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  1. 10 Great Examples Of Direct Mail Advertising. Direct mail marketing works best when used as part of an integrated marketing campaign. With the right direct mail provider, you can effectively drive customer traffic and sales. Moreover, you can measure your efforts, from creative elements to offers, and use the data to boost effectiveness.
  2. Cross Promotion Via Different Marketing Channels. For any marketing campaign to be successful, it.
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Imagine your dream target audience. What do they do? They browse the web, text someone on social media, collect postcards, or, maybe, watch TV? It’s not that we want to upset you, but chances are they do everything. Modern buyers slide across multiple channels several hundred times per day and expect to be treated equally well wherever they go.

Predictably, the patterns of customer behavior influence marketing campaign planning. To ensure a consistent message at all touchpoints, integrated marketing campaigns are essential. They help to build a solid brand image that is easy to recognize in any circumstances.

Market leaders have already discovered the power of integrated campaigns. You have definitely seen the renowned integrated marketing campaign examples of Reebok, Nike, Apple, and other world-class brands. Actually, according to recent research, leading companies are 1.5 times more likely to use integrated marketing and advertising technology than mainstream businesses. And it’s not only about digital channels or social media marketing. Offline marketing tools, including digital direct mail services, also have a place in a modern integrated campaign.

Even Google, a marketing guru with 85% of revenue generated by advertising, uses digital direct mail services to promote its products. They know that the response rates of online channels are much lower than the response rates of integrated direct mail and regularly benefit from that.

Here is some good news. You don’t need to be a tech giant to launch integrated direct mail campaigns. With Inkit’s mail automation, anyone can do that. To make the start easier, today you’ll learn:

  • What is integrated marketing?
  • Three ways to boost your integrated marketing with digital direct mail services
  • Best integrated marketing campaign examples with integrated direct mail

What Is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing campaigns are strategies with the focus on seamless and consistent brand experience throughout the whole customer journey. The main goals are to create a strong recognizable brand image, provide easy access to information about products or services, and increase customer satisfaction. To achieve this, each marketing channel is included in a single integrated marketing strategy. As a result, the company communicates the same message in its content marketing materials, social media marketing campaigns, integrated direct mail, in-store-experience, and other channels. Unlike outdated marketing methods, an integrated marketing campaign:

  • Uses a clear, consistent voice across all marketing messages and interactions with the target audience
  • Focuses on a strong brand image
  • Combines offline and online media for brand promotion
  • Utilizes the same approach to customer service and experience across all channels
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Note. When people talk about integrated marketing campaign examples, they often confuse cross-channel marketing and the omni-channel approach. In cross-channel marketing efforts, all channels are complementary during the entire customer journey, whereas in an omni-channel marketing strategy, customers can use several channels at the same time (e.g., a tailored mobile app in the store). Although both methods are based on the integration of several channels, omni-channel campaigns are more expensive and difficult to implement. In case you decide to use integrated direct mail in any of these subtypes, Inkit’s mail automation can significantly help you with that. Check out more details in this Inkit’s case study and continue reading to learn why digital direct mail services should be the basis of your integrated marketing campaign.

Three Ways to Boost Your Marketing with Digital Direct Mail Services

#1 – Overcoming Digital Fatigue and Banner Blindness

Constant media exposure makes consumers less sensitive to various ads and promotions. A bright online banner that used to grasp attention two decades ago, today, is very likely to be ignored. Luckily, the situation with direct mail is different. Most people still receive important documents by mail and regularly check their mailboxes for bank notices, reminders from their dentists, Christmas postcards, and other relevant mail pieces. This means they will definitely notice your postcard and, at least, take a moment to read the offer.

#2 – Attracting Millenials with Triggered Campaigns

Although it may sound surprising, 77% of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising. At the same time, 47% of them name the Internet as the one thing they cannot live without. Digital direct mail services allow you to use the benefits of both marketing means in one integrated direct mail campaign. Thanks to direct mail automation, mail delivery can be synchronized with online events and actions. For example, you may automatically send a discount postcard immediately after a user abandons the cart or decides to unsubscribe.

Ready to captivate your customers?

Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.

#3 – Improving Targeting and Personalization

Moreover, the use of digital direct mail services in integrated marketing campaigns makes your message more personalized and improves targeting. To run integrated mail marketing campaigns, you will need to connect a mail automation tool with a CRM or marketing platform. This allows you to segment potential buyers, create customized marketing workflows, and even adapt the message on a per-customer basis. For example, if a CRM records that someone has a $20 credit, you can include this number on the delivered mail piece to show your special care. To learn more about the capabilities of Inkit’s mail automation tool, check out the features page or schedule a demo.

Best Integrated Marketing Campaign Examples with the Use of Direct Mail

Practice makes perfect. Yet does everyone need to learn from their mistakes and start from scratch? We think No. That’s why our team has collected the best-integrated marketing campaign examples that show how integrated direct mail works with other marketing channels.

Integrated Marketing Campaign Examples. Case 1. Integrated Direct Mail with QR Codes

Postcards with QR codes are among the most popular ways to drive more traffic to online channels using physical mail. Include the code that takes customers directly to your landing page, Google Maps location, or a discount coupon page to connect mail with your digital channels. As an alternative, you can personalize a link by creating a PURL that will take mail recipients to their dedicated landing pages. To print such tailored content, make sure to contract digital direct mail services that provide variable data printing.

Integrated Marketing Campaign Examples. Case 2. Integrated Direct Mail Tied to Email Marketing

Direct mail’s average response rate is almost 10 times higher than the response rate of email marketing. This makes a significant difference when you need to interact with customers for the first time. So try using integrated direct mail to initiate the contact, and once this person shows interest in your offer (e.g., visits your website or social media account), continue with an email. Make sure to include a strong call-to-action to make the mail piece memorable and engage potential customers.

Integrated Marketing Campaign Examples. Case 3. Integrated Direct Mail to Greet Loyal Customers

If you run a loyalty program on your website or online store, integrated direct mail may be an excellent chance to show how you appreciate your customers’ devotion. With mail automation, you can automatically print and deliver a personalized postcard, once someone joins your loyalty program. Consider enclosing a printed voucher with a small discount as a sign of gratitude.

In case you decide to use any of these models, Inkit can help you with the mail automation part. We provide state-of-the-art mailing services suitable for both simple one-time mailing and complex integrated direct mail campaigns. Click here to start testing Inkit today.

Ready to captivate your customers?

Send personalized direct mail automatically based on customer actions.

Here are 3 brilliant examples of Direct Mail that got it right.

In this article we’ll quickly show you why each direct mail example is awesome and which design elements you should copy and include in your next direct mail advertising campaign.


If you’re planning a direct mail marketing campaign and you’re looking for inspiration and effective direct mail examples that work, this article is for you!

1. Direct Mail Flyer for a Dance School

This dance school direct mail flyer is pretty awesome. It quickly explains what the company does, and how you or your kids can benefit from joining their school.

Here’s why this direct mail postcard example got it right:

  • Eye-Popping Main Image that Clearly Defines the Business
    • Use an image that defines what your company does without needing any words. The image of the woman jumping in the air immediately captures your attention and tells the reader what the company does.
  • 'I want to do that!'
    • Use an image that makes people think 'I want to do that!' or 'I need that!' and they’ll be more likely to call you.
  • Not 1 Offer, but 2!
    • Most direct mail examples include some sort of an offer. But you’ll stand out from the crowd if you can offer your customers a little bit more. Here, the school is offering new students 2 nice offers: a Free T-Shirt (who doesn’t love a free t-shirt?!) and $10 off.

2 . Direct Mail Postcard for a Massage Chair Business

This direct mail postcard really has it all! Here’s why this direct mail postcard example got it right and what you can copy:

  • Relevant, Bold Images
    • There’s no question what this company does. The big, clear images on the front and the back of the postcard immediately illustrate what the company sells, and they make you want one!
  • Awesome Offer
    • Everyone loves a good offer. And in this direct mail example, the company is giving 3 enticing offers to draw in new customers:
      • A great discount – 25% Off!
      • Free Gift with Purchase
      • 0% Financing
  • Photo of the Shop
    • Include a photo of your storefront so people know what your store looks like and readers can imagine themselves there.
  • Map of the Shop’s Location
    • If the goal of your direct mail campaign is to entice people into your store, then you should definitely include a map to show your customers how to find you.

3. Direct Mail Flyer for a Toddler Food Service

This direct mail flyer is simple and bold. This is a refreshing reminder, that direct mail designs don’t have to be too complicated!

Here’s why this direct mail campaign example got it right and how you can learn from it:

  • Fun, playful images
    • These simple, bold, animated images are appealing and make you stop and take a closer look. Not only are they fun and catchy, but they also quickly show the reader exactly what they’re selling. Fresh food for children!
    • If you’re planning a direct mail campaign and you need to reach Families in your area, check out our targeted Mailing Lists for Families With Children.
  • Clear Message and Call to Action
    • This flyer reminds us not to over do it with too much text. In fact, it reminds us that less is more in some cases. This company cut out all unnecessary words, and kept the messaging bold and clear with a simple call to action; go to the website, and order some yummy, healthy food for your kiddos!

Your Direct Mail Design Checklist

Here’s a quick summary of the design elements you should try to include in your next direct mail campaign:

  1. Catchy Main Image that Clearly Defines your Business
  2. 'I want to do that!' or 'I want to feel like that!' Content
  3. Awesome Offer/s They Can’t Refuse
  4. Map of your Location
  5. Your Contact Information: Business Name, Address, Website URL, Telephone Number
  6. Strong Call to Action

Planning Your Direct Mail Campaign

Let us help you design and mail your next Direct Mail Campaign!

Check out our Direct Mail options and pricing online, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!

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