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Create the table of contents Put your cursor where you want to add the table of contents. Go to References Table of Contents. And choose an automatic style. If you make changes to your document that affect the table of contents, update the table of contents by right-clicking the table of contents and choosing Update Field. Separate templates are available for each level. Though APA-7 authorizes placement of footnote content either at the bottom of the page (as in this sample paper) or on a separate page after. A table of contents template means a list of topics, discussions, divisions and headings under which content is available for users. It presents title of topics under systematic way which can easily accessible either by page number or by inserting direct page link.

A table of contents template means a list of topics, discussions, divisions and headings under which content is available for users. It presents title of topics under systematic way which can easily accessible either by page number or by inserting direct page link. If we further go into details, we can simple define it as; it is a list of the all segments of a book or document, file, press release created in precise order. The worthy contents define what sort of headings can explain the nature of content which will help reader to reach exactly what he/she looking for. Based on content, sub headings or sub sections can also used. For example, if content of topic is huge and requires more information which one heading cannot explain, then subheadings do the rest. It is more likely as first level headings, second level headings and third level headings but remember, don’t confuse your readers with multiple headings of same content. The depth of detail in tables of contents depends on the length of the work or research conducted or concluded.

Details of Table of Contents

As far as English-language books or topics are concerned; the table of contents follows immediately after the title page. While other material like; legal notices, informational journals, the abstracts, it appears before preface. There are several methods to direct readers to relevant page and usually such indicates with page numbers or heading numbers. While going through digital tables of contents, same page numbers or heading numbers can be linked with hyperlinks. Problems exist with hard form of content where page numbers are main tool to direct users to right page. The font style and design is always first priority for publishers while choosing right table of contents. For instance; if these page numbers appear immediately after heading text, they might be published with bold dots or periods, which continue to follow from the segment or titles on the opposite page. A part from such method, publishers may go with closer to the titles or segments which will ease to locate. They might choose to post page numbers in the beginning of text at either right side or left side or even in middle of page.

Benefits of Table of Contents

Now it is the time to discuss benefits which are associated with Table of contents. Well, it is simply means of providing massive information without the problem of misinformation. Users can reach out to exact area of article, research or contents without reading all the content. This can save precious time and efforts of reader instead of reading all the content. Moreover, reader can understand easily with this table about the content and what topics are covered under it. So, it is more likely a tool of precise summary with specific page numbers. You can add different formats and templates of segment separately by mentioning in table of contents. It is basically attractive and innovative way to catch attraction of readers. Moreover, you are offering a road-map in shape of this content table by which readers are required to follow them. You can make your average article with superior content with the help of this table. It also guides users to arrange data accordingly thus making it possible to write down simply and easily.

Advantages of Using MS Word for Table of Contents

Creation of table of contents is very hard task but not any more as you can now prepare your table with the help of MS Word. All you need to understand how to use MS Word and how you prepare it. Here are few benefits which anyone can gain by using MS Word. These are given below;

1- Making your table of content with MS Word allows you to add more look either by making it bold or adding new fonts or providing unique space theme. It enables you to add value in it and make it progressive and eye catching.

2- Making table of contents now do not required much time. With MS Word, you can easily prepared it by following general information. Now MS Word coming with embedded options of creating table of contents so it is very simply to follow.

3- Adding hyperlinks to all sections of table of contents with right page, you can give esteemed look to it. It would become easier for readers to simply skip the rest of content and reach directly to desired content.

4- It helps you to give professional look of your table of content. You can prepare it without any fear of error and thus you can go for more advance options.

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Download these 30 Free Professional Table of Contents Templates to assist you in preparing and printing your own Table of Contents easily.

Books are of different sizes and of different uses. From a comic book of about 20 pages, a children storybook of about 50 pages, an adult novel of about 600 pages to a legal document of about 5000 pages, books come in different shapes, functions, features, and sizes. Not too many people will argue that a book with large number of pages can be difficult to navigate through. Besides navigation problem, it can also be difficult to give it a quick glance. This is where a Table of Contents comes in.


A Table of Content is a list of issues, topics and chapter within a book, usually with their corresponding page numbers, listed at the beginning of the book for readers’ use. Beyond giving a quick and easy glance for navigating through the book, it can also be helpful by ensuring the focus and the entire reach of the book can be appraised at a glance. The following are some of the points showing importance of a professional Table of Contents in a book.

First, a Table of Contents helps the reader to know how the book is laid out in detail without going through the large details. Secondly, a professionally designed Table of Content gives the book a quality poise before the prospective readers/buyers and the general public. Also, a carefully laid out Table of Content can be the bait for an intending publisher just as it is for the reader. A publishing house gets to see the content, nail down the essence of the book, and may even be fascinated with the author’s clarity and depth.

Sometimes, a Table of Contents helps readers to find what they are looking for in a book or guide them to what is most important or relevant to them. It can be what validated the book as worth having to the prospective buyers. A professionally designed Table of Content may also have pages linked to the titles or items at the other side of the table and can be linked with the number of dots.

Contents Page Template Word

A well laid out Table of Contents can also give the writer a clear direction of what to modify and content to readjust; for instance, a discourse may be presented better at some other point than its current position. It is more advisable to use a Table of Contents for books with large pages. Each of the chapters can also be still divided into other units where details of issues are brought out for an easy glance.

In digital materials, each of the items under the Table of Contents can be linked to the exact location especially if the number of the book is large. This ensures that there is an ease of use and it even further widens the importance of a Table of Contents. Lastly, a Table of Content can show how organized a writer and his/her publishers are. This can become a great selling point for the book, and it can also come to hurt its success rate in the market.

Given below are some free sample templates.

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