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This page is meant to describe how to compile the Coretemp patches to get the Core 2 Duo CPU temperature sensors work under edgy and probably other ubuntu versions (mainly with lm-sensors). These patches were written by Rudolf Marek; you may view his post. First, let me say that any comments will be welcome. Fix: CPU temperature not displayed in Core Temp window on Phenom CPUs (0.98 and 0.98.1). Fix: CPU load would sometimes display -1% load. Fix: AMD K8 would sometimes spike to 206C, the false reading is now ignored. Fix: AMD K8 sometimes constantly reads -49C. Fix: Core Temp does not show up automatically on G15 LCD with 2.02 driver. SolarWinds CPU Load Monitor. Best for monitoring and graphing the load on multiple Cisco routers. Core Temp is an advanced software utility with a clear-cut purpose: it monitors the temperature of the computer's CPU cores and can automatically power off the PC if it gets too high, in order to.

Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius and measurement resolution is 1 degree C. Valid temperatures are from 0 to TjMax degrees C, because the actual value of temperature register is in fact a delta from TjMax. Temperature known as TjMax is the maximum junction temperature of processor, which depends on the CPU model.

Monitor CPU core temperature and automatically shut down, hibernate the PC or put it to sleep to prevent hardware overheating using this compact tool with system tray indicators

What's new in Core Temp 1.17.1:

  • Fix: Crash on some AMD Opteron/FX/APU A-series (Bulldozer based) CPUs
  • Fix: Crash on old versions of Windows
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Core Temp is an advanced software utility with a clear-cut purpose: it monitors the temperature of the computer's CPU cores and can automatically power off the PC if it gets too high, in order to protect the hardware by preventing overheating. It is mainly oriented toward power PC users but not too difficult to be figured out by the less experienced ones.

Ad-supported utility with a simple installation procedure


Setting up Core Temp does not take a long time. However, since it is ad-supported, it offers to download and install third-party components that it does not actually need to work properly. They can be excluded from the setup however, if you pay a little attention and do not rush through the wizard.

Classical interface and system tray indicators

The interface does not contain attractive elements but in the case of a system monitoring tool, it doesn't have to. Core Temp is wrapped in a small window that shows the process information and temperature readings, enabling users to select a preferred CPU core.

It also creates icons in the taskbar notifications area for each core to show its live temperature; they are intuitively color-coded to quickly determine the current safety level concerning temp overheating by just glancing in the bottom right corner of the screen, with the possibility to tweak font and colors used.

Examine processor information and temperature readings

You can find out the model, platform, frequency, revision and CPU ID, along with the low, high and load temp for each core, as well as adjust the temp offsets for each core or apply the setting to all of them.

Core Temp is able to automatically prevent overheating by taking into accounts its optimized settings; it can show notifications only when the critical temperature is reached. Alternatively, you can activate this protection module when the temp surpasses a user-defined value.

Schedule notifications, app launches and PC shutdown

Additionally, it is possible to enable balloon popups and make Core Temp flash in the taskbar, schedule an application to launch (EXE or BAT), as well as program the computer to sleep, hibernate or power off (with or without delay) on temperature overheating. All these settings may be restored to default.


You can view system information collected by Core Temp, reset the high and low temp readings, create a dump with all processor data and export it to a plain text document for closer examination and comparison with future dumps, as well as take a screenshot of the main frame and save it to a PNG image for the same purposes. Core Temp's window can be set to stay on top of other frames.

Evaluation and conclusion

The tool has a great response time and shows accurate information concerning system components and temperature readings. It worked smoothly on 64-bit Windows 10 machine during our evaluation, without triggering Windows to hang, crash or pop up error messages. It used very low amounts of CPU and RAM resources. Owners of older operating systems can use it as well (Windows XP included).

In a nutshell, Core Temp may be small-sized and not very attractive, but it delivers effective solutions to monitoring CPU core temperatures and scheduling automatic tasks to prevent overheating.

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Core Temp was reviewed by Elena Opris
  • Processor: Intel, AMD or VIA x86 based processor
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Core Temp 1.17.1

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Core Temp Add Ons


Core Temp Gadget 2.8

This is a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista and 7 for use in conjunction with Core Temp. There is not much to say about it, I think the screenshot speaks for itself.
the gadget requires Core Temp 0.99 or higher to be running for it to work.

A Core Temp plugin, that controls your PC RGB LEDs based on the actual CPU temperature and CPU load.
The colors (can be adjusted) are mapped from blue for cold to cyan->green->yellow->Red for Warm up to violet for critical.
The intensity is based on the CPU load (can be disabled).
Download, source code and instructions

Core Temp Monitor is an app for Android and Windows Phone. In conjunction with the Core Temp Remote Server, it allows you to monitor your machines outside of your home or office.
Download and installation instructions

This plug-in allows applications to connect over a network to Core Temp and recieve updates on your processor's status, similar to the sidebar gadget.
It's a required plug-in for Core Temp Monitor
Requirements: Windows XP SP2 or higher + .Net Framework 3.5.

Core Temp MC is a Windows Media Center add on (supported in Vista and Windows 7) which allows the user to view the status of their processor directly from Windows Media Center's UI.

Core Temp Grapher comes as a plug-in (dll) or standalone (exe). It will display a graph per processor core displaying the load percentage and core temperature. For best results with the Grapher, you should use the latest Core Temp version available.
Setup and usage instructions can be found in the 'readme.txt' file.
Download plug-in: 32 bit64 bit

An addon for the 'SystemInfo' script. It requires Core Temp 0.99 or higher to be running to work properly.
The installation instructions are inside.

'VCTemp is an open-source tool that interfaces with CoreTemp to allow you to view the temperatures on a remote machine.
This can be useful to keep an eye on processor temperatures of your rig while fullscreen gaming.'
DISCLAIMER: VCTemp is a third party tool, and any questions, suggestions, bug reports and complaints should be directed to the developer.

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