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Civilization VI is a resource intensive game. As a result, older models of iPhone and iPad may be incompatible. If you’re experiencing crashes, please ensure that your device is supported and running iOS version 11.4.1. The following devices are supported to play Civilization VI. You Can Now Play Civilization IV On Your iPad — and it's the Full Version One of the best strategy games ever comes to tablets One of the best strategy games ever comes to tablets. Civ VI is the latest in developer Firaxis Games' Civilization series, all of which got a full price release on PC. The same is true for the iPad version, but Aspyr decided to use a Shareware model. Feb 08, 2018 I made a folder on my iPad called Civ but can’t see it or launch the saved game from the app. 12Voltman aka Rakkasan21 - It's an identity crisis. 12Voltman, Jan 27, 2020. Sid Meier's Civilization® II is the second offering in the multi-award winning Civilization strategy game series featuring the famous “just one more turn” addictive gameplay that has made it one of the greatest game series of all time.

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Civilization allows you match wits with history’s greatest leaders. You start at the dawn of recorded history – 4,000 B.C., and the founding of the first cities – then nurture your society toward the Space Age. In the beginning, you’ll labor to simply survive while building your settlements, discovering new technologies and fending off barbarians. As your empire prospers, you’ll face competing civilizations guided by history’s most legendary figures: Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar and more. You’ll test your capacity for expansion and domination and your ability to outwit and outmaneuver those cunning and brilliant leaders.

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It’s been ages since I gave up on having a full version of Civilization on anything less than a laptop. That’s why it was quite a surprise when Civilization 6 was brought to the iTunes store basically unannounced. I remember thinking to myself how amazing it would be to play normal full version of Civilization wherever I would find myself. Be it laying on the couch or while driving in a car, and to do so comfortably.

The most amazing part about this, is that it is not a stripped down version as we saw with Civ Revolution, which I tried to play and promptly gave up on. The downside of the full ported version however is the astronomical price tag for an iPad game, $60. However if you love Civilization, and understand you’re getting the same version as the PC, then it may be worth the same price to you that you pay on PC.

Ios Civilization 6


If like me, you have played the game on PC last year when it was released, you know that the game is wonderfully ginormous. The iPad version is no different at large 3.14GB download for the App store version. With dozens of warriors, workers, and sporadic units moving around, on top of the cities and tiles you need to manage the game is demanding on the hardware.

Whats the catch

Due to these requirements and the limitations of the iPad resources, some minor cuts to graphics were made. Still images for the nations leaders instead of animations, no strategic view and so on. But I doubt anyone would miss these too much as the game-play is so addicting-ly fun.

Some obvious cuts are no Online Multi-Player, much faster battery drain than browsing or watching video, and obviously long loading times on large map sizes. While it is similar to the PC in having long wait times for turns on huge maps, I would expect it to be more pronounced on the iPad. You have been warned large map fans! I wish I had an iPad Pro to test this on, but sadly they are still quite pricey at a cool $700 plus.

IpadCiv ipad cover

The game plays well overall and is almost as good as the PC version. That being said there are a few and not totally unexpected annoyances. One of these is the slight lag if you choose to go with a non suggested unit or move. It almost appears that the game is optimized in advance for the moves it suggests, and ever so slightly must load a slightly different algorithm if you choose to do your own thing. My suspicion is this is due to the memory limitations one might find on the iPad.

Civ Ipad

Some users may also experience an issue with swiping in the direction you want the units to head off in. Causing sometimes for them to take awkward paths and fiddling away a turn or two. This can easily be solved by using the control panel. However I’m sure being in the App Store updates will be a little more frequent like most apps, and may include little optimizations as the feedback rolls in.

Civ 3 For Ipad

If you tried the iPad version of Civilization 6, let us know what you thought!