haven’t already, download and install Avira Antivirus Free edition. Open the antivirus window and goto Extras > Configuration (or press F8).

2. Click General > Security, then uncheck Protect processes from unwanted termination and Protect files and registry entries from manipulation in the “Product protection” section. Click OK.

3. Type Services.msc into Start or the Run dialog (Win+R) or go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Find Avira Service Host, select it and press Stop. Close Services.

4. Go to Control Panel > Programs and Features (or right click on Start > Programs and Features). Double click the Avira Connect entry to uninstall Connect.

5. After Connect has been uninstalled, download the following registry file to match your system:

Avira Connect 64-bit Registry File
Avira Connect 32-bit Registry File

Avira Light

Run the registry file and import the data to your registry. Adding these keys is essential otherwise Avira will not function correctly and Connect will reinstall itself the next time there’s a check for updates.

DO NOT open Avira or restart the computer before applying the registry file or Avira will cause crashes and system instability. It will also lock the registry keys you are trying to change so the registry import will fail.

If you have already opened Avira or rebooted before adding the registry file and are having issues, you need to reinstall Connect. The 4.5MB Connect installer is found in the following folder on 64-bit systems. Change the path accordingly for 32-bit systems:

C:Program Files (x86)AviraAntivirusavira_en____fm.exe

6. Repeat step 2 but this time recheck the two boxes to enable self protection and click OK.

7. This last step is completely optional which is to pin a shortcut to the taskbar or Start menu as Avira now doesn’t have a tray icon. This will give you quick access to the antivirus window.

To show you how easy the process is, here’s a YouTube video demonstrating how to do it.

Like AVG Zen, we have been running Avira Free without Connect for a while after following these steps. The addition of the registry key fools Avira into thinking Connect is still installed. As a result, it doesn’t try to reinstall Connect at the next check for definition and program updates. The other registry key stops the issue of Avira not working properly when Connect is uninstalled in more recent Avira versions.

Disable Avira Connect Launcher

If you are not particularly bothered about uninstalling Avira Connect but would still like to stop it from running and sitting in the system tray, it’s possible to do that. In fact, the process is quite easy and involves only a few steps. You need to disable the Avira ServiceHost Service and stop the tray launcher executable running when Windows boots.

To make things nice and simple, we have created a batch file to stop and disable the Avira ServiceHost service, kill the Avira.systray.exe process and finally disable the tray program from starting with Windows.

Download Disable Avira Connect batch file

Make sure to run the script as administrator. Using this method you don’t have to disable Avira’s self protection as the service and tray executable are located in the AviraLauncher folder which is not protected by the antivirus. If Connect gets enabled in a future update, simply run the script to turn it off again.

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Once a year I come back to this site hoping it be alive again with a new article. Really liked this site.0


This is a very good blog, why didn’t update?

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Hi HAL9000,Do you be on other forums?

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Avira Lighting


Well written article.Presented in a different way.Easy to digest.Thank you.

Patrick4 years ago

The Avira method worked until I got pushed yesterday.

Avira lighting

Now the antivirus UI won’t start unless BOTH of Avira service host and the notification icon are running. Any of them not running the UI won’t appear.

This is very annoying. Not that I need the UI often but it is certainly useful.


Hi All, Sir(s), It seems AVG has released ”AVG Free Antivirus 2017” offline installers finally ! They have taken off ”AVG Antivirus 2016 (Paid)” offline installers from the links , plz help.Regards & Thanks.

MrZoolook4 years ago

I’ll never understand why AV/Firewall devs insist on making things so hard. Things like this are exactly why I never EVER will pay for AV software. There’s no guarantee the devs won’t make it unusable within the life of the licence. It’s like the inverse washing machine rule, which states that a washing machine only breaks down on the day the guarantee has expired. AV software becomes unusable/un-configurable/fully-automatic/not-fit-for-purpose on the day you buy a licence.

If I wanted big, bold, colourful, shiny interfaces, I’d buy from Fisher Price. If I wanted to remove functionality, I’d uninstall the program. If I wanted to remove configuration options, I’d use software without those options.

Stop dumbing software down to accommodate idiots.


Installed Avira Antivirus the 08 ‎December ‎2016, ‏‎18:37:40
Three days ago, followed, step-by-step, your instructions on «Uninstall Avira Connect Launcher».
Until now no problem.
I’m grateful.

jason76194 years ago

Thanks for the AVG tip :) Worked!


Thank you for the methods. But with the latest version of Avira it will no longer work. It will only cause freezing to the Avira control center and also might cause Windows Action Center to ask you to turn on the antivirus, but cannot be done. Please look into it.

Thank you.

