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Few things are as important to a business’ marketing strategy as its Direct mail and email marketing lists. Having an accurate, effective Mailing List is important and a key part of a complete marketing campaign. Because of this, we take pride in providing marketing lists that work for your business. A direct mailing list performs better when you target your prospects based on the demographics of your current customers. Our online mailing list service allows you to define your mailing list by age, income, gender, length of residence and much more. Specific List Information: Things to consider: Consumer estimated household income, presence of children, homeowner/renter, direct mail responder, lifestyle selects, magazine subscriber files (provide magazine title) Business annual revenue, employee size, industry, contact name, trade show attendees, trade publications subscriber files (provide publication title).

Reach Your Ideal Audience One of the most important elements of any campaign is your direct mailing list. Businesses, non-profits, and retailers use targeted mailing lists to reach the customers and prospects that matter most to them.

Reach Your Audience with a Targeted Direct Mailing List

The mailing list is the most important aspect of any direct mail campaign. Get your message in front of the right audience, and you’ve won half the battle. Send your message to the wrong people, and your campaign can turn into a disaster.

Targeted mailing lists help you reach the right audience by giving you more control over who receives your message. With the ability to segment your list by almost any criteria imaginable, you can be as specific about who you’re targeting as you want.

Benefits of Targeted Direct Mail Lists

  • Reach a more specific and qualified audience
  • Tailor your messaging to the needs and desires of your ideal customer
  • A list for any business, no matter how niche your market is
  • Higher relevance, which leads to greater engagement and response

We Make Targeted Direct Mailings Easy

Pulling off a successful targeted mailing can be complicated. Luckily, Mail Shark takes care of everything for you with our Full-Service Targeted Mailing option. There’s no need to use a separate targeted mailing list service, printer, or mail house.

Our team of direct mail experts works with you to nail down your geographic region and the audience you want to target. We then procure the direct mail mailing list for you, design your direct mail pieces, print and address them, and mail them out using our on-site USPS Post Office to make sure it arrives at its destination.

What’s Included with Our Targeted Mailing Service?

  • Targeted Direct Mail Mailing List
  • Mailing Area Analysis
  • Direct Mail Printing
  • Postage and Delivery Costs
  • In-House USPS Mail Verification
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Expert Guidance from Start to Finish

Types of Targeted Mailing Lists

Direct Mail Lists For Sale

Targeted direct mail lists can be extremely powerful when used the right way. Real estate agents, financial institutions, healthcare providers, home service companies, restaurants, and retailers all use targeted mailing lists to reach the consumers that matter most. Below are some popular examples of targeted direct mail lists we can provide for your next campaign.

B2B Mailing Lists

Direct Mail Mailing List

Target businesses by location (radius, area code, city, county, state, or zip code), business type, or data such as the number of employees, annual income, number of years in business, NAICS code, and more.

Birthday Mailing Lists

Sending birthday cards to customers or prospects adds a personal touch and gives them a reason to visit your business. Wish a happy birthday to those in your area every month with our Monthly Birthday Mailing Program.

Current Customer Mailing Lists

Use your current POS system or customer database to send mail to your current or past customers. These lists work well for loyalty rewards offers or to spur repeat business from those you’ve served in the past.

New Mover Lists

New movers are often looking for local restaurants, plumbers, contractors, healthcare professionals, and other service providers. Effortlessly market to new movers every month with our Monthly New Mover Mailing Program.

New Parent Mailing Lists

A baby creates demand for many new purchases – like professional photography, diapers, baby furniture, toys, and clothing. Segment your new parent list even further by targeting prenatal or postnatal families.

Direct mail mailing list

Pet Owner Mailing Lists

Did you know pet owners spend close to $70 billion annually on their pets? Groomers, dog walkers, veterinarians, and pet supply retailers can all benefit from targeting households with pets.

Renter Mailing Lists

Realtors and financial institutions often target renters with higher incomes to get them interested in purchasing a home. Target all renters in your area or refine by demographics and behavioral characteristics.

Homeowner Mailing Lists

Current homeowners and mortgage holders are popular targets for refinancing offers and home equity loans. Home service providers can also benefit from removing renters, PO Boxes, and businesses from their lists.

First-Time Home Buyer Mailing Lists

New homeowners are full of questions that go along with purchasing a new home. Educate them about the products and services you provide, and they’re likely to reward you with their business.

High-Income Household Mailing Lists

If you offer a product or service with a high ticket price, make your job easier by targeting high-income households. These consumers tend to spend more than average on almost every type of purchase.

Targeted Mailing Programs

Because of the popularity and frequency of which our clients send out new movers, we created a turnkey program to help automate the process of marketing to these groups.

Every month, we pull a list of new movers in your area and mail customized postcards to them. This program is designed to save you time and fit into any budget. Simply set a cap on how many you want to send each month so you never go over budget and we’ll handle the rest.

Monthly New Mover Mailing List & Postcard Program

Learn more about the new mover mailing program.

Monthly Birthday Mailing List & Postcard Program

Learn more about our birthday mailing program.

Considering a Targeted Mailing List for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign?

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What Happens Next?

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As a small business owner, you need to acquire new customers but may not know how to find them. Here are some basic direct mail marketing tips and strategies to simplify the process of generating leads and converting them into new customers.

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct marketing is a perfect opportunity to get your company's name in the hands of customers who want to hear about your latest products, services, and coupons.

4 Easy Direct Mail Marketing Tips

1. Understanding Your Target Customers

Knowing about your best customers is a key factor in targeted direct marketing. Knowing the customers' basic demographics, such as males 18 to 34 or females with children, is a start. However, a more complete understanding of your customer's profile like their shopping and purchasing behavior in other categories; their attitudes toward trends, products, marketing and media; or their lifestyle habits can help you become even more effective in both your lead selection and the messages you'll use in communicating with the leads.

Direct Mail Mailing List Service

2. Target Your Ideal Customer

Once you understand your customers you can use this information to build a targeted list of potential new leads. Targeted direct mailing lists can be expensive, but they're likely to result in the best response rate and generate future loyal customers.

The old formula for direct marketing success was mass marketing: 'Mail to as many people as you can; someone has to be interested.' However, paper and postage costs are always increasing, and with so much mail ending up in the trash, businesses have changed their way of thinking. Why waste money mailing to everyone when everyone is not a potential customer? You need to target the leads who will buy. That is the difference between mass marketing and target marketing. Targeted mailing lists pinpoint your best leads. There is less waste and a higher percentage of prospects responding to your mailing.

3. Pick a Mailing List Type

It's practically impossible to overstate the importance of direct mailing lists to the success of your direct mail program. The correct mailing list will contain your most valuable prospects. The more careful you are in analyzing and selecting direct mailing lists, the better your chances for success. There are several different categories of mailing lists available on the market today ranging in cost and appropriateness for your market. When you are considering what type of mailing list to buy consider the following three types: