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  • While Dropbox is a useful way to store files remotely in the cloud, it can be more convenient if you install it into your Windows 10 computer. By installing its app onto your notebook, you can.
  • Dropbox is a cloud storage service you can utilize entirely within your web browser. However, you can also add a Dropbox folder to File Explorer. That folder will then sync with Dropbox so that you can drag-and-drop files into your cloud storage via Explorer.
  1. Dropbox File Explorer App
  2. Dropbox File Explorer App
  3. Remove Dropbox File Explorer

Why Need to Transfer Files from Dropbox to Computer?

Hi, my aim is to add my personal dropbox to file explorer which already has the work dropbox. I followed the instructions to add a second dropbox. Click the Dropbox icon in your system tray. Click the gear icon and select Preferences.

Usually, you need to put your all kinds of files like work documents, family photos/pictures,favorite videos, etc. on cloud drives (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and so on) when you donot have enough local storage to save them. However, sometimes, you also want to move youronline files back to local devices such as computer, PC, ipad, phone, tablet, notebook, laptop,etc. for the following reasons:

  • You plan to move certain files from Dropbox to another cloud and take local as transit.
  • You are going to switch from Dropbox to other cloud drives, like Dropbox to OneDrive.
  • You have to do some work on the docs shared by your colleagues to your Dropbox.
  • You want to transfer some movies from Dropbox to local to watch on your trip in case thereis no Wi-Fi connection.
  • You want to have a local copy of very important files for double insurance.
  • More…

But there comes a question on how to save files from Dropbox to computer? You will findthree solutions from following parts.

How to Transfer Files from Dropbox to Computer?

As you may know, you can directly transfer pictures from Dropbox to computer and you can alsotransfer photos from dropbox to computer making use of sync feature of Dropbox desktop app.

Dropbox File Explorer App

Way 1. How Do I Transfer Files from Dropbox to My Computer by Directly Downloading?

1. Go to https://www.dropbox.com and sign in with your Dropboxaccount.
2. Find the file you want to transfer to PC, click on More (three dots) on the right ofthe file column and choose Download.

3. Wait for it finishes. The time it takes to finish the downloading depends on how large thefile is and how fast your network is. Finally, you can find the file on your local computer.


Dropbox File Explorer
  • If you have set a default location to save downloaded files from web, you can find thefile you download there; if not, you may be asked to decide where to store thedownloading file.
  • You can only download one file or one folder for one time. If you have many differentkinds of files to be downloaded, you can create a temporary folder and put all targetitems in. Then, you just need to select Download for the temporary folder.
  • Folder downloaded from Dropbox to PC is a compressed file. To view its contents, youneed to firstly decompress it.

Way 2. How to Transfer Files from Dropbox to PC Using Dropbox App?

If you have already installed Dropbox desktop application and set to sync target files from cloudto local, you can find what you want in Dropbox folder on your computer directly. If not, youhave to first of all download it from its official webpage,install it on your computer and sign in your account to open it.

Then, click on its icon on the right of the taskbar. A window will pop up; click Settings(gear icon) on its top right and choose Preferences.

Dropbox File Explorer

In Dropbox Preferences window, go to Sync tab. Click Selective Sync button to find thefiles you want to transfer to your computer.


  • If you have been using Dropbox app but have not synced the target files before, you canselect them to sync now.
  • If you do not want these files to keep synced to local in the future, you can unselectthem when they finish.

Way 3. How to Transfer Files from Dropbox to Computer on MultCloud Platform?

Except for methods above, you can also transfer photos from Dropbox to PC on a platformprovided by a FREE third party cloud storage manager, MultCloud.

Why Need to Rely on MultCloud?

  • In case you cannot enter Dropbox webpage for some reasons.
  • Dropbox desktop APP selective sync feature is unable to connect.

  • If you download files to PC just for transit and you will then upload them to another cloud, youcan directly transfer these files from Dropbox to target cloud through MultCloud withoutdownloading and uploading.

How to Make Use of MultCloud?

To make use of MultCloud, first of all, you need to createan account of it. Then, sign in your account to its platform.

