Create Dropbox Account

admin 11/23/2021

Open your Web browser and go to Click the Sign Up button. Type in your first name, last name, e-mail address, and a password for your account. Your e-mail address and password will be your account credentials to log in.


This article explains how to create a service account for migrating Dropbox drives to Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint Sites, Teams, or Blob storage.

Prerequisites: You must be logged into with an administrator account.

  • Login to Dropbox Account. Already have a Dropbox Business account? If you don’t have a Dropbox Business account yet, you will need to sign up here. Create a New App. Step 1: Visit the Dropbox App Console and click on Create App button. Step 2: Select Dropbox API and then Full Dropbox type which allows our plugin to access to all.
  • Dropbox can be a home for all of your files. Discover how to sign up for Dropbox, how to install Dropbox apps, and how to add files to your account.
  • To start storing data in Dropbox, we must create an account. We explain in detail how to register your profile and how to set it up.

Navigate to
Click on Create App

AccountCreate Dropbox Account

Create Dropbox Account Patreon

Select Scoped access, Full Dropbox, enter an app name, and create app.

Go to the Permissions tab, and check the following :


Create Dropbox Account

Come back to the Settings tab, then click on Generate:

Log Into Dropbox

Copy and save the token for your connector configuration.