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Answer to A cylindrical enclosure is filled with air as shown. The inner cylinder is cooled, and the outer cylinder is heated.

As per attachment, I can see traffic to having 'hostname' set to 'clientupdates.dropboxstatic.com' and application as 'Dropbox'. So, as you imply, since about 'date=2017-04-27 time=07:06:43' Fortigate has correctly identified it as 'Dropbox' instead of 'SSLTLSv1.0' and to the suspect subnet. I've attached more to Ticket #2170890. The Cheryl Felicia Rhoads Northern Virginia Acting School. Northern Virginia Acting Classes for Kids, Teens, and Adults taught by a professional actress, writer, and director with 20 years. Sep 21, 2015 The Dropbox CSP policy provides a strong mitigation against XSS and content injection attacks. But deploying a strong CSP policy at scale has a number of challenges. We hope that this four-part series sharing lessons we learnt provides value to the broader community.

Protecto Wrap

Waterproofing tapes and membranes to protect from moisture, air, and mold for the entire structure.

Protecto Wrap Building tapes & flashing solutions, Energy saving products, Roofing protection solutions, Primers & Sealants

Railing, Decks, Siding and Lumber

We represent high quality exterior living solutions to fit every design and budget.

DSI - Aluminum and Vinyl railings, porch posts, columns, Screenrail and DSI Columns

UltraShield Decking, Siding, and Deck Tiles

Thermally Treated PA Hardwood Decking, Siding, and Lumber

MOSO Bamboo X-treme Decking, Siding, Porch Flooring, panels, and lumber

Doors and Millwork

High end custom and gorgeous wood doors, rolling barn doors, fiberglass doors and decorative steel doors.

GlassCraft Contemporary, Craftsman, Rolling Barn, Plank, TDL, SDL, Solid, Wrought Iron,Thermally broken Decorative Steel Doors, Fiberglass, and contemporary & privacy glass patterns

Beauty, Security, & Quality for your home. Wood Doors, Weather Resistant Doors, Hurricane Impact Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Combination Storm/Screen Doors, Operating Sidelights, Rustic Doors

Resinart Architectural Flexible and Decorative Mouldings for interior and exterior


Nationally #1 rated Composite Slate and Shake Roofing and Shake Siding by Davinci Roofscapes

Best Virgin Polymer Slate and Shake on the Roof and now siding too!

Atlantic Premium Shutters - Premium Louver, Raised / Flat Panel, Board & Batten, and Bahama fixed and operable shutters

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The business objective of Showcase Marketing is to develope relationships in each level of the sales chain. We 'connect the dots' from the manufacturer to distribution, to dealer, to the end user
Since its inception, Showcase Marketing has achieved significant increases in sales and profits for its principals. We have been privileged to receive our share of recognition for a “job well done”:

Showcase associates know our markets, know the people we are working with, and fully recognize the difference between activity and productivity.

We bring you the solutions to achieve those measurable results in the areas that matter most.

  • The highest level of customer service in our industry
  • Client focused relationship building
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Industry and product knowledge expertise
  • Sales performance through innovative selling
  • A total team effort
  • Professionalism

Individually and as a team, Showcase is positioned now and for the future to proactively and consistently align our team’s resources to produce the results you require.

We care about your results as much as you do!

We know that maintaining and growing relationships with key accounts is a very important factor.


  • Showcase develops strong relationships with our territory accounts
  • Each team member has a proven track record of continuing success in creating new account opportunities and all are excellent in relationship building.
  • Showcase has the ability to leverage sales opportunities through our relationships with many of the most recognized Two-Step-Wholsalers as well as LMC, LBM, and BMA dealers.

Our Skills

We excel at organizing our time, thus adding value to our relationships with manufacturers, architects, distributors, builders and property owners.

Our experience in the field is instrumental in suggestions for new products, applications, and/or designs.

Why Choose Us?

The Showcase team brings a vast amount of experience to the building market. With over 50 years of combined business related experience and 40 years of combined experience in the building industry, we know our markets, our customers, and keep our eyes open for new trends.

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SMA will professionally present our manufacturers' company and their products, exceeding expectations, with targeted marketing plans and programs all done with the highest level of ethical standards.

SMA’s associates are an extension of each principal and enhance communications with our customer base, including: product questions, lead referral, pricing, and troubleshooting. SMA constantly works together with our principals to keep them informed.

We go the extra mile, serving all those involved in the sale process.Showcase has a long-term success perspective and we focus on principals and our customers who share that business model.

The Showcase team participates in all of our manufacturer's product training courses.


We then take that knowledge to architects, builders, distributors, dealers, and even to home owners so that the best decision for their needs can be made. We also participate in leading AIA CEU courses with architects through both online and face to face LnL courses.

The Showcase Team

Dropbox Events Page

With over 50 years of combined management and sales experience, we work to add value in all that we do!

Roger HallPresident and Owner (Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia)[email protected]
Roger purchased Showcase Marketing in March 2001. He currently manages western Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia territories.Prior to purchasing Showcase Marketing, Roger worked as a management consultant to the construction and building trades industry and has held other management positions within the building materials industry. Roger’s prior experience also includes eight years' experience with Payless Cashways Building Materials (Furrow Building Materials) as a sales and management trainer supporting 44 retail sales units in Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky and surrounding states.Roger’s extensive sales, training and management experience is complimented by a B.S. degree from Youngstown State University. Roger is based in Troy, Ohio.
Jeff SchorkTerritory Manager (Ohio, Pennsylvania, W New York)[email protected]