Next, add your Dropbox to its platform. On its Add Clouds tab, in the list of common clouddrives, select Dropbox. Then, just follow the guidance to finish adding Dropbox.

After successfully adding Dropbox, go to Cloud Explorer and choose Dropbox in the leftmenu. Then, you can do what you can just like in Dropbox webpage including download/uploadfiles, create new folder, delete an item, rename a file/folder, copy/copy to or cut (move),share a photo/picture, etc.

Dropbox File Explorer App

Tip: MultCloud only allows you to download single file. You can’t download singlefolder with it.

If you want to migrate files from Dropbox to another cloud drive, you can directly transfer themfrom Dropbox to destination without first moving them to computer on MultCloud platform using'Cloud Transfer' utility. Here take migrating from Dropbox toGoogle Drive as an example.

  • If you do not want to transfer whole Dropbox to Google Drive, you can select folders youwant to migrate as the source while creating the task. Besides, MultCloud supportsselecting multiple folders as the source.
  • As long as the task starts, you can close the page and even shut down your PCbecause MultCloud can process your task at the background.


It is not difficult to see that your problem about how to transfer files from Dropbox to computeris getting resolved easily following any way above mentioned. You could select one way thatsuits you most to perform the operation. If you prefer to use the third way with MultCloud, Youcan make full use of its 'Cloud Explorer', 'Cloud Transfer' and 'Cloud Sync'. To learn moreabout how they work, click the product page to get the information.

Remove Dropbox File Explorer

Tip: If you are a big fan of Dropbox and you want to use Dropbox better, here are top 12 tools to improve yourDropbox experience.

The status icons in the taskbar or menu bar of your computer

There are a several Dropbox icons that appear in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac). Depending on your operating system, these icons may be different colors.


If the Dropbox app is fully synced, the icon is solid, either black or white depending on your operating system.

Sync in progress

If Dropbox is in the process of syncing, the icon appears with a syncing symbol in the lower right corner.


If the Dropbox app is paused, the icon is faded with a paused symbol in the lower right corner.

Not connected

If the Dropbox app on your computer can't connect to Dropbox servers, the icon is faded.


If you have unread notifications, the icon has a red dot in the lower left corner with a number indicating the number of notifications. If you have more than 99 notifications, the icon has a red dot with 99+ in the lower left corner.

Camera import

If you are uploading from a camera, the icon has a camera in the lower right corner while the upload is in process.

What to do if the Dropbox icon is missing in the taskbar or menu bar

The Dropbox icon will only appear in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) if the Dropbox desktop app is downloaded to your computer and running. Occasionally, the Dropbox icon will seem to disappear, but this only means that the desktop app isn’t running.

To resolve this, first try launching the app again. If this doesn’t work, you can download (or re-download) the Dropbox desktop app and sign in to your Dropbox account when prompted. To relaunch the app:

  • Windows: Click the Start menu, then click Programs, then find and run the Dropbox app
  • Mac: Open the Applications folder, then find and run the Dropbox app
  • Linux: Click the Applications menu, then open the Internet folder, then find and run the Dropbox app

What to do if the Dropbox sync icons are missing from your files

If you don't see Dropbox syncing icons on your files, there can be a few possible explanations. But the most likely one is that Dropbox shut down unexpectedly and is no longer running. To check if Dropbox is running, look for the Dropbox icon in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac). If it’s not running, see the instructions in the section above to re-launch or re-download.

Dropbox File ExplorerDropbox File Explorer

If you've verified that Dropbox is running, but you’re still having issues with sync icons on your files, here are some other possible explanations:

  • Start Dropbox on system startup is unchecked in your preferences, or Dropbox was forced to quit
  • You’re looking at an inactive Dropbox folder in its previous location
    • This can happen if you've ever changed the location of your Dropbox folder
    • The easiest way to find your Dropbox folder is to click the Dropbox icon in your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac), and then click Open Dropbox Folder
  • You need to restore the Dropbox operating system defaults by installing Dropbox again
    • Installing and signing-in again will fix most issues with sync icons
  • You may have a corrupted settings file
    • Signing out and then back in to your computer should fix this issue

There are a few other explanations for why the sync icons might not work on a specific operating system. Click your operating system below to learn more: