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It Is Interactive and Tangible. Direct mail is an interactive form of communication that customers.

How Effective Is Direct Mail Marketing in 2020

While sending an email is as easy as “click and send,” physically holding something in your hand envokes a very different emotion. According to The Data & Marketing Association, in 2016, the direct mail customer response rate increased by 43%, and it has continued to grow through 2018. Additionally, the prospect response rate increased by 190% compared to prior years.

In a world of digital everything, these stats might be a bit surprising. However, direct mail can be a huge bonus for your business and those you aim to serve. We’re breaking down how effective direct mail marketing is in the digital age, and five reasons your business should incorporate it into your marketing plan.

  1. In 2020 we will see an increase in blended-channel marketing experiences. We called this an omni-channel experiencein 2019. The key is to combine multiple marketing channels to increase your importance to your customer/prospect. In 2020, the blended channel experience will be more segmented. Marketers will offer different experiences targeted to different people. In terms of marketing trends for 2020, so.
  2. Direct marketing is a strategy that relies on distributing a sales pitch to individual consumers. Mail, email, and texting are among the delivery systems. Updated Oct 20, 2020.
  3. Direct Mail Marketing in 2020 By Admin Direct Mail, Marketing 2020, direct mail All marketing professionals are sure to be familiar with the longstanding institution of direct mail, but it might be surprising to know that direct mail marketing is thriving in 2020.
  4. The massive shift to digital ads doesn't mean that direct mail marketing stopped working. Direct mail is alive and working great in 2020. The latest data prove that mailboxes are great places to generate leads.

5 Reasons Direct Mail is an Effective Strategy for Your Marketing Strategy in 2020

1. Direct mail allows businesses to target their customers more precisely than digital.
How often do you check your junk or spam folder? Probably never. This is where your emails might end up, and it’s also the reason your open and delivery rates are not what you think they should be. Yes, targeting your audience digitally is “easier,” and of course, you can segment your lists, but for direct mail, tools like the Every Door Direct Mail UPS feature allow you to control your audiences by targeting their physical address and learning additional information about your locations. For example, if you’re a fashion brand, the northeast may favor colder weather fashion than your customers in places like Florida during the winter months. But more importantly, you have physical targets like addresses that you can rely on versus trusting the sometimes obscured digital targeting that spaces like social media may give you.

Additionally, with direct mail, it shows up in their mailbox—not their inbox—and people are more likely to open it since they have to physically touch it to remove it from the mailbox. Again, since you can pull addresses in so many different ways, you can target more potential customers instead of relying on them to sign up for your emails in the first place. And let’s be honest: Isn’t it kinda’ fun to get mail that’s not a bill? And when you apply all your digital graphic and visual know-how to your direct mail, you’ll have customers excited to see what it’s all about as soon as they see it in their mailbox.

2. Direct mail complements your digital campaigns. Since it’s optimal to involve as many marketing tools as possible to attract the most customers, direct mail is an important marketing mechanism you don’t want to leave behind. It’s easy to marry your direct mail with your digital marketing, creating a marketing match made in heaven. For example, you can send out a direct mailer with your sales campaign, include a scannable code to a website or video that further explains your campaign, this website or video can ask the customer to do something related to the campaign, and lastly, invite customers to post something specific on social media using a certain hashtag. The more involved you can get your customers, the better, and their involvement can actually increase your marketing reach! Win-win!

3. Direct mail gives you more creative options. What business doesn’t want their marketing offerings to be as memorable as possible, grabbing a customer’s attention from the get-go? With direct mail, the creative possibilities are pretty much endless. You can incorporate custom folds, die-cuts, scannable codes (like we talked about above), coupons for discounts or even free items, special coatings, pop-ups, different textures, hidden messages, smells, maps…the options are only limited by your creativity. And here at Hygrade Marketing, we can work with you to become a Visual Marketing Master, so click here to see our vast list of direct mail offerings and other marketing products.

4. Direct mail is becoming less common, so it’s less saturated than the digital space. Since a lot of businesses are choosing to forego the direct mail route and opt for more digital-based marketing instead, your direct mail can really stand out when it appears in your customer’s mailbox. As can happen with digital marketing, your direct mail won’t get lost among the many emails vying for attention in your customers’ inboxes, and again, the more visually pleasing it is, the better as far as engaging customers in your direct mail campaign success.

