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Opps really this should be titled 6 important questions that need to be answered before you can create a great mail piece and 5 items you need to be aware of to get the most out of your mail campaign. When we are consulting with our clients regarding their mail pieces, this includes; post cards, self-mailers or letters in envelopes, we always start the process with these questions in mind.

Writing great fundraising letters, however, takes skill. While businesses can often afford to pay well for great copywriting, nonprofits often depend on in-house staff to write that important letter and put together a direct mail package. One of their best direct mail marketing campaigns involved a helmet, made from recycled cardboard, for their targeted customers to assemble. The example of direct mail marketing also encouraged cyclists to wear a helmet and caused a sensation on social media. 5) DNA Box, Jeep. While direct mail works great on its own, adding digital to your campaign can generate even more response over time. Check out our digital products – website development, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc. – to reach consumers across multiple channels.

1. What am I trying to promote
What are you trying to promote? Are you looking to invite prospects to your neighborhood business? Increase attendance at a financial planning seminar? Sell a particular good or service? Identifying the purpose on the mail piece will speed up creation and bring better clarity to your message.

2. Who is my audience
What does your perfect client look like? Are they a resident or business? Do they owe a home, are they a certain age or income, do they live close to your business, do they have certain interests or activities? Once you’ve established your perfect audience, you can purchase or rent a mailing list with matching characteristics. See our business list and consumer list for examples of the selections available to best target your audience

3. How do I write my headline
The headline of your mail piece needs to communicate the most compelling reason for the client to take action. Think pain, what pains are they experiencing that you can fix? Cultivate a great pain question or give a solution to a known problem that all of your prospect have. Often times your receptionist or sales people already know the best headline. Your existing customers call up and ask them do you have “X” can you fix “Y” and then explain why it’s so important to them. That client’s explanation is the genesis of your headline. If your headline is relevant and compelling enough, your prospects will take ownership of their pain and read every word on your mail piece.


Over-sized post cards or shelf mailers the most valuable real estate is on the address side, above the 4.125” mark. The reason for this is, the #10 envelopes that all of your bills and correspondents are mailed in are 4.125” tall. Your prospect will see your headline above their bills and will grab your mail piece first and read it while they have the longest attention span for that task.

Letter mail, keep your headline to the top of the letter; you need to build the pain. Bring the Pain then solution then credibility then call to action.

Best B2b Direct Mail Examples

4. What is the value proposition or offer for my prospect
What, exactly are the benefits to the prospect for responding to your mail piece? Why should they take action and respond to your mail piece? Are the goods, services, or event compelling enough on its own to generate a lead, or does it need a discount or other incentive to trigger a response?
5. What images should I use
A picture can say a thousand words. Use images to motivate a response, build more pain, educate the prospect on your solution to their pain. Pictures of the outside of your buildings, your fleets of vehicles, or your staff typically are only good for re-enforcing brand & credibility, they are not big motivators to respond, so use them accordingly.
If you don’t have an image of your own, look to your product or service vendors they often have image libraries they share with their customers. There is always the option to buy stock images; they typically can be purchased for less than $20

Direct Mail Examples

6. How do I project credibility

Why should they trust you with their time & money? Why should they let you into their home or business? There are a number of items on a mail piece that will generate trust: company logo, how long you’ve been in business, professional certifications, industry awards, customer testimonials, your website address, pictures of your fleet, company pictures, etc. Again you are asking the prospect to respond to your offer, often times the only image the prospect has about your company is aquired from this mail piece

Examples Of Direct Mail Marketing

7. Tracking
If possible, add a tracking element with a offer specific landing page, special phone number, coupon code for purchases, or have them bring the card in with them when they vist your location. Successful tracking will help you scratch out more budget for your next mailing campaign.
8. Make your sales staff and receptionists aware
Let everyone in your organization know about the mailing, the offer(s) included. The more they know the better they will be able to manage the new inbound leads Many of great mail campaigns have been marginalized by employees not knowing what the prospects are talking about. Simple but often overlooked.

9. Design Your Card

Now that you know have assembled all the essentials elements, you’re ready to design your card. Don’t fill a mail piece with long explanations of why the prospect should do business with you. Clutter kills remember keep it simple:

The following are essential on every mail piece

  • Powerful headline /pain statement
  • Use bullets when highlighting a list of goods or services no more than 4 bullets.
  • Solid Offer
  • Only add an images or logos that will actively motivate your prospect to respond
  • Customer testimonials, whenever possible have the testimonial(s) reflect the solution to your headline/pain statement. Two testimonials max
  • If you want the clients to visit your location create small very simple map so prospects can visualize your location. This is also a great way to build on your brand, as clients will look for your business at your location even if they don’t use you right away.
  • Credibility statement/ elements
  • Contact info – phone address web, e-mail. We have found adding a specific name for the prospect to ask for will move some of the prospect off the fence in to action.
  • Phone numbers shown on both side of a mail piece if possible
  • Call to action

With a post card use the back/address side to create pain / interest / ownership of a problem and limited credibility statements, usen the front of the post card to educate the prospect so they can make an intelligent decision even if that decision is simply initiating contact with your company.

With a self-mail use the address side to create pain/interest/ownership of a problem and the front side to build on pain and solution. Then use the inside layout to again build pain, strong solution/value proposition, then educate them so they can make an intelligent decision even if that decision is simply initiating contact with your company.

Other important items to be aware of:

  • Fold location on self-mailers
  • Saving images and colors as CMYK
  • Saving creative files correctly. Commercial printer typically need files saved high-res .pdf format.
  • Always add appropriate bleeds.

10. Printing
We can handle your printing or you can bring us your mail piece ready for tabbing, inserting, and or addressing. Always order at least 10% more print than you need for your mailing. Note on smaller quantities (typically less than 10,000 pieces) your mail piece will be gang run (printed on the same large press sheet with other jobs) then cut down and boxed accordingly. The value to you is it saves you money on set ups. The down side is you are typically buy in increments of 2,5000 pieces. The gang run savings typically out ways the additional mail pieces you may need to recycle.

11. Mailing
Correctly presorting and addressing of your mail pieces can save you at least $42 per thousand and often considerably more. Give us a call to go over what your best mailing solution might be.

Additional infomation that will help with your direct mail design:

Good luck with your mail campaign! When you have completed your mail piece email us a copy of the print ready file. We will look it over and give you free direct mail piece design review.

Give us a call with any questions (800) 995-0570

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This article was last updated on August 4, 2020

We all need inspiration to do our jobs better. And whether you are a marketing rock star or a total newbie – it is always good to learn from the best email marketing campaigns in order to improve your own content. However, it is really hard to find good email marketing campaign examples as you usually need to be subscribed to an email list. And even if you are subscribed, it is really difficult to discover a good campaign, as you are getting tons of automated newsletters day after day. But we’ve compiled a list of some of the best email marketing campaign examples to inspire your own next campaign.

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1. Uber

Uber’s email campaign is very simple, yet tasteful. We love how Uber gets straight to the point in their newsletters. The text is usually very brief with a clear CTA, which is perfect for subscribers who don’t have a lot of time and just skim the message. For those who want to learn more, there is always a link you can follow. Uber always send different promotions and provides an amazing map of your rides, with a detailed map of your journey.

2. Litmus

Their email marketing design is very interesting. GIFs are very popular these days and the animation that Litmus uses is eye-catching and its encourage you to continue reading the content. Litmus’s headlines do a good job while clearly saying what this email is about.

3. BuzzFeed

Great Direct Mail Examples

Newsletter became one of BuzzFeed’s top sources of traffic. They are the best at writing awesome content. Their subject lines and preview make you immediately open that email! Our favorite and the most important newsletter you can get is ‘This Week In Cats’.

Yes, it is exactly as cool as it sounds. Every Friday you can get the best and the cutest stories about cats. Those newsletters include a bunch of links and meow-worthy pictures of cats. Also, you can always ask Dumb Cat for an advice and maybe he will give you an answer in the next email. So, what would Dumb Cat say if you told him ‘I want to try to pay someone to write my paper’? We are sure that he would recommend you to get some snacks and go for it!

4. Taylor Stitch

They always think about their customers’ preferences and interests. The design is very simple, all white with really inspiring photos. They write how many pieces of each product they have, so you need to act fast as those pieces will not last long.

5. Flock

Here is another clever example of effective email marketing. Flock does a great job of sending well-designed emails. They always know when it is a good time to boost your productivity. Reminder emails are here to help you!

6. Headspace

Headspace is a guided meditation app. Have you seen the pictures they send to their subscribers? Recently, we got a cute cake that makes you want to do anything they ask!

The structure of their newsletters is good for those who don’t have time to scroll down long emails. So, it is brief and simple.

7. Starbucks

Give people a good reason to engage with your emails! Well, like Starbucks does. They know how to make you buy that half-off frappuccino! Mm, it is sweet and chill, just like you!

8. Airbnb

Their email campaign looks really good. The design has everything you want – fresh colors and clear design, a clear objective and minimalistic copy. They are doing a great job of keeping their emails very pointed with a clear CTA. In every letter, you will get guides to different cities. Like recently it was about Barcelona with its secret beaches and local places.

9. Sweetgreen

This salad company has a fresh and absolutely stunning design. They say that ‘green looks good on you!’, so go and make an order with just a few steps! When you unlock The Green Status, you get an email that you just unlocked some perks. One of these perks is a free salad on your birthday! So, if you wanted a big quinoa bowl, then it is time to treat yourself!

10. Aesop

Do you have an email marketing crush? We do. And it is Aesop! Their newsletters have everything you need – beautiful, simple illustrations, unique colors, and interesting content. In their emails, you can discover what to listen to, what to see, where to go. It has a very brief description, but if you want to continue reading, there is always a button for it.

We hope these email marketing campaign examples will give you new ideas to improve your own email campaign.

MailBakery – designing and coding beautiful emails since 2010

There are indeed amazing email marketing campaign examples out there that can fuel you with ideas instantly. If you need help with designing one for you, our team at MailBakery can create such an email template from scratch based on your business needs. Or, if you have already created a stunning email design and you need perfectly hand-coded and litmus tested HTML email, we can code your email design.

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