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admin 11/23/2021

The Advanced plan on Dropbox Business gives teams as much space as they need, along with sophisticated admin, audit, security, and integration capabilities.

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Dropbox’s Business plans take things several steps further, with collaboration tools and enhanced security. We tried out the Business Advanced plan, which supplements the Standard version with unlimited cloud storage, tiered admin roles and file-event tracking. If you need convincing, you can sign up for a free five-user, 30-day trial. Dropbox aims its business plans at bigger teams. It offers greater control over any file shared across your network and provides varying administrator powers to manage how users can sign in to.

Note: There are two other Dropbox Business plans: Standard and Enterprise. Learn more about each plan and its features.

What features are available to teams on the Advanced plan?


The Advanced plan helps your team be organized, stay focused, and get in sync. It has features not available to teams on the Standard plan, including:

Dropbox Business has a great service, with advanced technology and large and secure storage space, but this comes at a price. It is not so affordable for small businesses, so one of my complaints is the value of plans that should be cheaper for small businesses. Apr 11, 2021 Hi, I have a personal account but looking into features for a business account. If I share a folder on a business account with an external user (email address). If there a setting on the business account that will allow me to send email alerts or another type of alerts to the person the folder is s. Dropbox Business offers three plans that are – Dropbox Standard ($ 12.50 per month) it offers 3TB of space, Dropbox Advanced plan ($20 per month) and Dropbox Enterprise plan they both offer as much space the user need whereas Dropbox Personal also offers three plans that are Basic for which you don’t have to pay anything, Plus plan it costs $8.25 per month and Professional plan it costs $ 16.58 per.

  • Unlimited storage. Teams on the Advanced plan get as much space as they need.
  • Team controls. Admins can enforce team invites, approve which devices team members use for work files, and even access their work accounts with sign-in as user.
  • App integrations. Single sign-on (SSO) integrations and API calls for data migrations.
  • Admin management. Access to tiered admins, which makes it easy to delegate team administration.
  • Real-time support. Access to support agents over phone, chat, or email.

Dropbox Business Advanced


How much does the Advanced plan cost, and how do I buy?

The cost of each Dropbox Business plan is determined by several factors, including the number of members on a team.

What Is The Cheapest Dropbox Plan

To purchase Dropbox Business, or to see a pricing quote, visit the main purchase page.

To learn more about Dropbox Business, contact our sales team.

Dropbox plans and pricing

I'm the admin of an existing Dropbox Business team, but we have a different plan—can I migrate to the Advanced plan?

Dropbox Business Plans Examples

Yes. If you already have an account, contact our sales team to change your plan.