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A grid can contain a mixture of items. Some of the items may have a position on the grid, but others may be auto-placed. This can be helpful, if you have a document order that reflects the order in which items sit on the grid you may not need to write CSS rules to place absolutely everything. Grid-template rows / grid-template-columns: Specifies the size(s) of the columns and rows: Play it » grid-template-areas: Specifies the grid layout using named items: Play it » initial: Sets this property to its default value. Read about initial: inherit: Inherits this property from its parent element. Read about inherit. CSS grid looks set to land in browsers in early 2017. Until then you will need to enable grid for it to work (except in Firefox Nightly where it is enabled by default). Chrome Canary currently has the best implementation. Meanwhile, Firefox has an invaluable add-on called CSS Grid Inspector, which can display the lines of your grid.

  1. CSS Grid Layout introduces a two-dimensional grid system to CSS. Grids can be used to lay out major page areas or small user interface elements. This article introduces the CSS Grid Layout and the new terminology that is part of the CSS Grid Layout Level 1 specification.
  2. To create the four columns, we’ll use display: grid; on the container and use our magical one-liner for our grid-template-columns. We’ll also be defining a gap between them, and use align-items: flex-start; to ensure that our columns don’t stretch to the bottom of the screen.



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