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admin 11/23/2021
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Hi I'm having an issue, when using the BME280. I get the issue that reads:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File 'bme280.py', line 4, in <module>
import adafruit_bme280
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'adafruit_bme280'
I believe the issue is to do with my inability to install pureio.
~ $ pip3 install pureio
Looking in indexes: https://pypi.org/simple, https://www.piwheels.org/simple
Collecting pureio
Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url: https://pypi.org/simple/pureio/
many thanks for the help

„For years I have had problems with fans in my various PCs all spinning up and down for seemingly no reason whatsoever. I never managed to get my GPU fully quiet. Every piece of software out there seems to have some kind of critical defect that makes it completely unusable.
It is safe to say that Argus Monitor has absolutely saved my life. I am now the proud owner of a PC quieter than I could have ever imagined. You have created something incredibly reliable and function-rich that I truly appreciate.
Thank you very very much, please do keep up the good work“

— Maarten G.

Great hardware based tool for temperature monitoring. If your bios doesnt support system or cpu temperature monitoring then here is your answer. Under a hard drive, close to your CPU, monitor virtually the temperature anywhere in your case. This model comes with a 12v molex connector to plug right into your power supply. Submit a review: $14.99. Temperature Readings of Fan Controllers, PSUs and AIO coolers; Fan Speed Monitoring / Fan Speed Control. Fan Channels of SuperIO Chips on your Motherboard (ITE, Fintek, Winbond, Nuvoton and others) Fan Channels of external Fan Controllers and AIO Coolers (Corsair, EVGA, NZXT) S.M.A.R.T. Almost all available HDDs / SSDs.

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  • CPU Thermometer is one free CPU temperature monitor; it can help you monitor your computer CPU temperature in live time. Program can start with Windows start-up, and show live CPU temperature in your desktop tray icon, so you get this important system information at a glance. This is one completetly freeware, easy to install and easy to use.
  • CPU Thermometer is a lightweight monitor that works with most Intel and AMD processors. It also supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems including Vista, 2008, 7, and 10. The latest version includes a basic list of the CPU cores and their temperatures along with the.
„I have to acknowledge, you and your team have created a phenomenal fan control app. Best in class. Features, update support, safety precautions, etc.
Prior to stumbling across your product, I had tried maybe a half dozen other fan apps. NONE of them could deal with my Lenovo hardware (with dual GPUs), that I have. But yours works perfectly. Hats off to you.“

— William C.

„I have been using Argus for some time now. For me it is by far the best program for fan control and an incredible help to keep my workstation cool and quiet. I just want to report that back as praise.
I recently renewed my 1 year plan and even decided against the cheaper 3 year version because I like to support Argus with a payment every year. It is absolutely worth it to me.
The whole range of fan control, from manual control, bios scattered to averaging over a period of time and hysteresis is an 'all-round carefree package'. Depending on the situation/profile, I have all of the options in use. Manually I like to use it to test which fan behaves how or in my 'render' profile where I set all fans fixed to 100%. It's almost fun to build your profiles with all the possibilities.
The combination with the temperature measurements/graphs complement Argus perfectly. In most cases, I can already do without other system tools.
Here are some more points that I particularly like in general:
- Current hardware is supported quickly and generally very good product maintenance, felt high quality.
- It seems very lean programmed and has little resource consumption and also no additional 'bloatware' as with the tools of the motherboard manufacturers.
- Extremely stable and reliable. I have not had a crash so far, or noticed any strange or 'buggy' behavior. I had initial concerns about the reliability of a software regulation, but they have gone away now.
- Very important for me, Argus respects privacy. I can even control the automatic updating myself. If I disable automatic updating, then I don't see any network connections in my network monitor.“

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— Jonas R.