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Overall, we've simplified our use of HTTP. For example, most endpoints always use HTTP POST, including those that return structured data. Requests take JSON in the body and responses return JSON in the body.

We will continue to use other HTTP features in specific cases where they provide concrete benefits. For example, endpoints that return bulk binary data (e.g. file contents) support HTTP GET and ETag-based caching. This allows browsers and HTTP client libraries to transparently cache that data for you.

We've also simplified our use of HTTP status codes for errors. For errors that are common to all API calls, we do the same thing as before: 400 for bad request, 401 for auth failure, 429 for rate limiting, etc. But if a request fails for some call-specific reason, v1 might have returned any of 403, 404, 406, 411, etc. API v2 will always return a 409 status code with a stable and documented error identifier in the body. We chose 409 because, unlike many other error codes, it doesn't have any specific meaning in the HTTP spec. This ensures that HTTP intermediaries, such as proxies or client libraries, will relay it along untouched.

Dropbox Upload Api

With these changes, we hope to make the Dropbox API easier to understand. We also hope to make it easier for developers to build apps and to create SDKs.

By releasing a new version of the API, we also have the ability to part ways with old, deprecated endpoints and response fields. For example, OAuth 1.0 is no longer supported in API v2. It's always nice to clean things up a bit!


The Dropbox API allows developers to build Dropbox functionality directly into their apps.

The API allows access to features such as file uploading, downloading, sharing, searching, and restoration. The API can be used across platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other that can make HTTPS connections.

Dropbox Api Upload File

More information, including the full documentation for the Dropbox API, usage guidelines, and developer tools such as official SDKs can be found on the Dropbox API website.

The first step is to register an API app with Dropbox.

Dropbox upload api

Dropbox Api Documentation


Getting an OAuth 2 access token for the Dropbox API via the code grant using curl

Abbreviated from https://blogs.dropbox.com/developers/2013/07/using-oauth-2-0-with-the-core-api/:

Step 1: Begin authorization

Send the user to this web page, with your values filled in:

The authorization code will be included as the code parameter on the redirect URI.


Step 2: Obtain an access token

Step 3: Call the API

In your API call, set the header:

Check out the blog post for more details, including an important security note on using state to protect against CSRF attacks.

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