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200616 Chartmasters: Spotify top 2020 albums (MOTS7 at 6th by total streams) Info ( submitted 7 months ago by bie716 to r/bangtan 8 comments. In this interactive web-based edition, we take a look back at the second half of 2020 (H2 2020, July 1-Dec. 31) to try to get a sense of the future of the music business, uncovering the world’s breakthrough artists and tracks on music streaming platforms, social media, and our own standard of overall popularity, Cross-Platform Performance.We'll even try to predict a few stars in 2021! Madonna’s underperformance on Spotify is 100% because of USA, if you check the Rolling Stone Top500 chart, she’s bubbling around #400-#450 which is terrible compared to Mariah and Whitney who have double the weekly streams of Madonna in the USA and Also when you check Madonna’s most popular cities in Spotify it’s mostly Latin.

Background information
Birth nameLinus Höglund
Born25 March 1997
Stockholm, Sweden
  • record producer
  • DJ
  • songwriter
  • musician
  • remixer
Musical career
Years active2015 -
Associated acts

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Linus Höglund (born 25 March 1997), better known as Hogland, is a Swedish music producer, DJ and songwriter.[1]

He started his career in 2015 with his first song “The Night”, which placed itself in the top 3 of the Swedish Spotify Viral 50 list.[2] During the summer of 2019 he released the song “Letting Go”[3] together with the singer KIDDO. The song reached the Swedish Top 50 Chart on Spotify[4] as well as reaching Sverigetopplistan for a total of 13 weeks.[5] “Letting Go” gained international attention when Kygo started to play the song during his own gigs.[6] Hogland has now amassed over 130 million[7] streams on Spotify, and has been IFPIcertifield gold in Sweden.[8]

Chartmasters Spotify



2015The NightJohnning
20162 Young 2 DieJohnning
2017Got You BabeVinil
2017We Don't CareVinil, AVA
2017Ruled the WorldJobe
2017The EdgeLucas Estrada, G Curtis
2018Someone NewNora Hedin
2018Better RunawayVinil, Johnning
2018Missed CallTanjent
2018Over YouJazz Mino
2018All Alone
2019Letting GoKIDDOIFPI SWE: Gold[8]
2019Cross My HeartPhilip Strand
2019Only YouBryan Finaly
2020Without WingsKIDDO
2020Just a LittleMelanie Wehbe


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