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admin 11/22/2021

Also, I can’t access the file manager through the web browser, as it always redirects me back to the control panel home page (endless loop) This means there are some temporary issues with 000webhost network, therefore a desktop FTP client might not work as well. If not mistaken, Filezilla also has a local monitoring/status which also shows in real time what is going on; shows who is connected, what someone is doing, attempted logins, etc. Things from the.

FileZilla Server is really easy to install and configure. It provides a fully functional and easy-to-use FTP server for Windows operating system.

The first thing we need to do is download FileZilla server for Windows 10.

In your browser, go to Click Download FileZilla Server and it will bring us to the download page.


After the download has finished, run the setup and start the installation process and Continue with default Standard install type.

Leave the Administrative port default. When choosing how FileZilla server should start, Select 'Install as service, started with Windows', if you want to start the FTP server automatically at Windows startup.

Select, 'Start manually' option for the Server GUI(Interface).

When launched for the first time, it will ask you to configure the FTP server. Leave the Host ( and admin port (14147) as default. Type a new password (You will use this password for administering the FileZilla FTP server) and Press Connect.

Next, we need to configure the passive mode settings. Go to Edit > Settings > Passive mode settings, set the custom port range from 10100 to 10200.

After that, open the Windows Firewall and create a new Inbound rule to allow FTP port 21 and passive port range (10100-10200).

Connection To Server Lost Filezilla


Create a user account

Now the FileZilla FTP Server has been installed on Windows 10, we need to create an FTP user that can log in to the server. To set up an FTP user in the FileZilla server, complete the following steps:

Click on the user icon (Fourth icon from the left). Then, click on the add button and enter the name of the user account to be created and press OK.

After you have created the user, check on the Password option and Specify a password for the user.

We also must specify a home directory for this user, Go to the Shared folders section, click on the add button and browse the folder(s) you want access over the FTP.

That is all you need to setup FTP Server on Windows 10/Server.

Note that, during the installation, if FileZilla FTP service configured to start manually, you need to start the server from the interface.

Open the FileZilla server interface. Then, select Server > Active, as shown in following screenshot, to start the FTP server.

Alternatively, we can use Windows CMD to start/stop FileZilla FTP service:


And that's it! We've learned how to setup FTP server on Windows 10.

For higher level of security, you can use a secure FTP (SFTP) other than plain FTP to transfer files and data from computer to remote web server. To do that, you will need an FTP program, such as WinSCP, CuteFTP, FileZilla. I use FileZilla on my PC. It is free and easy to use. There are two ways you can connect to a server using FileZilla, via the Site Manager or Quick Connector. You can follow these steps to connect server using FileZilla.


A quick way to connect sever via SFTP is to use the FileZilla Quick connector. Firstly you need to find out your server IP address in cPanel or use your domain instead. Then type in your server IP in the Host, cPanel username and its password, use 22 as the port number, finally hit the Quickconnect button to connect your server via SFTP securely. You can refer to this tutorial to connect to server via secure FTP for more details.

Filezilla not connected to any server using


Filezilla Not Connected To Any Server How To

  • You can create extra FTP accounts in cPanel, but only the main FTP account, your cPanel username and password, has the SSH access to download and upload files via SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol.
  • When the secure FTP connection established, you can see the IP address in the Host field changed to sftp://yourserverip, also at the top of FileZilla, you can see sftp://[email protected], at the bottom right corner, a small lock icon displays.