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But Dropbox Paper’s update? Just a new sticker set. Being a productivity app, an update that is only a sticker set, seems like they pushed an update just to push one out. I don’t think any user of D. Paper was concerned with whether we would have a new sticker set soon. Dropbox Paper comes with an assortment of keyboard shortcuts. Apart from the general shortcuts like Ctrl+B for Bold and Ctrl+U for Underline, this collaboration tool supports a bevy of alternates.

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  2. Dropbox Paper Api

Alright, previously we mentioned Dropbox as Evernote alternative and now with the increasing popularity of Dropbox Paper, there is a small segment of people who may not like it, for instance, if there is a small network error you can’t continue typing, read more below.

Is dropbox paper open

People having these two major issues using the Dropbox paper

Reason 1.
Like if you are writing something on Dropbox paper, and suddenly you faced a network interruption, or internet speed goes down, you can’t just keep continue write but wait till the network establishes again. And thoughts don’t stay they fades. Dropbox paper won’t allow writing in offline mode, that is okay, as they have some advanced features like collaborating a doc with other peoples and showing real-time changes to everyone who have access to the document.

But there are many other similar apps that let you write without the internet, and once the internet is back, unsaved changes will sync.

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Reason 2.

Another problem is that if you have to download the document in markdown format which is probably a good if you have to publish it on your website, but they image’s link won’t work outside the Dropbox paper. Meaning if you added them directly to Dropbox Paper, you have to reupload them somewhere else in order to use them in a blog post.

Even if you don’t have a blog, which is okay, not every single person out there has happens to run a goddamn blog. Sharing images may not sometimes work, outside the Dropbox paper.

What’s Next?

Our favorite Dropbox Paper alternatives

Actually, a lot of people asked us that is there are other great apps that can replace Dropbox paper, no we’re kidding — nobody asked us anything like that.

Suffice it to say, here are our favorite dropbox paper replacement apps, try any of them. Who knows about your possible future favorite writing tool.

Note: All evernote alternatives care also Dropbox Paper Alternatives.

PS: If we say ‘paper’ instead of ‘Dropbox paper’ both are same, don’t imagine a dry notebook paper. Both are referred to Dropbox paper.

Box notes

This is identical to Dropbox paper, both Dropbox and Box are file-sharing giants. Box notes have several same functionalities if we compare it to Dropbox paper, adding files in the document, collaborating with a team and sharing options.

Where it fails?

No support for uploading a photo directly, i.e. from the clipboard.
No Document export options.
Missing word counter.
text-decoration options
Mention other peoples
Sharing of documents
Adding tables and checkboxes

Simple Note

Simplenote is nothing just best text-based writing tool.

Simplenote has been mentioned as a best evernote alternative app, yet it again is powerful enough to be a competitor to Dropbox paper. It does not have many features paper offers, but simple text based note taking app.

Where it fails: Nothing more than texts syncing. No Image is adding support.

Note: All evernote alternatives can be also Dropbox Paper Alternatives.

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Rest these below-mentioned platforms can help you in the process of writing with a great user interface with lot’s of options like uploading image to their cloud, and you can use those images anywhere on the web.



Kinja is a web-based platform.

Dropbox Paper Templates Free

Keep quiet, and I know Gawker — the company powers the messy-but-big Lifehacker. You can create an account on kinja, and you’ll get a subdomain where you’re supposed to publish stories. But instead using it as a shadow website, use it for creating documents or write anything you like. It lets you allow to add images and has text decorations options.

Fast Sync.
Unlimited Posts.



Medium is a blog platform, where you can write articles and public them. However, their writing environment is exquisite, bigger fonts, text decorations options. Also if you attach images here will be uploaded to their CDN network and then you use the image link outside the medium platform, or can be embedded them on your blog post.

Pro’s: You can publish post’s
Fast sync, Image hosting.

Quickfever: A fresh way to learn technology and find interesting articles online.

Dropbox Paper Api

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