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Chapter-6: Civilization. Reader: Now you will have to explain what you mean by civilization. Editor: It is not a question of what I mean. Several English writers refuse to call that civilization which passes under that name. Many books have been written upon that subject. Societies have been formed to cure the nation of the evils of civilization. Civ 6 India Gandhi Theme music FullFrom Ancient,Medieval, Industrial to Atomic era.

There are so many civilizations available to play in Civilization VI. At launch, the game features a whopping 19 different civilizations to choose from, and each has strengths and weaknesses lending themselves to varying victory conditions. Want to win with India? Here's what you need to know!

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Changes from Previous Games

Gandhi civilization 6

In Civilization V, India's special ability revolved around unhappiness. The ability was called Population Growth and caused higher unhappiness with more cities. India favored a few larger cities until they reached a certain size.


There has been a shift away from this ability in Civilization VI as now India's civ ability is all about religion. The Dharma ability allows the player to receive all the follower beliefs of all religions present in their cities.

Time to make a pilgrimage to Calcutta?

India's Leader

Returning as India's leader is Gandhi. He is loved the World over for his passive resistance movements and was one of the big voices in India's independence away from the British Empire.

His passive resistance movements inspired his special ability in-game called Satyagraha. For each civilization that India meets, that has founded a religion and is currently living in peace, India gets a substantial bonus in faith. Any opposing civilizations fighting India receive a happiness penalty for fighting against Gandhi.

Civilization 6 Gandhi Nuclear

Unique Indian Buildings / Unit


India's unique unit is the elephant-mounted Váru. They are ready to stomp over enemies, reducing their combat effectiveness by 5 when on an adjacent tile. If more than one Váru unit is near an enemy, the count is cumulative.

The Stepwell is a unique tile improvement for the Indian civ. It provides both food and housing. If it is built next to a farm, then it will provide additional food and if it is built next to a holy site then it will generate more faith.

Civilization 6 gandhi guideGandhi

Elephants were used because they terrified horses

India's Victory Conditions

As expected, Gandhi's agenda is as a peacekeeper. You will want to try and befriend any civ which wants to keep the peace. You don't want to declare war on anyone and you need to steer clear of warmongers. With all the bonuses gained from being at peace and accepting of all other world religions, you will want to make sure you keep everything calm and. At the end of the day, you will benefit from extra housing resulting in higher production and higher population.

Do you think you can conquer the World without resorting to war? The peaceful general will win the campaign for India. Have you played with this civ yet? Was it hard to play without resorting to violence and keeping everyone happy? We would love to know so leave your comments below!

Chapter-6: Civilization

Gandhi Nuke Happy

Reader : Now you will have to explain what you mean by civilization.
Editor : It is not a question of what I mean. Several English writers refuse to call that civilization which passes under that name. Many books have been written upon that subject. Societies have been formed to cure the nation of the evils of civilization. A great English writer has written a work called Civilization: Its Cause and Cure. Therein he has called it a disease.
Reader : Why do we not know this generally ?
Editor : The answer is very simple. We rarely find people arguing against themselves. Those who are intoxicated by modern civilization are not likely to write against it. Their care will be to find out facts and arguments in support of it, and this they do unconsciously, believing it to to be true. A man whilst he is dreaming, believes in his dream; he is undeceived only when he is awakened from his sleep. A man labouring under the bane of civilization is like a dreaming man. What we usually read are the works of defenders of modern civilization, which undoubtedly claims among its votaries very brilliant and even some very good men. Their writings hypnotize us. And so, one by one, we are drawn into the vortex.
Reader : This seems to be very plausible. Now will you tell me something of what you have read and thought of this civilization?
Editor : Let us first consider what state of things is described by the word 'civilization'. Its true test lies in the fact that people living in it make bodily welfare the object of life. We will take some examples. The people of Europe today live in better-built houses than they did a hundred years ago. This is considered an emblem of civilization, and this is also a matter to promote bodily happiness. Formerly, they wore skins, and used spears as their weapons. Now, they wear long trousers, and, for embellishing their bodies, they wear a variety of clothing, and, instead of spears, they carry with them revolvers containing five or more chambers. If people of a certain country, who have hitherto not been in the habit of wearing much clothing, boots, etc., adopt European clothing, they are supposed to have become civilized out of savagery. Formerly, in Europe, people ploughed their lands mainly by manual labour. Now, one man can plough a vast tract by means of steam engines and can thus amass great wealth. This is called a sign of civilization. Formerly, only a few men wrote valuable books. Now, anybody writes and prints anything he likes and poisons people's minds. Formerly, men travelled in waggons. Now, they fly through the air in trains at the rate of four hundred and more miles per day. This is considered the height of civilization. It has been stated that, as men progress, they shall be able to travel in airship and reach any part of the world in a few hours. Men will not need the use of their hands and feet. They will press a button, and they will have their clothing by their side. They will press another button, and they will have their newspaper. A third, and a motor-car will be in waiting for them. They will have a variety of delicately dished up food. Everything will be done by machinery. Formerly, when people wanted to fight with one another, they measured between them their bodily strength; now it is possible to take away thousands of lives by one man working behind a gun from a hill. This is civilization. Formerly, men worked in the open air only as much as they liked. Now thousands of workmen meet together and for the sake of maintenance work in factories or mines. Their condition is worse than that of beasts. They are obliged to work, at the risk of their lives, at most dangerous occupations, for the sake of millionaires. Formerly, men were made slaves under physical compulsion. Now they are enslaved by temptation of money and of the luxuries that money can buy. There are now diseases of which people never dreamt before, and an army of doctors is engaged in finding out their cures, and so hospitals have increased. This is a test of civilization. Formerly, special messengers were required and much expense was incurred in order to send letters; today, anyone can abuse his fellow by means of a letter for one penny True, at the same cost, one can send one's thanks also.
Formerly, people had two or three meals consisting of home-made bread and vegetables; now, they require something to eat every two hours so that they have hardly leisure for anything else. What more need I say? All this you can ascertain from several authoritative books. These are all true tests of civilization. And if anyone speaks to the contrary, know that he is ignorant. This civilization takes note neither of morality nor of religion. Its votaries calmly state that their business is not to teach religion. Some even consider it to be a superstitious growth. Others put on the cloak of religion, and prate about morality. But, after twenty years' experience, I have come to the conclusion that immorality is often taught in the name of morality. Even a child can understand that in all I have described above there can be no inducement to morality. Civilization seeks to increase bodily comforts, and it fails miserably even in doing so.
This civilization is irreligion, and it has taken such a hold on the people in Europe that those who are in it appear to be half mad. They lack real physical strength or courage. They keep up their energy by intoxication. They can hardly be happy in solitude. Women, who should be the queens of households, wander in the streets or they slave away in factories. For the sake of a pittance, half a million women in England alone are labouring under trying circumstances in factories or similar institutions. This awful fact is one of the causes of the daily growing suffragette movement.
This civilization is such that one has only to be patient and it will be self-destroyed. According to the teaching of Mahomed this would be considered a Satanic Civilization. Hinduism calls it the Black Age. I cannot give you an adequate conception of it. It is eating into the vitals of the English nation. It must be shunned.
Parliaments are really emblems of slavery. If you will sufficiently think over this, you will entertain the same opinion and cease to blame the English. They rather deserve our sympathy. They are a shrewd nation and I therefore believe that they will cast off the evil. They are enterprising and industrious, and their mode of thought is not inherently immoral. Neither are they bad at heart. I therefore respect them. Civilization is not an incurable disease, but it should never be forgotten that the English people are at present afflicted by it.