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WHFB 8.5 Links
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Subject: WHFB 8.5 Links

Horrific Howling Banshee

WHFB 8.5 is a 2 page update for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition, incorporating ETC rule modifications, implementing minor rule updates and often requested changes that people wanted to see in 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
The project is not about a rewrite of the rules, but rather an update to the existing rules with balance in mind (with a few alterations to existing rules to cater for what some wanted 9th to be.)
It is envisioned that every three months an updated Army Book release for both 8.5 as well as 8.1 (a sister project which is designed to release Rules/Army Books digitally with the exact same content as the GW but with the GW issued errata already incorporated into the Army book.) To keep things fresh however, in between the major releases, an updated version for 8th will be Army lists that were originally released in White Dwarf or Storm of Chaos (The Dwarf Slayer Army, The Gnoblar Army, the Dark Elf City Garrison list, etc)
Below are links to various files including the 8.5 Errata & FAQ, as well as the WHFB 8.5 BattleBible. This tome contains all of the rules of Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th edition updated with official Games Workshop Errata and minor fan made changes(summarized later for convenience.) Also collected are extra chapters to expand on the game as originally published as well as the two most played rules packs of Warhammer 8th edition; the ETC Pack (used by the European Team Championship) as well as the Swedish Pack which took different ways in attempting to Balance the game to varying degrees. Finally are the rulebook FAQs that contain not only the GW official Q&A but also the Q&A from the ETC and other community minded FAQs.
The WHFB 8.5 BattleBible is designed for people who wish to continue the game of 8th edition that Games Workshop produced. It is not designed as a replacement to Age of Sigmar, or a purely tournament balanced game like Kings of War or the Ninth Age. Rather, a continuation of one of the world's most popular mass combat game, set in the rich background of the Warhammer Old World for those who like playing a fun game with mates with a massive amount of variety and character. Included in the BattleBible are a wide variety of supplements designed to allow many different ways of playing the Warhammer Fantasy game.
Warhammer: Regiments of Renown is a way to play Warhammer designed for games of 200pts. This is a low cost entry point to the hobby that is a great introduction to the game and demonstrates its expandability as well as varied ways to play the game. Starting off with the Warhammer Fantasy Hobby doesn't need to start big!
Warhammer: Skirmish is designed from 400pts up to 1000pts. This way of playing is designed for slightly smaller games than the standard 2000pts/2400pts of 8th edition Fantasy, but allows you fast and furious games of Warhammer. Without magic and Battle standard bearers or mighty heroes winning the day, you must rely on your tactical skill to triumph over your opponents troops.
Warhammer: Legendary Battles is for those who want to scale up from regular games of Warhammer. This expansion allows you to take mighty units of multiple monsters like Giants or Dragons. Artillery trains and grandiose alliances feature in seriously large battles of 5000pts or more!
Warhammer: Raids is an example of a campaign you can play with your friends; rules include scenarios based around a Raiding army and defending army as well as the framework of a small campaign that can be run.
Warhammer: Civil War is an expansion based around the simple concept of 'mirror matches' (ie games played where both sides are the same race.). No more would you need to justify a 'training exercise' but rather fun rules are included for themed bonuses or penalties for each army.
Keep watch for 8.5 versions of the Armybooks and other expansions for Warhammer for you and your friends to play! To stay up to date with the Warhammer Fantasy 8.5 Project, chat with the community, and get the most current updates, Army Books, & Expansions, join the Warhammer Fantasy 8.5 Community Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/groups/1483795728606274/
Getting Started: Warhammer Fantasy
WHFB 8.5 Battle Bible
WHFB 8.1 Battle Bible
WHFB 8.5 Errata & FAQ
WHFB 8.5 FAQ Beastmen 1.0
WHFB 8.5 FAQ Bretonnia 1.0
WHFB 8.5 FAQ Orcs & Goblins BETA 0.2
WHFB 8.5 FAQ Skaven 1.0
WHFB 8.5 FAQ Tomb Kings 1.0
WHFB 8.5 ARMY Beastmen 1.0
WHFB 8.5 ARMY Bretonnia 1.0
WHFB 8.5 ARMY Skaven 1.0
WHFB 8.5 ARMY Tomb Kings 1.0
WHFB 8.5 Archaons Horde
WHFB 8.5 Cult of Ulric
WHFB 8.5 Cult of Slaanesh
WHFB 8.5 Daemonic Legions
WHFB 8.5 Dogs of War
WHFB 8.5 Dwarf Slayer Army of Karak Kadrin
WHFB 8.5 Elf Corsair Sea Patrol
WHFB 8.5 Grimgors 'Ardboyz
WHFB 8.5 Gnoblar Kingdoms
WHFB 8.5 Stormcast Eternals
WHFB 8.5 The Army of Sylvania
WHFB 8.5 The Southlands
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Beastmen
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Chaos Dwarfs
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Daemons of Chaos
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Empire
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: High Elves
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Ogre Kingdoms
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Orcs & Goblins
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Skaven
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Tomb Kings
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Vampire Counts
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos
WHFB 8.1 Warhammer Armies: Wood Elves
Warhammer: Civil War
Warhammer: End Times 8.5
Warhammer: Legendary Battles
Warhammer: Raids
Warhammer: Regiments of Renown
Warhammer: Skirmish
Warhammer: Storm of Magic
Warhammer: Triumph & Treachery
Warhammer: Warbands
ETC Comp Pack
Swedish Comp Pack
South Coast GT Comp Pack
WHFB Base Sizes Chart
Warhammer Armies Project.
This is a collection of fanmade army books that while not part of the WHFB 8.5 Community are compatible and provide variety. Check out the link below as well as some of the more popular Armybooks available from the site.
Warhammer: Dogs of War
Warhammer: Albion
Warhammer: Halflings
Warhammer: Kingdoms of Ind

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Subject: WHFB 8.5 Errata, FAQ & Battlebible Released

Horrific Howling Banshee

Updated with the latest links to the supplements and Army Books.
Subject: WHFB 8.5 Links

Horrific Howling Banshee

Updated with the 8.5 version of Tomb Kings and the Beta for Orcs & Goblins
Subject: WHFB 8.5 Links

Highlord of Terra

Cant read it.
Perhaps I have to sign up to dropbox to view the files.
If so, that is a deal breaker.
n'oublie jamais - It appears I now have to highlight this again.
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Subject: WHFB 8.5 Links


I managed to get it alright. I just closed that little drop box message and waited for the pdf file to load.
Some nice formatting there in the getting started book.
'What do you want?'
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Morden and Vir, In the Shadow of Z'ha'dum
Subject: WHFB 8.5 Links

Angered Reaver Arena Champion

Haven't had time to have a full look through of everything, so I started off with the armybook that effected me the most. Just wanted to point out a few things I found strange.
Dropping the forest spirit ward save to a 6+ is a terrible idea that hugely dissuades from taking a Treeman ancient as your general. Sure you get a save against magic attacks, but you get a worse save against what really matters, the majority of cannons in the game. How would someone ever expect to take a Monster general that can't get a ward save better than a 6+? Either revert to old rules or just make it a flat 5+ ward and recost accordingly.
Weird to see so many old magic items return but no Sprites. If you want to make a Tree army as viable as an Elf one you shoul reintroduce Sprites that encourage them.
Also you haven't cleared up the issue with the Sisters of Twiligh on the Eagle. They become a Monstrous Beast, therefore they use the Eagles characteristics in W and T. However there are two riders and there is no way to target eagle. Therefore instead of being T3 W2 they are T4 W 3 and you have to randomise. Except there are no rules for randomising on a Monstrous Beast. Just something to consider. I'll make further inroads when I get the chance.

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