HAL9000 Author4 years ago

Thanks for the report, think I’ve identified the problem. Just trying to find the best way to apply the fix.


You are welcome. Had done multiple installations on 3 different computers this week so was hopeful when coming across this article, but sadly did not work if computer rebooted. Looking forward to an update that can minimize the annoyance.

By the way, thank you for AVG tip, it worked well.

Thank you.

HAL9000 Author4 years ago

The method to uninstall Connect has been updated to take into account the issues with Been tried successfully on several machines.

I also added an option to disable Connect instead of uninstall.


Thanks Hal, done and done ;)

Mohand4 years ago

Hey Raymond,
Good to hear from you again.
I personally use a paid Norton AV but the information you give is not bad.
You should update your blog more often.


Hey Raymond. While this particular article isn’t relevant to me, just wanted to say it’s nice to still get your blog from time to time.

BTW, when I want a free anti-virus, I use 360 Total Security . It’s light and seems to do the job. What do you think of it?


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There are plenty of porn apps available for Android (APKs), but not all apps are created equal with many gaining a bad reputation.

Claims of malware, annoying pop-ups and glitches makes choosing the best porn apps something of a minefield.

We wanted to bring you a round-up of the best porn apps for Android that are reliable, safe and full of excellent NSFW adult content.

Some of our choices are from big names in the world of porn whilst others are innovative in design, offering something new or different.

Looking for the best porn APK?

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Installing Porn Apps for Android

Before we get to the porn apps – some important words on safety:

Whilst all of the apps have been tested on our own devices, the cyber world can be a dangerous and unpredictable place so we take no responsibility for the security of these apps.

Where we’ve provided links to the app, these have been sourced from the developers directly.

You should always exercise caution if you try to download an app from a file hosting site so do watch where third party links are sending you.

Unsurprisingly, only one of the apps we are reviewing is available in the Google Play Store and as a result you will need to enable the installation of apps from ‘Unknown Sources’ in your security settings.

The Best Android Porn Apps (APKs): Our Top List

PornHub App

The PornHub app for Android is an optimized portal for viewing your favorite porn clips on the move. The app provides a similar experience to the desktop site and can be even be used with Chromecast so you can watch the best scenes on a big screen though you do get annoying ads which interrupt seamless viewing.

As with the desktop site, you can use a whole range of filters to select your favorite porn including duration, categories and keywords. You can use endless scrolling to keep browsing results from your search meaning you can use your device one-handed to keep videos refreshing.

The best part of the app is the in-built security meaning you can password protect your settings and ensure that no-one accidentally accesses the adult material on your phone. This is in addition to the fact that you will no longer need to keep deleting the history in your browser.

Free to download, you can join PornHub as a member to get a better viewing experience. The benefits include no ads, higher quality videos and some exclusive, members only content.

This is a great app from one of the world’s biggest adult video providers. The PornHub app for Android is easy to use and has some great features.

With no fees to pay, you get a great selection of videos to browse on the integrated player and you can breathe easy with the added security features.

However, it’s not the most exciting of apps for your Android and doesn’t give you anything innovative or new.


Looking for a porn app that provides something a little different to the clips you can find on tube sites?

Nutaku is the ultimate porn app for adult gaming fans.

It is home to hundreds of NSFW sex games that can be played on your Android device, including some titles that have massive communities of several million players.

You’re not going to find these games on Google Play. If you have any interest in hentai, RPG games or sex simulators, then Nutaku is a must-have. Many of these porn games are free to play, whilst some have paid upgrades which are available within the app or on the main Nutaku site.

See more: our full Nutaku review.
Or for more porn games: The Best Android Sex Games


Another big name porn site, the Wankz app for Android has been downloaded over 500,000 times with an overall satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5.

The app costs $1 to download which gives you a month’s free trial. If you don’t cancel the subscription, it will rebill at $25 per month.

Why would you want to stay subscribed?

In short: this is HQ premium porn. You’re getting full scenes from one of the world’s top studios.

The app gives you access to the same content as their premium desktop site, including VR content and you can download any scene to watch again when you are offline.

The app has quite a few other features including a chat mode to interact with live cam girls.

The app includes password protection and encryption technology to keep your details secure and, as a big name brand, has passed most authority checks.

Wankz is not the only Android app from this stable and, if you have a liking for a specific kind of porn then the company has also produced more niche ways to access their site including Big Tits, Big Cocks, Teen, MIILF and Blowjob porn apps.

The Wankz site is a reliable portal for online porn and the app is quick to download and easy to use. The content available is of a high quality and if you consider the VR aspect alone, the subscription fees represent good value for money.

Wankz is a well-designed app and as long as you make good use of it then you should be able to swallow the premium cost.

BaDoink Video Downloader

The BaDoink app is available directly from the Google Play Store and allows you to download and play videos from the BaDoink sites on your device as well as cast them to your Smart TV.

The app is free but offers in-app purchases as well as an upgrade to get rid of ads.

As a big-name developer offering access to a big library of content, the BaDoink Video Downloader has a good trust rating and is certainly a useful addition for paying members who want to watch their favorite content on the move.

Planet Pron

No, it’s not a typo, it really is called Planet Pron, not Planet Porn.

One of the best free adult Android apps around, the ‘porn revolution’ has begun.

The basic premise for this app is to deliver custom content for each user based on tailored settings. With over 200,000 videos and photo sets to stream, the choice is huge. The app learns what you like based on how you rate clips so that you should end up with a personalised channel of the porn that suits you best.

As far as privacy and security goes, there are several options including fingerprint, passcode or PIN entry plus you don’t need to register an email address to access the service. You can even use the ‘decoy’ icon to keep the app discreetly on your home page.

Additional security comes from the apps trusted reviews from Fleshbot, Android Central and Android Authority.

Clips can be saved on your device so you can watch them offline and you can also interact with amateur models via the chat service.

For a fee of $5 you can get rid of the annoying ads and access higher resolution videos.

Avera light

The free price tag is always something we enjoy and the fee to pay for higher quality clips doesn’t break the bank and gets rid of the ads.

We love the idea of personalising the content recommended based on previous likes and dislikes but it can take a while for the app to get to know your tastes. To get the best of this feature you will need to use the feedback system on every clip you watch which can become tedious.

We like the security features and the fact you can watch clips whilst offline.

Overall, a good Android porn app with more than a million reportedly ‘satisfied’ users.


MiKandi isn’t a single app but rather an adult alternative to the Google Play Store; a sort of porn app store.

Not only can you download HD videos but also whole range of adult apps, comics and adult games. They are sorted into categories to make browsing for them a lot easier to find and include:

  • Hentai
  • Gay
  • Fetish
  • Erotica

You can also sort the content into free apps and paid apps, those that work with social media and MiKandi’s own ‘Featured’ category.

Over 7 million people use MiKandi to source their adult apps for Android and the app was featured on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.

The app isn’t free but costs $19.95 per month. Before you baulk at the cost, you do get plenty of side benefits from your membership, including:

  • Access to 1080 HD porn video library and 30+ premium porn channels
  • Exclusive porn games
  • 1000 free coins
  • No ads.

The service can be cancelled at any time with a simple ‘Unsubscribe’ option and the app is supported by Apptentive.

We cannot give a full guarantee about the security of all of the apps featured on MiKandi but the main app itself scores highly on independent trust screenings and performed well for us on the trial.

There is a word of warning on MiKandi’s own website stating that no credit card information should be given to any of the apps you download from their site.

This suggests that they have had experience of developers creating content that tries to backdoor personal information from customers. Just be aware of this.

Whilst some apps are free, the others cost ‘Gold’ which can be purchase from MiKandi. Games generally cost 799 coins. At roughly $0.01 per coin, this equates to $7.99.

The app provides a single portal to access a wide range of adult games, apps and porn content.

However, there are some concerns about security and, at $20 per month, it isn’t the cheapest option for porn on your Android.

However, the range of apps available is immense and we will certainly be trying a few more of these so, watch this space…


This porn viewing app for Android collects clips from the major tube sites (XHamster, PornHub, YouPorn etc) making it a one-stop shop for your adult videos.

The design is intuitive to the way we navigate desktop sites and you can search for porn based on category choices or using your own keywords.

Avira lightweight

The videos only work by streaming and you can’t (at present) download any clips to your phone. The result means it doesn’t take up much space on your device.

Free to use and easy to navigate, there’s not much wrong with this app although we would like to be able to download content.


The Literotica website is a free service for adults who like to read sexy stories.

The site’s content is made up of user-submitted erotic stories, adult audio and pornographic images. The app is a gateway to the some of the same content offering users access to over quarter of a million stories making it one of the world’s largest libraries of adult fiction online.

You can interact with authors using comments, reviews and story suggestion functions and you can add stories to your list of favorites.

At the moment, the app is restricted to text content only but the site plans to expand the design to include audio content as well.

The app is free to download and free to use and features privacy controls.

It’s not the most exciting of designs but then the desktop site is also a featureless webscape.

However, if you are interested in reading adult fiction on your Android device then there is no better app than Literotica.

The huge library should give everyone something to suit their tastes and with more than 100 new stories being added daily, you should have more than enough to keep you occupied.

