Best Color Envelope For Direct Mail

admin 11/23/2021

Your direct mail envelope has one job: to get itself opened. How it accomplishes this isn’t simple but relies on a variety of tools and tactics you can use.

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There are just as many envelope colors as there are sizes and materials. Tease with CopyDoodles® – using handwritten fonts and doodles and teaser copy on your direct marketing mail envelopes helps them stand out and get noticed right away. Alert with CopyStamps – simulated rubber stamps on your envelopes creates a sense of urgency. Envelope graphics can interact with contents for striking, one-of-a-kind direct mail. “Printed EnvyPak envelopes interact with insert graphics, create dimensional effects, award-winning optical illusions or hide special offers and specific content to create intrigue. High-impact, interactive direct mail acquisition campaigns drive response.

Let’s start with this basic truth: creative envelope design starts when you grab your recipients’ attention as soon as they see it in their mailbox or feel it in their hands. Your copy, images, and even your ink and paper, should help it stand out from what they usually get in their mail while at the same time, support your brand and the offer inside.

Stock envelopes, which are usually packaged until needed, are generally not customized. Because they’re already assembled, they can be integrated into campaigns and mailed with less lead time than converted envelopes.

Great envelopes are converted, not born. They start as rolls of paper or flat sheets. With in-line cutting, scoring, folding, and gluing, they can be produced in a range of sizes and engaging styles.

With a custom die, for example, get your one-of-a-kind design approved by our in-house USPS Verification office.

To get your messaging seen, here are 5 best practices for direct mail envelopes:

1. Color and Creative Design

Plain white says “blah.” Add some “wow!” with solid-color envelopes or full-bleed 4-color images that pop.

2. Teaser Copy

Best Color Envelope For Direct Mail

All by itself, a provocative or intriguing headline – maybe one that’s personalized or pushes an emotional button – can get your envelope opened.

3. Windows

Add an extra window next to your address window or on the back – or both! – to tease the contents inside the envelope. Or think about customizing the size and placement of your windows, too.

4. Size & Shape

The #10 is the most common envelope but consider other sizes, or using a custom shape-cut (which appears on the edge between the top and bottom) for something different.

5. Paper & Ink

Your envelope must meet USPS thickness standards to run through the postal machines. Still, you have plenty of leeway for various paper stocks, embellishments, and finishes.

Wrapping It Up

Envelopes give you a lot of choices to carry your message to prospects and customers. Use envelopes with visual and tactile appeal, as well as a smart or intriguing headline or brand name.

Best Color Envelope For Direct MailBest Color Envelope For Direct Mail

Remember, you can use any of these tactics by themselves or in combination for greater impact.

At, our envelope experts will work closely with you to figure out the best creative envelope design for your brand’s individual campaign goals and budget. We make the entire process run accurately and efficiently, saving you time and money, and delivering peace of mind.

Need more details on how your envelopes can stand out and get opened? Contact our team at!

Direct mail envelopesMail

There is no sense going to great lengths to create an elaborate direct mail campaign when you do not have the right envelopes. The envelopes you select should present your message in an artful manner. Fail to select the best envelopes and you won’t get the most out of the time, money and effort you invest in direct mailings.

Make An Envelope For Mail

Why Envelopes Matter

Think back to the last book you bought. If you are honest about the purchase, you will likely admit the book’s cover played a part in convincing you to buy it. The same is true of direct mailers. If the envelope is ugly or plain, people will ignore the mailing or quickly open it, decide it is junk mail, tear it in half and toss it in the trash. The optimal envelope for your direct mailing campaign will ultimately be determined by your unique offerings along with the target market.

Envelope Styles

Consider the style of envelope from the viewpoint of a target customer. The pocket or wallet style will prove optimal for those involved in B2B (business to business) marketing. If you opt for the pocket style, the envelope will be comparably short. Opt for a banker envelope that is opened through a flap shaped liked a V along the side and recipients will feel as though they are opening a birthday card.

Wallet envelopes are also available. This style of envelope is accessed through a square flap. Take some time to debate the merits of each envelope style before making a commitment.

Envelope Size

Studies show the typical household resident is inclined to open envelopes that are large as opposed to small. Recipients are also inclined to open envelopes rife with color as opposed to those with a plain hue.

It is important that your direct mailing stick out from the rest of the mail. However, if you are intent on keeping the tone 100 percent professional, it doesn’t make sense to send a massive envelope laden with bright colors.

Even the Envelope Seal Matters

Direct Mail Envelope Ideas

Opening a direct mailing envelope should be easy, quick and satisfying. If you decide to transmit several documents or end up going with a single item of considerable thickness, a peel-and-seal might prove optimal as it supports additional weight. If cost is a concern, opt for gummed flaps.

Direct Mail Envelopes

You can also use self-seal flaps with dual latex layers that create quite the powerful seal. There is no need to apply any moisture or remove strips. Self-seal flaps are perfect for direct mailings in which thousands of letters are sent. If you are intent on sticking out, consider enlisting the help of a stationary expert who can fully customize your envelopes exactly as you desire.