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Get access to 50+ steal-able direct mail examples. What direct mail marketing campaign ideas will be the most effective? The brilliant examples of direct mail marketing campaigns are just some of the reasons to employ direct mail when targeting your consumers. We offer several services for your company – including direct mail design and personalised direct mail – and can advise you on the best options for your business, just get in touch with one of our experts. For example, with a direct mail letter, you might consider the cost of writing, designing and personalising the letter, as well as the cost of printing it. Working out a feasible schedule It’s a good idea to draw up a schedule for all the steps in your B2B direct mail campaign. Timing is particularly critical in direct mail production.

Let’s take a look at some incredibly effective direct mail examples used for B2B marketing.

First, we’ll start with Google’s direct mail campaigns. Google has many B2B products (Such as ads). The examples below show how Google use direct mail to acquire new business on its platform. Take note of how compelling the offer is (Free also works well for B2B).

This next example by Intel was run as part of a cross channel campaign to business customers using enveloped postcards. Take not of how they used brand consistency across the postcard and envelope. They used a simple message which is effective for raising awareness and invoking curiosity.

Okta ran this direct mail campaign “find your keys” which was one of the performing campaigns they’d ever run of any category.

Why limit yourself to flat shapes? IBM’s folded origami direct mail demonstrates that there is no limit to what you can send in the post.

Ask yourself, what shapes could do with direct mail? Try to use come up with ideas which are relevant to the message you are trying to create. The Sales Force example below is a good example of doing this right.

Following from the example above, Salesforce chose an interesting shaped direct mail with the goal of communicating “Growth”. This is why the pieces are tall and vertical.

Trust pilot’s eye-catching letters show a very clear value proposition.

There are 2 key things to notice about this campaign:

First, it is very targeted – specifically at training and education based businesses. A tailored letter was also sent to other segments.

Secondly, notice how simple and clear the value proposition is. There is not chance that a reader will be overwhelmed the first page, the more detailed information can be found on the reverse side.

This large square direct mail postcard by Siemens is a much older example (but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it) for promoting a direct mail piece for their servers.

Using simplicity, uniqueness and bold popping colours are common traits of all effective modern direct mail.

Sage are a good case study for how to craft effective B2B direct mail for Sass. Their messaging is clear and simple, with a clear call to action.

Further to the above, this Sage B2B mailshot is timed to be relevant to the tax year. Here are some other examples of how you can send direct mail based around a specific date:

  • Company Registration Birthdays messages (Send cards on the dates companies incorporated)
  • Start of the tax year for accounting related promotions
  • Christmas, or any other key promotional dates for your potential customers. (e.g. “Have you started stocking up for the Christmas rush?”)

Sage have also run effective B2B direct mail campaigns which are fun. This will trigger an emotional response for their accounting software which is memorable and google for their brand.

Xero – another B2B accountancy software, has run this successful campaign.

The CAT examples show how effective simple direct mail can be used for promoting events and for promoting offers. Notice how prominent and compelling the offer is.

Using a good offer is as important in B2B direct mail as it is in consumer campaigns. Try to make it as easy as you can for your customer to take action.

Slack knows how effective sending real world post can be for making an impression, which is why they send these “customer love” boxes to retain customers. You don’t need to go this far, but it shows you how much companies like slack are embracing the power of direct mail.

The slack postcards are brilliantly captivating, slick and simple.

For small B2B businesses such as this office interior design company. Use postcards to create an impact.

If your business runs events, sending direct mail follow ups can be a nice way to leave a positive impression and show potential customers that you care, such as this postcard from Intercom.

For more examples of creative direct mail campaigns, take a look at the 47 most creative direct mail campaigns we’ve ever seen.

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This article was last updated on February 1, 2021

Struggling with low-performing B2B email marketing campaigns? We’ve got you covered with 21 business boostingB2B email marketing examples from the pros in the field.

B2B email marketing is definitely on the top of its game as the most preferred channel for written communication between businesses for years now. In 2017 you simply cannot afford to neglect your B2B email marketing campaigns.

If you still have no clue what to do with your B2B email strategy, here is a chance to peek into your competitors’ email campaigns. Learn, get inspired and craft killer B2B campaigns yourself. Let’s start!

1. Show that using your service is easy (example by Asana)

Asana’s platform helps teams manage their projects and communicate more efficiently. With this B2B email they introduce their clients to Asana’s workflow and invite them to start a new project today.
This B2B email marketing example shows that your email might be a part of a welcome email chain, but it could also be a re-activation email.

2. Announce new features (example by Atlassian)

Here is a B2B email marketing example by Atlassian announcing several service updates. The email starts with an offer for free testing “right now” and the white background helps the blue call-to-action buttons to stand out>
This type of B2B email marketing campaign is great to maintain the B2B brand-customer relationship warm. You remind about yourself and announce what’s new.

3. Announce the launch of a new product/service (example by Buffer)

Buffer is a web application that allows you to reach followers on all your social media accounts from a single account. This B2B email marketing example shows how they announce the launch of their new iPhone application BufDaily. Use your marketing emails to announce product launches and product updates.
Also, ask your recipients what they think of your new product or service. This way you’ll show them their opinion matters to you.

4. Inspire your lead to get started (example by CampaignMonitor)

CampaignMonitor sent a B2B email to their clients to remind them about their email template builder. Use your marketing emails to remind clients about products or servicesthey have not ufor a while. There are plenty of B2B email marketing examples like this but what is more important is tо monitor your clients’ behavior and offer them solutions preemptively.