Access Dropbox Without Downloading

I began my career in the building industry in 1989 with a large national home improvement chain based out of Pennsylvania. I have gained experience in sales and all the basic building techniques, nomenclature, and blueprint reading. I managed a store for them until 1999 when I moved on to another opportunity.In 2001 I began working as a territory rep in Ohio for a millwork distributor. This addition experience gave me a valuable background of windows and doors. While growing my customer base I made many lifelong friendships in the process.In 2013 I joined the Showcase team. I have been blessed to work for Roger over the past 7 years and am now able to put all this related experience to work!
David HallTerritory Manager (IN, MN, WI)[email protected]
David has worked in a variety of skilled labor positions in both interior and exterior, residential and commercial construction. He brought his knowledge and experience of building materials to Showcase Marketing in 2000 and managed his territory for 13 years, 2000-2013. David left Showcase to pursue opportunities in healthcare after attending Ivy Tech College and becoming a licensed Registered Nurse. He joined an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, Medline Industries. He was with Medline for 6 years managing a team of 30 field employees.David is thrilled to be back with Showcase Marketing Associates.
Sean CoxTerritory Manager (IL, MI and W. KY)[email protected]
As a veteran of the US Navy, Sean brings a high degree of professionalism, maturity and a dedicated work ethic to Showcase Marketing Associates, Inc. Complimenting his military experience, Sean brings 21 years of professional sales and service experience to Showcase having worked in both the residential and commercial divisions of ADT Security. He excelled in both divisions and advanced to lead technician. As the lead technician, Sean took on the added responsibilities of developing and training new hires, served as expert counsel for his peers, and was the ADT local liaison between management and employees.His sales experience, service and support focus, and performance mindset will further strengthen the “added value” and commitment that Showcase brings to our trade partners. We welcome Sean to the Showcase Team.
Charlotte HallCustomer Service Inside Sales Support[email protected]


Prior to joining Showcase Marketing, Charlotte worked most recently as a Customer Service representative for one of the premier insurance agencies in the US. Her 20 years of outstanding customer service support along with her extensive field sales support skills provide Showcase Marketing with 'Value Added' support to our wholesale partners and dealer account base. Charlotte will be located at our corporate office in Troy, Ohio.

Showcase supports all of our lines at various trade shows, builder shows, and dealer shows throughout the year. The Showcase team attends the International Builders Show annually to stay informed and to catch the newest trends in the building industry.
2 Months ago
@mosogroup MOSO only manufactures 6' long deck boards. Easy to handle and easy to install. The tongue and groove e… https://t.co/9q07WLOleu

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The directive lists all the trusted URIs (including the full path for browsers supporting it) where we could possibly load script code from. When a web browser supporting CSP sees a script tag, it checks the src attribute and matches it against the whitelist provided by the script-src directive of the CSP policy. If the script source is not included in the whitelist (maybe because of HTML injection), the browser will block the request.

The Dropbox CSP policy provides a strong mitigation against XSS and content injection attacks. But deploying a strong CSP policy at scale has a number of challenges. We hope that this four-part series sharing lessons we learnt provides value to the broader community. Today’s post discusses how to setup a report filtering pipeline to identify errors in the policy; in the second post, we will discuss how we deployed nonces and mitigated the ‘unsafe-inline’ in the policy above. In the third post, we will discuss our efforts to mitigate the risk from ‘unsafe-eval’, including open-sourcing patches we wrote. Finally, we will discuss how we reduced the risk of third-party integrations with privilege separation.

Identifying and enforcing a CSP header for a modern, complex web application is a difficult task. Thankfully, Content-Security Policy supports a trick to help you roll it out: report-only mode. The key trick behind report-only mode is allowing a website to test out policies and see their impact via violation reports sent to an endpoint of the policy author’s choosing. For example, you could just set a report-only policy of script-src ‘none’ to learn all the places you include scripts from.

Report-only mode holds great promise for deploying CSP: you keep iterating on the policy in report-only mode till you hit a point of no violation reports and then flip the switch to enforcement. This is often the recommended first step before turning on CSP in enforcement mode. Similarly, at a recent event I attended, the panel on adopting modern security mechanisms stressed how the CSP report-only mode can provide a useful crutch to deploying CSP, allowing you to evaluate possible policies before deploying them in enforcement mode.

This is true: CSP reporting is an irreplaceable tool for getting actionable feedback on deployed policies. At Dropbox, we deployed CSP in report-only mode for months before flipping the switch and going to 'block' mode. But, at scale, one of the first lessons of deploying CSP is the sheer noise in the reports that make the default report mechanism unusable.

We found the biggest source of noise to be browser extensions that insert scripts into the page and/or other programs that might modify the HTML of your page. Recall that CSP blocks any unknown content from running on your page, so content injected into the page will likely get blocked by the browser too. If we just log all the reports that reach us, the logs will contain these errors too. Since you don’t have any control over these extensions, the end goal of “no more violation reports” mentioned above is unreachable.

Given our experience deploying CSP at scale, we have over the last year fine-tuned a filtering mechanism to ignore common false-positive violation reports. Our reporting pipeline filters out these reports before logging them to our analytics backend. In the spirit of encouraging adoption of CSP, we are sharing these filtering techniques and hope that you find them useful. The list started off from Neil Matatall’s brilliant, detailed list that we strongly recommend reading too.

At first glance, filtering violation reports sounds weird. Why would you not want to know when ad-injectors and spammers are modifying your web application? But, recall that we are talking about the pre-rollout phase of CSP. At this stage, the focus is on making sure that the CSP content whitelist isn’t breaking the web application. Filtering out the noise lets you focus on places where CSP enforcement might be a breaking change and fix appropriately. Once you enable CSP enforcement, the browser will block all the loads in the filtered list anyhow.

The filtering is two fold: first, we filter based on the URI scheme of the blocked URIs.