Dropbox For Dummies

admin 11/23/2021

This 36 page guide explains the benefits of using Dropbox, including syncing your files online and across your computers automatically, sharing files in a few clicks and backing up files online without having to think about it.
You're at the coffee shop and you need to access a file that has information about your work, but as you attempt to find the file you realize that you've made a mistake. You saved the work on your desktop computer, but you only have your laptop with you and you have no way to access the file. This problem, and others like it, are increasingly common today. It isn't unusual to own both a desktop and a laptop computer, and a smartphone on top of that. Dropbox solves these issues by making it easy to synchronize files between computers. One of the greatest strengths of Dropbox is the large number of platforms it supports. Computers running Linux, OS X and Windows are all supported. This would normally be considered very good, but Dropbox takes things a step further by offering support for mobile devices. Also with this free guide you will also receive daily updates on new cool websites and programs in your email for free courtesy of MakeUseOf.

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Dropbox for dummies video

Dropbox has plenty of viewing software. Dropbox allows you to open the majority of files that you upload onto it. When viewing on the browser version, Dropbox will automatically detect the file and use the appropriate software. So you won’t have to worry about installing a PDF viewer for example to see a file that someone else has sent you. Files within your Dropbox, theyll update across all your other computers without you needing to do anything. Dropbox also works on Windows, Mac and Linux, so your files can be synchronized no matter what computer you use. There are two parts to Dropbox: the Dropbox application and the Dropbox web interface. Dropbox is one of the best apps out there for backing up and syncing files between devices. Setting up Dropbox only takes a few minutes and files sync in th.

This is the first in a series of posts concerning a few tools which enable or support collaborative work.


In this free Dropbox tutorial, learn how to use this popular cloud-based storage service to keep files safe and sound.

What’s Dropbox?

Dropbox is like a magic pocket. Yet instead of white fluffy rabbits, you put in files you’d like to keep in sync among multiple systems. An account is free of charge for a storage up to 3 GB. If you like more space, you have to pay a monthly fee. For more information, please visit Dropbox’ homepage.

Keeping the files synchronised is only one way of looking at Dropbox. You could also look at it as a file sharing system, as you can invite other persons to one of your Dropbox folders.

In the next paragraphs we will discuss the pro’s and con’s of Dropbox.


  • Easy to use
  • Free space up to 3GB
  • Latest version of all files are always backed up on the server
  • Sharing between a group of people
  • Online access, without making use of the client


  • No versioning
  • In our own experience, we’ve encountered a few situations where the sharing went wrong
  • The client uses ±50MB of memory when idling, which is quite resource exhaustive
  • When on a connection with a limited download capacity, the automatic synchronisation quickly becomes a disadvantage

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In our next post we will discuss the Subversion versioning system.