5. Direct mail doesn’t age discriminate. Whether your customers are in their twenties or in their nineties, you can reach all of them through direct mail. Everyone has a mailbox, so you already have a captive audience, so to say. And with digital marketing, it’s more difficult to target a certain age group—the older folks, for example, who might not be as tech-savvy, and you’ll need to change up the same digital marketing piece to reach different demographics (Facebook vs Instagram vs TikTok and so on). With direct mail, you can target all age groups with one mailer, saving time and resources.

Want more information on how we can help you up your direct mail game? Fill out our Contact Form, and we’ll work with you to create direct mail products that will WOW your customers the minute they see them in their mailboxes!

Direct mail may seem like a thing of the past, but that’s far from the truth.

Even in a digital age where most communication is done through the internet, direct mail has a purpose and a charm of its own.

Direct mail marketing campaigns are an effective way to stand out from the competition, connect with your audience, and build lasting customer relationships.

Maybe you had a different plan for your business when the year 2020 began. But our world, including the business world, has been turned upside down with stay-at-home policies and more businesses managing teams remotely.

So in these times of crisis, is direct mail still worth investing in? Will it have the impact you expect it to have in this year of uncertainty?

In this article, we are going to explore the world of direct mail marketing and see whether it is still relevant in 2020.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is when you send your customers or prospects any sort of physical correspondence with the purpose of them interacting with your business.

Customers may receive a postcard, a letter, a brochure, or a flyer in their post box from your company. The mail will have your company’s name, address or contact number, and a call-to-action.

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5 Reasons Why Direct Mail Still Works in 2020

Tangible forms of communication bring a sort of trust along with them. Unlike digital marketing that can be sent to a ton of people across the globe at the click of a button, direct mail requires a personal touch.

Direct mail accounts for the largest US-based channel advertising spend at $38.5 billion. The numbers prove that this form of marketing still works in times of email and other forms of online advertising.

It is quite surprising that a large percentage of millennials trust direct marketing more than digital forms of marketing. They do it because of the tangible nature of direct marketing that is personal and targeted.

You can use direct mail to steer your customers’ online experiences and also to bring offline customers into your digital marketing streams. You can then use digital analytics to figure out whom you should target in your direct mail campaigns.

Even companies like Google still use direct mail. The digital marketing giant accounts for 87.96 percent of the global search engine market. That says a lot about how viable direct marketing is.

Here are some reasons why direct marketing works well in 2020 despite the change in the economy and other uncertainties…

Reason #1: It Is Interactive and Tangible

Direct mail is an interactive form of communication that customers can touch, feel, and experience. That is something digital marketing cannot match up to.

Whether you are sending your prospects a letter or a brochure, the fact that it is tangible makes all the difference. Customers can hold it in their hands and look at it. They can also decide to keep it with them in case they are interested in your business or offer.

For example, Jeff Eyler, an expert in film transfer, wanted to target residents who are older than 60 years old. He offered the conversion of 8mm films into DVDs that can be watched with better clarity and for many years to come.

He mailed 10,000 postcards to these residents and got 60 new leads that brought him over $4,000 in revenue.

Reason #2: It Is Memorable


The advantage of sending direct mailers to your customers is that you can make it as personalized and memorable as you wish.

Something as simple as adding a handwritten note or a signature can instill a personal element in your mail. You could also send direct mail postcards in case you are planning an offline event for your prospects. This will ensure that your mail has undivided attention without the distraction of online ads that the internet provides.

Northern Illinois Cat Clinic, for instance, received 30-40 new clients per 5,000 postcards sent via direct mail. Postcards have a visual appeal to recipients. Your marketing message is printed boldly on the front and back, grabbing the reader’s attention.

Reason #3: It Is Easily Shareable And Has A Long Lifespan

Surprisingly, not everyone is online. There are thousands of potential customers you miss every day just because you assume that all your customers are online.

Since direct mail is always possibly lying around in someone’s house, you can be sure that their family or friends have seen it too. This makes it easily shareable and leads to better brand awareness.

