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PDF Compressor - Compress PDF Files Now

Compress PDF & Reduce PDF File Size
High Compression Ratio
Both Scanned PDF & Text PDF Types are Supported
Keep the PDF Quality & Format
Support Shrinking Protected PDF Files
Support Batch Mode
Adobe Acrobat is NOT REQUIRED
Compress PDF Files Fast
Easy to Use

PDF Compressor Screenshot and Compressing Result

How to compress PDF All you need to do to compress PDF document is to drag and drop the original file into the opened tab of your browser, set the PDF compression level and click “Compress”. PDF Candy will start processing your file right away. Click the 'Download file' button to get the compressed file. CM PDF Compress is a simple to use yet powerful app which can compress existing PDF documents to reduce their file size. There are several online sites which can perform the PDF compression but it requires you to upload your documents to them. Follow these easy steps to compress large PDF files online: Click the Select a file button above, or drag & drop files into the drop zone. Select the PDF file you want to make smaller. After uploading, Acrobat automatically reduces the PDF file size.

File compress

Compress PDF Files & Reduce PDF File Size Easily

There are lots of PDF files need to be copied, transferred or exchanged often on the Internet. However, scanned PDF documents are made from images and the file sizes are very large. It is not easy to send emails with large PDF attachments.
PDF Compressor is a Windows utility that compresses both text PDF and scanned PDF files and reduces PDF file size from larger than 30 MB to only 1 - 3 MB (Compression Ratio: 10%) fast and easily. This tool allows users to change the compressing value to get better compressed result and content quality. Also, the program supports batch mode and lets users compress hundreds of PDF documents at one time.
PDF Compressor can save the compressed PDF documents to original PDF folder without overwriting the original PDF files. But if you like, it can also output compressed files to a specified folder path.
The program can automatically remove the restriction from protected PDF files as well.
Now the latest version of PDF Compressor is able to compress text PDF which has not been compressed yet.


How to make a PDF document smaller? Can I Zip a PDF?

Zipping a PDF can pack a PDF document into one zip file, but readers need to unzip the file to open and view the PDF. It is too complicated.
Below is a quick guide shows you

Compress Pdf Size Free Online

how to make a PDF document smaller

Compress Pdf Tool Online

by compressing PDFs with PDF Compressor.

Compress Pdf Strong

File Compress

How to Compress PDF File by PDF Compressor in 4 Steps

Cm Pdf CompressCm Pdf Compress

1 - Add PDF Files
Run PDF Compressor and click on the 'Add' button to add a file, or drag and drop your PDF files onto the file list:
2 - Choose the PDF File Type: Scanned PDF or Text PDF
If the PDF file is made by images or created by the scanner, and you cannot select or copy the text content during you view it in the PDF Reader program, please choose 'Scanned PDF'. If the PDF doc is created by Word or other virtual printers, and you can select the text content when you open the PDFD file, please choose 'Text PDF'.
2.1 - If you are working with scanned PDF, you can change the Compress Quality slider or the DPI option value higher or lower to get a better quality or better compression ratio. Or, you can simply use the default setting.
2.2 - If what you added is a text PDF, please simply drag the Compress Quality slider to change the PDF compression quality. There are 4 text PDF compression quality modes: 'Best Quality', 'High Quality', 'Standard' and 'Smallest Filesize'. The compression quality is 'Standard' by default.
3 - Choose the Output Path
Please click the Output drop list, and you can set the output path as 'Original Folder', 'Customize' or 'Overwrite Original'. 'Original Folder' will let the program save the compressed PDF file into the same folder where the original PDF is, but the compressed filename would be added '_compressed'. If you want to save the compressed PDF file to other paths, please click on 'Customize' and select a new path in the path window. The 'Overwrite Original' option would replace the original PDF file with the compressed PDF file.
We recommend users to take care of using the 'Overwrite Original' option in case of the compressed PDF file is not perfect as you expected, but the original PDF file could not be recovered.
4 - Start Compressing
Please click on the 'Start' button to start compressing PDF files. There is a progress bar at the bottom allows you to see the conversion progress. PDF Compressor will automatically open the output folder once the compressing is done.
PDF Compressing result: