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Grid Layout

The CSS Grid Layout Module offers a grid-based layout system, with rows and columns, making it easier to design web pages without having to use floats and positioning.

Browser Support

The grid properties are supported in all modern browsers.

Grid Elements

A grid layout consists of a parent element, with one or more child elements.

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Display Property

An HTML element becomes a grid container when its display property is set to grid or inline-grid.



All direct children of the grid container automatically become grid items.

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Grid Columns

The vertical lines of grid items are called columns.

Grid Rows

The horizontal lines of grid items are called rows.

Grid Gaps

The spaces between each column/row are called gaps.

You can adjust the gap size by using one of the following properties:

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  • grid-column-gap
  • grid-row-gap
  • grid-gap


The grid-column-gap property sets the gap between the columns:

.grid-container {
display: grid;
grid-column-gap: 50px;


The grid-row-gap property sets the gap between the rows:

.grid-container {
display: grid;
grid-row-gap: 50px;


The grid-gap property is a shorthand property for the grid-row-gap and the grid-column-gap properties:

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.grid-container {
display: grid;
grid-gap: 50px 100px;


The grid-gap property can also be used to set both the row gap and the column gap in one value:

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.grid-container {
display: grid;
grid-gap: 50px;

Grid Lines

The lines between columns are called column lines.

The lines between rows are called row lines.

Refer to line numbers when placing a grid item in a grid container:


Place a grid item at column line 1, and let it end on column line 3:

.item1 {
grid-column-start: 1;
grid-column-end: 3;


Icon Grid Template

Place a grid item at row line 1, and let it end on row line 3:

Remove Alignment Grid On Screen

All CSS Grid Properties

column-gapSpecifies the gap between the columns
gapA shorthand property for the row-gap and the column-gap properties
gridA shorthand property for the grid-template-rows, grid-template-columns, grid-template-areas, grid-auto-rows, grid-auto-columns, and the grid-auto-flow properties
grid-areaEither specifies a name for the grid item, or this property is a shorthand property for the grid-row-start, grid-column-start, grid-row-end, and grid-column-end properties
grid-auto-columnsSpecifies a default column size
grid-auto-flowSpecifies how auto-placed items are inserted in the grid
grid-auto-rowsSpecifies a default row size
grid-columnA shorthand property for the grid-column-start and the grid-column-end properties
grid-column-endSpecifies where to end the grid item
grid-column-gapSpecifies the size of the gap between columns
grid-column-startSpecifies where to start the grid item
grid-gapA shorthand property for the grid-row-gap and grid-column-gap properties
grid-rowA shorthand property for the grid-row-start and the grid-row-end properties
grid-row-endSpecifies where to end the grid item
grid-row-gapSpecifies the size of the gap between rows
grid-row-startSpecifies where to start the grid item
grid-templateA shorthand property for the grid-template-rows, grid-template-columns and grid-areas properties
grid-template-areasSpecifies how to display columns and rows, using named grid items
grid-template-columnsSpecifies the size of the columns, and how many columns in a grid layout
grid-template-rowsSpecifies the size of the rows in a grid layout
row-gapSpecifies the gap between the grid rows