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Direct mail also has a longer lifespan since it doesn’t get lost in the thousands of promotional emails your prospects have left untouched in their inbox.

A 5 Star Pizza franchisee sent out folded postcard magnets that could be stuck on the fridge, thus extending its lifespan. The magnets highlighted the franchisee’s best deals and included valuable coupons. Together with other forms of direct mail, the campaign helped increase weekly sales by 12%.

Reason #4: It Is A Creative Means Of Marketing

There are tons of ways you can get creative with direct mail. There’s no point in sending out a plain and boring letter when you can do something unique and unexpected.

For example, a gym in Brazil sent out a creative calendar that showed them how consistently working out can bring them gradual results:

Direct mail is an innovative way to reach out to your customers. Other methods like digital advertising and influencer marketing are gradually trending down due to the competition and rising prices. They could learn a thing or two from direct mail.

If you feel like you are not as innovative as you would like to be, you could choose to hire a designer to do it for you on any good freelance site.

One of my personal favorite methods of creating direct mail is to repurpose my clients’ online materials.

This allows you to focus less on developing new creative, and more time on executing.

Here are a few examples of ways to repurpose that I’ve used with great success for direct mail.

Medical Alert


Medical Alert ranks some of the best medical alert systems out there. They’ve been trusted by companies like ABC, Yahoo, MSN, and more.

For direct mail, all they need to do is repurpose blog content into a pamphlet and buyers guide, just like they have online:

Simply repurpose this existing, in-depth review content into a booklet for direct mail, and sales will skyrocket.


Woven takes a similar route, comparing their product against competitors:

To capture more users, they can take this existing content and flush out key details, like:

  • Pain points of other services
  • Benefits
  • Cost and time savings by using them

Using these data points, creating a simple piece of direct mail can drive tons of traffic to a sign-up landing page.


Lastly, a great example is from Zoma Sleep. In the ecommerce space, it’s incredibly simple to repurpose your product catalog into an offline catalog.

State Of Digital Marketing 2020

My strategy here is to instead focus on driving this offline catalog via direct mail into online sales.


By building a website and including a simplified landing page link directly on the direct mail with a coupon discount.

This ensures more traffic, more sales, and high conversion rates.

Reason #5: Works Hand-in-hand With Digital Marketing

Direct mail also pairs nicely with digital marketing.

For starters, automated direct mail helps direct mail marketers effectively plan, manage, and launch their campaigns. It also allows for triggered direct mail options to more accurately deliver follow-up content to prospects using marketing automation software.

You can integrate triggered direct mail in your automated drip email campaigns:

Adam Sand, a roofing company marketing expert, generated 3300% ROI by integrating direct mail with digital marketing. He combined Facebook ads, video marketing, and his email marketing software with direct mail in his campaigns.


Crest Exteriors, a roofing company in Plano, TX, partnered with a roofing marketing expert to launch a fully integrated campaign. This included direct mail postcards and Google follow-up roofing online ads.

They received 30 new roofing jobs after sending out just 20,000 of the 40,000 roofing cards they had planned.

Some companies are also successfully combining SEO and direct mail. For example, if you own a local business you could send customers a discount coupon or promo code in exchange for an online review or testimonial.

75% of small businesses start with their founder’s savings. You need not spend a ton of money on direct mail. But with the right strategy, you can incorporate direct mail into your digital marketing plan and see some amazing results.


Direct Response Marketing 2020

Direct mail is not dead. People may feel that direct marketing could disappear in a digital world, but in reality that is not the case.

There are many reasons why direct mail works even in 2020. Direct marketing is interactive and personal. Customers get to experience your message by holding it physically in their hands.

Direct mail demands attention. In the digital world, a customer is frequently bombarded with different messages from different companies, but in direct mail, their attention is focused.

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You can get creative with direct mail. Instead of just sending out letters to your customers, you can find tons of ways to make your message unique and unforgettable.

Direct mail can easily be incorporated into your digital marketing campaign. This helps you focus your efforts and obtain great results, even if your budget is limited.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate direct mail in your marketing campaign. You may be pleasantly surprised to find how well it works for your business!

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Direct Marketing 2020
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