Perfect Girls

The Perfect Girls app gives users access to around 100,000 porn videos that can be streamed or downloaded. You canadd them to your favorite list so you can watch them at your convenience.

A free app, there are ads that run regularly in between clips which can become irritating but are generally bearable.

The developers state that 200 new videos are added to the app daily and with such a large library of content there should be something for everyone on here,

Privacy is provided with password protection and you can change the app icon to give you more discretion.

The Perfect Girls app is basic but simple to use and has plenty of content both to stream and download. The fact that it’s free makes it easy to forgive the fact that there is a lack of features.

Overall, it’s one of those apps that does what it says on the tin but not a lot more.


The library of videos on XHubs is one of the largest of all the apps we’ve reviewed here and reportedly extends to include over 1.2 million HQ videos.

With over 1000 videos being added daily, there is more than enough in terms of variety to keep even the most avid viewer entertained.

The app works by collating the content from over 50 sites and allows you to search this database to return clips you want to watch. The library is arranged by categories plus you can also use the keyword search tool for more specific interests.

A drop down menu shows you your viewing history and any clips you have favorited meaning you can build up personalised content.

The app has been checked for malware by trusted sources which include Avira, CM Security and Avast.

Free to use and free to download, you can upgrade your membership by paying extra and getting access to higher quality and exclusive content. There is another way to get access to premium content and that is to share details of the app on social media – not ideal if you don’t want your porn viewing made public!

Clips can be streamed or downloaded on WiFi to view on the move and the app features a secure 8-point security system including privacy options.

Over 85 million people have downloaded this app so far and there are very few reports of any problems with it. Where issues occur, these can generally be traced back to the original download being driven from a fake site.

We like the fact this app gives you access to so many videos and that you can control your data usage by streaming only in WiFi. We also like the security and privacy features.

It’s certainly one of the easier apps to use and has a good design with clear thumbnails and simple menus.

APA (Android Porn App)

Granted, it’s not the most inspired name in our list but what you see is what you get, a porn app for your Android.

It doesn’t have the same level of content that makes XHubs special with only 130,000 videos; however, APA is adding content all the time.

Clips are categorised by keywords and includes some unusual headings to make it easier to filter down to the right results. You can also search by your own keyword.

The clips can’t be downloaded so you do need to stay in WiFi zones to stream the porn you want to watch if you are on a restricted data plan. You can browse thumbnails and favorite these for watching later which doesn’t eat into your data whilst on the move.

As a free porn app you can expect the odd ad in between viewing clips but this is a small price to pay for what is a very usable and interesting alternative to the big name porn apps for your android.

An easy app to use without the ability to download movies, the library of content may well be smaller than some but is still substantial enough to float most people’s boats.

Video Devil

Originally developed as an add-on for Kodi, Video Devil brings you access to porn clips from 24 different websites including XVideos, Brazzers and YouPorn.

Not only can you stream the content but you can download it as well giving you access to high quality porn on the move. Streaming is available free but downloads are only available to premium subscribers ($7.95 fee).

We haven’t been able to find an official link to download the apk and the sources we downloaded our test version from (we used MiKandi) resulted in a few glitches with the internal video player.

Fortunately, you can use your own video player which seemed to fix that for us. You should also be aware that though the version we used came up as malware free, there is a warning from a couple of scanners relating to the number of ads being run on the app.

Navigating the app is easy and you can select from the various channels and categories as well as filter results by porn star.

Add selected scenes to your favorite lists to build up your own personalised library of content or just head straight to the ‘Featured’ section for some random porn.

The ability to browse from so many sites is what has made Video Devil so popular in its Kodi format and we love the range of ways to search.

The fact that there is a fee for premium content is okay by us as long as it pays to keep this site up and running for as long as possible. Video Devil gives the best solution for multiple sites and though the app had a few glitches we’d do the whole thing again.

Sex Like Real

We couldn’t cover a list of best porn apps for Android without including some VR content and this app from Sex Like Real gives you a great portal for viewing virtual reality porn.

The app is powered by the DEO VR player and is compatible with plenty of headsets so you can enjoy a fully immersive way to watch adult videos.

The app has access to over 3000 clips from a huge range of categories including cosplay, parodies, teens and MILFs. The content is from of the biggest VR studios such as BaDoink, HoloGirls and Real Jam.

The app is easy to use and lets you stream VR videos without having to remove your headset. This means you can stay immersed in a world of porn for longer.

Free to download, you can access 70 videos for free before you will need to start spending out on subscriptions. We think its great value and an easy way to test the waters of VR before plunging in.

Featured image via MiKandi.