Direct Mail 2.0

admin 11/22/2021

Combine direct mail with online advertising and campaign tracking and watch your results skyrocket. Direct Mail 2.0 includes mail tracking, call tracking, online follow-up, social media follow-up and social match. Direct Mail 2.0 is a game-changer and should be strongly considered as one of the cornerstones of your marketing strategy.

  1. Direct Connect 2.0

For a very long time, Direct Mail has been to go to form of direct marketing that has enabled businesses to establish strong and trusted relationships between them and their customers. We’ve seen this medium change and evolve with the times; introducing new, innovative ways to engage recipients of direct mail through interactive mechanics applied to mail such as video mailers, pop-ups and adding digital augmentation aspects.

On the other hand, many organisations get stuck in the cycle of underwhelming blanket distribution; sending out mass amounts of direct mail in an attempt to maximise reach rather than engagements. Whilst this may be a legitimate strategy that has proven successful to some; better strategies that promote engagement and interaction from consumers are ultimately what will return better conversion rates.

Direct Mail is known as one of the earliest forms of direct marketing; first being applied in 1000 B.C.; when an Egyptian landowner created an advertisement on papyrus in which gold was offered as a reward for the return of an defected slave worker. Fast forward a few thousand years and there is very few people on planet Earth that has not come into contact with Direct Mail or Direct Marketing in some form.

Over the last few years, Direct Mail has been pushed into the spotlight in regards to its overuse within the charity sector; prompting the deputy director of fundraising for Oxfam, Nick Pride to share his vision and urge others to “relearn the craft” of Direct Mail. This shows how the over-reliance on direct mail as a sole marketing strategy can reduce the impact it can have and its ability to capture their consumers attention, interest and trust.

All is not lost however, as Pride who spoke at an event hosted by Royal Mail, describes Direct Mail as: “an exemplar for how to get the right message to the right people at the right time”.

Pride then goes on to detail how GDPR had forced the charity sector to rethink how they communicated with existing supporters but still had faith in direct mail’s ability to build trust with existing supporters & start relationships with new ones on a greater scale; all whilst being fully GDPR compliant.

If we can take anything away from what Pride had stated in regards to DM (Direct Mail) within the charity sector; it’s that DM is still an extremely viable marketing strategy to reach and engage your customers. It’s the over-reliance on a single marketing tool such as DM that can push your customers away and breach their trust.

Direct Mail 2.0

Direct Connect 2.0

Organisations must consider their customers emotions and points of contact; building an understanding and view point from the eyes of the consumer.