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Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP on April 8, 2014, and since then, the whole world, including here software companies, consumers, and enterprises, is slowly moving away from this OS version.

After Google, who officially abandoned Windows XP with the latest version of Chrome browser, Dropbox is doing the same and announces that, starting June 26, its desktop application will no longer work on the 15-year-old operating system.


The program will be removed from the page, so users will no longer be able to download it while signing into an existing account or creating a new one won’t be allowed.

  • Dropbox is an online cloud storage service. Dropbox.exe launches the Dropbox program. This is not an essential Windows process and can be disabled if known to create problems. Dropbox is a freemium service that is used to backup and access data to and from the Internet.
  • “On August 29, 2016, the Dropbox desktop app will no longer support Windows XP. On this date, you will be automatically signed out of any Dropbox accounts linked to a Windows XP computer.

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“On August 29, 2016, the Dropbox desktop app will no longer support Windows XP. On this date, you will be automatically signed out of any Dropbox accounts linked to a Windows XP computer. You can sign in again once you update to Windows Vista or a later version of Windows,” Dropbox explains.

Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade!

The XP computer should have a shared folder where it writes the files. The Win 10 computer should automatically mount that shared folder, and should run Dropbox. The Dropbox client should be configured such that the Dropbox directory is on the XP Shared folder.

Dropbox says that the only option that Windows XP customers have is to upgrade to a newer version of Windows, such as Vista, 7, 8, or 10. Their files won’t be impacted and will remain secured in the cloud and can be accessed once again after they install a new Windows version.

An alternative option for those who want to stick with Windows XP is to access their accounts via dropbox.com in a browser or from a mobile device.

“We regularly release new versions of the Dropbox app with additional features, better performance, and enhanced security, and these versions are not always compatible with older operating systems. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP in April, 2014. We are ending our support of the Dropbox app for Windows XP to keep our product offerings in-line,” Dropbox states.

At this point, Windows XP is still running on some 10 percent of computers around the world, but its share is dropping continuously, especially as more companies remove support in their apps for this old OS version.

155,728 downloadsUpdated: May 7, 2021Trial / Freemium

Store and sync your files on the cloud and also share any of them effortlessly with your friends over the Internet with this straightforward application

Dropbox is one of the most popular file sharing and cloud storage services out there, making it easy for you to access files on the go. Unlike older versions, which were focused on cloud sharing only, more recent ones are designed to facilitate team collaboration and centralized content. Dropbox brings together cloud content, standard files and the new Dropbox Paper docs together, allowing team members to store and share data efficiently.

Access your files from anywhere, on any device

The Dropbox desktop client is easily installed. Once you create an account or connect to an existing one, a dedicated folder is created to store all the files that will be synced with the cloud. To access your files from another location, you must simply use a web browser to navigate to the Dropbox website and login with your credentials. Moreover, you can preview, upload new content or download files directly from the browser, even if a Dropbox client is not installed.

For your convenience, Dropbox adds new context menu options to allow quick file sharing. In other words, any file can be instantly sent to the Dropbox folder without having to manually open it in Windows Explorer.

Double-clicking on the Dropbox shortcut opens up the dedicated folder in Windows Explorer but keep in mind that Dropbox also runs in the system tray area. Here, you can see new file sync suggestions based on your activity, share files and connect Dropbox apps, open a file on dropbox,com, and view the recent activity (much like a log file for Dropbox).

Collaborate with team members and share content easier

A new addition to Dropbox is the Dropbox Paper web-based application, a collaborative platform that allows the members of a team to work together when creating new content and working on projects. With smart templates, integrated timelines, to-do lists and customizable tables, Dropbox Paper makes it easier for you and your colleagues to visualize the final product, store meeting notes or brainstorm ideas, keep resources organized and share feedback with each other.

To streamline your workflow, Dropbox integrates with some of the most popular chatting and sharing tools, such as Slack, Zoom or HelloSign.

One of the best collaborative file sharing services

Back in the days, Dropbox provided a standard cloud-based file sharing tool but, in the meantime, it became much more than that. Today, it is a noteworthy collaboration platform that allows team members to work together efficiently. Not just that you can use it to share, transfer and backup files of all sizes securely, but it also comes with collaboration and productivity-oriented tools that really keep up with the reality of our times.

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