5. Show what you stand for (example by eROI)

eROI is a Portland based full-service digital marketing agency specializing in email marketing, strategy and web design. They created a great B2B email marketing campaign to B2b direct mail examples emailremind their clients what they stand for in order to inspire them and motivate them to join their growing network.

6. Summarize the year (example by Flywheel)

Year in review B2B emails are an excellent way to connect with your readers. In this email, Flywheel have many things to share with their readers. This B2B email marketing example shows how they include a preview of a complete review at the beginning of the email and complete the template with some colorful and funny photos of their employees.

7. Show several ideas to help your partner start (example by Freelancer)

Use B2B emails to introduce your clients to all your services. Freelancer sent this email to business clients listing all the services the freelancers on their platform can help with. This is just onethe B2B email marketing examples that show that complementing your email design with a fun image is always a good idea.

8. Send personalized updates (example by Intuit)

B2B emails can be used to remind your clients about an important information or statistic they could get from you. This B2B email marketing example shows that Intuit is using their emails to remind clientscheck their credit score. This is something every business would care a lot.

9. Announce merges / new partnerships (example by Klientboost)

Do not miss to announce merges, acquisitions and newly minted partnerships in your B2B emails. Let your existing and potential clients know who you are working with to provide a better, more reliable service>

10. Announce events you are organizing (example by Litmus)

Always email your clients about meetups or conferences you organise or attend. With this B2B email marketing example we see how Litmus announce their annual email design conference and the three locations whthe conference will take place.

11. Promote new blog posts (example by Lumi)

Lumi is a packaging service for e-commerce brands. With this B2B email they link to their latest blog articles. As this B2B email marketing example shows, whenever you publish a new blog post you can email clients with a quick preview.

12. Announce a product upgrade (example by MailChimp)

What better place to get B2B email marketing examples, but from MailChimp’s very own email marketing campaigns. Managing your email campaigns on the go is now even easier with their mobile application, which allows you access all Pro features too. If you have a mobile application complimenting your services, do not miss out on the chance to let your clients know via email.

13. Send greetings and wishes (example by Mutual of Omaha)

Big holidays and observances are always a great opportunity to connect with your audience. Send a short e-card (GIFs work great for Christmas, New Year and Easter) and deliver your best wishes to your client when you send B2B holiday emails, refrain from any sales/marketing messages.

14. Send highlights from the blog (example by Salesforce)

Another excellent example of blog post announcement, this time by SalesForce. Short, on-point message, featuring an eye-catching illustration is all you need to update your readers on your most recent bpublications.
Interested in learning more about AI? Checkout Salesforce’s blog on How Artificial Intelligence Can Build Empathy in Your Communications

15. Mix up topics (example by Shopify)

In a B2B email you may mix up topics for your business clients, as long as they stay relevant to your audience needs. In this B2B email marketing example we see how Shopify announces “feature stocompetition, the latest updates of their POS checkout system and the current featured app. All these engage readers in different ways, but it’s still relevant to their interests.

16. Prompt your client to spread the word (example by Slack)

Slack, the cloud-based team collaboration instant messenger is all about team work. This B2B email features a short paragraph about the offer, an illustration showing a bunch of teammates and a big, green cto action button.

17. Promote new functionalities (example by SproutSocial)

SproutSocial is a social media management tool, which sends this B2B email to their clients to let them know of the newly added features to their platform. There are many B2B email marketing examples whensee the email first announcing the product update and then providing a list of benefits associated with the update.

18. Promote a new type of product (example by Square)

Square offers pre-paid gift cards and they use this beautiful B2B email to share some gift ideas with their business clients. Again the value proposition is on top, accompanied by a big, sharp image and benefits in more details are listed underneath.

19. Thank your partner (example by Trello)

With this B2B email marketing example Trello shows us that they connect with their clients not only for the winter holidays, but also when they hit a company milestone

B2b Direct Mail Examples Business

. Don’t think of it as “bragging”, rather share and celebrate your company achievements with your clients. Spread the happiness.

20. Provoke curiosity (example by Twitter)

Here is a B2B email by Twitter in a light, non-intrusive design,

Direct Mail Examples

starting with the attention grabber “People are talking about you on Twitter”. This way Twitter provokes curiosity and also lets their busy clients know how easily they can manage their accounts from their desktop and mobile application Dashboard.

21. Walk them through the first steps (example by Xero)

A very good B2B email marketing example of a welcome email by Xero, which introduces their clients to Xero and offers first-step guidance. Do you see the ordered bullet list at the end? This is the way to when you describe a step-by-step process. We (people) love it to have instructions displayed in steps 1, 2, 3…


B2b Direct Mail Campaigns

The list of B2B email marketing examples can go on and on, but the main idea is pretty clear from the above 21 examples – don’t miss a chance to communicate any company developments, product updates, announcements and even holiday celebrations to your business clients. Curate your emails carefully, don’t push the sales copy too much and you’ll see a positive response to your B2B email marketing campaigns.

Should you need help with the design and/or coding of your B2B email marketing emails see what MailBakery can do for you at B2B Email Marketing Emails From Scratch.

As always, special thanks to our friends from ReallyGoodEmails.com for sharing their email gallery with us.

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