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Religion beliefs have been a crucial part of Civilization since the fifth installment of the game.

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But they have become absolutely fundamental for a civilization in Civ6.

Simon Bolivar’s Unique Ability. It provides Gran Colombian the Commander-in-Chief at each transition to a new era. There are two different unique units. Commander General is an experienced commander with unique active and passive skills. And the units of Llanero replace cavalry.

For that reason, I’ve put together this simple list ranking the best religious beliefs in the game. This info should help you grow and keep your cities at the max of their potential.

As you can imagine, you’re going to need to have at least a semi-formal focus on religion if you wish to make the best of these beliefs.

You cannot simply get them if you aren’t researching the religious aspects of the technology tree. In any case, and without any further ado, these are my top picks.

10. Cathedral

Cathedrals provide you with faith as well as extra works of art. Which makes this one an ideal worship belief to get if you intend to go for a cultural victory, but you aren’t leaving religion behind.

As one of the best religious buildings in the game, Cathedrals offer a great source of works for gorgeous art.

And that might give you that extra edge to keep your civilization at the top of the cultural leaderboards.

The Meeting House is also a good worship building to get if you want to boost your production. But I still think that the Cathedral is far more useful.

It all depends on what type of victory you’re going for, of course.

9. Jesuit Education

If you’re going for a religious playthrough, the Jesuit Education will help you keep up with research without compromising your main focus on increasing your faith in the game.

With this belief, you’ll have the ability to purchase campuses with faith, saving you the trouble of having to produce extra cash to do it.

As such, you won’t have to aimlessly wander around the map looking for extra ways to generate gold without an army to conquer other civilizations.

Spend that faith and get those schools to build! I figure the church, in real life, might love this ability.

That way they could keep filling their pockets with gold, right?


8. Divine Inspiration

You’ll want to be building a crapload of wonders if you get this belief for your civilization.

It allows each wonder to produce an extra 4 fair on top of any other yields that it gives you. As far as these beliefs go, this is the best one out there if you have a civilization like Egypt, which helps you get your hands on as many wonders as possible throughout the game.

Divine Inspiration will have you producing more faith than any other civilization in the game. If you know how to use it right.

It’s another fantastic way to combine culture and religion into one game!

7. Feed the World

Feed the world will turn your shrines and temples into sources of food for all of your cities, providing you +3 food and +2 housing, and serving as places to keep your inhabitants as happy as possible.

Feed the world turns your religious beliefs into sheer growth power for your cities.

They’ll not only grant you extra spots for citizens, but also food to make them grow faster. Nice!

This effect applies to the Gathering Storm DLC, though. In the base game, they only provide you with food depending on how much faith they generate.

6. Choral Music

Choral Music is the equivalent of Feed the World, but the one you’ll want to get if you’re going for the cultural win.

Instead of giving you additional food, this belief gives you an amount of culture equal to the amount of faith that a shrine of temple generates.

A fantastic belief to boost your cultural production, and one to use if you’re playing with a civilization like Egypt or Brazil.

It’ll definitely help you get those tourist numbers in the triple digits in no time, should you put it to good use.

5. Religious Unity

We all know how useful city0states have become in Civ6.

And this belief is an even clearer example of how useful they can actually be.

With religious unity, you’ll be getting one extra envoy every time a new city-state adopts your religion, on top of any other envoy you might get from completing a quest with that city-state.

Bolivar Civ 6

4. Itinerant Preachers

For packed maps, this is a good one.

If you have a ton of towns close to your enemies, or if you really need to spread your religion much faster, Itinerant Preachers makes it so your religion spreads to cities further away by +30% compared to what it would spread otherwise.

This is only recommended if you’re going for a religious win. Otherwise, it won’t be useful at all.

But you might also go for Itinerant Preachers if you want to spread your religion to all neighboring cities, to save yourself the trouble of being religiously overtaken by another rival.

3. Burial Grounds

Columbia Civ 6

Burial Grounds allows you to trigger a cultural bomb whenever you complete a Holy Site.

Cultural Bombs turn all adjacent tiles into ones of your own – regardless of whether they’re neutral or owned by another player (depending on the culture of the other civilizations, of course).

2. Religious Colonization

Founding new cities with the Religious Colonization belief will have them instantly spawn with your religion as their main one.

This saves you a lot of trouble and time by making the creation of extra missionaries completely unnecessary.

Isn’t this basically what every world religion wants to see anyways?

1. Stewardship

Stewardship is the best belief in the game – almost irrelevantly of which victory you’re going for.

It makes it so Campuses and Commercial Hubs give you one extra science and one extra gold, respectively, if your city has your main religion as its primary belief.

I think you can see where I’m going with this…

Simon Bolivar Civ 6 Guide

You’ll be swimming in gold and science if you happen to have a religious expansive empire!

Gran Colombia (simon Bolivar) Civ 6

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