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  • Hi,

    I’m trying to create a custom designed product page using elementor pro and ocean wp theme, but oceanwp keeps overriding what i do in elementor.

    For example, just by choosing a elementor single product template and apply it, it looks completely different. Can i bypass ocean wp single product page and design one via elementor?

Design custom reusable layouts for Single Post and Taxonomy Archives using AnyWhere Elementor Pro. Create layouts for single post and archive pages. Boom – Single Product Shopify Theme. One product landing page theme with single product shop, single product review to showcase one product store, single store, single marketing page to sell single electronic product, device, single app, single book, single course, single music, single magazine, single sports, accessory & multipurpose store.

  • Hello,

    Can you share the product page URL so that I can check it?

    Hello, try to disable/enable plugin one by one to check for a possible conflict. You will see the updates for OeanWP within few days. Let me know if you will have this issue with the new version of the OceanWP.


    Yes, as I mentioned above, very soon you will see the new version of OceanWP theme. After that let me know if you will have these bugs.

    Hello @apprimit ,

    I have also an issue with the single product page on mobile. When I create a template with elementor it seems to fit but when I load the site on my mobile, there is a big gap on the right side. The section where you can choose the variation which is from oceanwp don’t fit but there are no options to change the padding or remove it.

    The Link: http://www.vandoshop.com/product/easy-pancake-maker/



    Try to add the below code to the Customize > Custom CSS section to fix it.

    Thanks, this code works. There is no gap anymore. Is there also an option to show the variation images in a horizontal layout?


    Ok thanks, now it’s horizontal but if there are more than three variations they make a gap on the right side. So it would be great if there are only three next to each other. You can look on the link above.


    There is still the problem that when there are more than four variations, it’s too wide on the right side. Is it possible to make four variations in a row?

    Thanks for helping

    Can you link to that page where you have four variations after adding the code I gave you?

    The Link: http://www.vandoshop.com/product/modern-fruit-infuser/

    it is working fine for me. Can you please recheck it? Also, share a screenshot what exactly you are seeing?

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This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the process of creating a single product page template for your WooCommerce products using JetWooBuilder plugin.

JetWooBuilder is a perfect solution for representing WooCommerce products. You will enjoy the opportunity to customize pages and their content without digging into the code.

Elementor Single Product Page Template Word

JetWooBuilder offers you easy-to-use widgets, using which you’d be able to create eye-catching single product templates.

Elementor Pro Templates

1 Step— Enable the Single product widgets

Elementor Single Product Page Template

Firstly, in the WP Dashboard go to JetPlugins > JetWooBuilder Settings, scroll to Single Product Available Widgets block and enable the widgets you are going to use while creating a Single Product Page template.

2 Step— Create a template

Proceed to the JetPlugins >Jet Woo Templates tab and click the “Add New Template” button.

Select the “Single template” in a popup window and provide it with a title. You can also choose a layout in the Start from Layout section if you don’t know where to start. In case you want to create a Single Product page template from scratch, ignore this step.

After that, click the “Create Template” button to open the Elementor editing page.

Elementor Create Page From Template

NOTE. Actually, the pre-designed templates already contain the widgets needed for displaying the WooCommerce products, but in case the product doesn’t have all the required values, some of the widgets might be displayed incorrectly. Please, make sure you’ve added all the needed information to your WooCommerce products before you start creating a new Single product page template.

Create a splendid single template using awesome JetWooBuilder widgets and Elementor widgets board. Drag and drop the widgets you need to display information about your product, such as Single Title, Single Images, Single Add to Cart, Single Meta, etc. Make sure to create the layout you need.

Afterward, click the “Publish” button in order not to lose the changes.

3 Step— Assign the template to the page


Go back to the WordPress Dashboard and open the WooCommerce > Settings submenu. Select the Jet Woo Builder tab, scroll to the Single Product section to set a particular template for all products.

Tick the Enable custom product single page option and select a template you have recently created in the Single Product Template dropdown.


Click the “Save Changes” button at the very bottom of the page.

Free Elementor Templates

Now you’re done! It’s time to navigate to the website and have a look at your Single product page applied to your WooCommerce products.

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Elementor Single Product Page Template

How To Use Elementor Templates

JetWooBuilder plugin is only one of many things from Crocoblock that can help you boost your website.