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admin 11/23/2021

Dropbox is file synchronization service which allows you to access photos, videos and files. It has a feature 'Team Folders', they are special type of shared folders that an admin can create. It will automatically appear in the Dropbox of every team member. Only admins can create this type of shared folder. You can rename or change the name of team folder. If you rename the Team folder on your account, but it still appears as the original name in the 'Team folder' section of the 'Admin' console, the reason behind this is renaming of the Team folder is done locally for your account. It won't change for anyone else. Dropbox does not allow you to rename the team folder for everyone. If you want to use a different name, then you will need to unshare the current team folder and create a new Team folder and then transfer files to the new Team folder.
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Can I restrict access to a folder inside a team folder?

Dropbox Team Folder External Sharing

Unfortunately, there's no way to make an existing folder into a team folder. Instead, you can create a new team folder from the Admin Console (supposing you're a team admin that is). Then from the Dropbox folder on your computer, transfer the contents of the existing folder to the team folder by dragging and dropping the files.


Yes, to make a folder inside a team folder only available to certain team members, you can create a folder with restricted access.

  1. Team folders take sharing to a whole new level in Dropbox Business. Learn how to share subfolders from within a team folder in this video.Subscribe: https://.
  2. Team Spaces model The Acme Dropbox team root folder is a parent of both Sarah and John's home Dropbox Folders with namespace ID (7). 'Marketing (4)' is a share under the Acme Dropbox team root folder, rather than a team folder mounted to member folders.
  3. A team folder can only be created by a Dropbox Business Team admin, who can also create subfolders within the team folder and choose which members have access to each. Learn more about team folders. If I already have a regular folder, can I change it to a team folder? No, only a Dropbox Business team admin can create a team folder.
  4. Because Dropbox Team folders have an MCommunity group that controls the ownership of files, a simple change to the MCommunity group will remove a team member who has left the institution, or add a new team member who is joining the effort. “Team Folders help teams save time and effort by syncing files and folders between all team members.

Can I move an existing shared folder into a team folder?

If you're the owner of a shared folder, you can move that shared folder into a team folder by:

  • Dragging the shared folder into the team folder from your desktop
  • Moving the folder on www.dropbox.com

Can I move a team folder?

No, team folders are in the same location for every member: in your main Dropbox folder.

Can I rename folders inside team folders?

Yes, you can rename folders inside team folders.

Dropbox Team Folder Vs Shared Folder

Note: If a folder inside a team folder is renamed, all members of the parent folder see the new name. However, people who are only members of the folder inside the team folder continue to see the original name.


Dropbox Team Folder

Can I share a link to a team folder?

Dropbox Team Folder Not Showing

No, you can't share a link to an entire team folder. If settings for the folder allow it, you can share links to content inside a team folder.

Why did my team folder automatically sync to my computer?

Dropbox Team Folder

After a team folder is added to your account, that folder automatically syncs to any of your connected devices. You can use selective sync to prevent folders from syncing to your devices.


Dropbox Team Folder Manager

How do I know if I’m using a team folder?

Team folders have different icons than shared folders: