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Adding direct mail to your omni-channel toolkit enables you to create rich journeys that reach your customers in the channels they respond to best. Setup To set up the Sailthru and Inkit integration, you first need to copy your Inkit API Key as well as the ID of the Inkit mailer template you’d like to send.

The Inkit integration lets you get just as targeted with direct mail. No matter how small or precisely defined your Sailthru list may be, you can now use it to create an Inkit postcard campaign. If you’re not familiar with Inkit, it’s pretty simple. First, you upload your postcard or mailer design to the platform. Inkit's Sailthru lifecycle optimizer integration enables automated direct mail on a one-to-one personalized level. Sailthru, a CM Group. Find help and support for Inkit. Inkit enables you to create and launch highly-customized and powerful direct mail campaigns at huge cost and time savings. The Inkit team is creating an easier, faster and less expensive way to. This page will help you get started with Inkit and set up your account. Follow our instructions to launch a mail marketing campaign, select the most suitable settings, and start using the benefits of direct mail automation right now.


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Strategic Partnership Leverages Companies’ Focus on Delivering Real-Time, Triggered, Direct Mail Automation for Omni-Channel Marketers


Inkit, the dominant direct mail automation platform, recently announced a partnership and integration with Iterable, provider of the next-generation Growth Marketing Platform. Inkit’s direct mail infrastructure and the Iterable’s growth marketing platform make direct mail simpler, faster, and more automated than ever. The strategic partnership provides growth marketers with a user-friendly stack that offers next-gen technical infrastructure and tools to build and run high-performance omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Direct mail is an essential component of a flourishing growth and retention strategy. The union of Inkit and Iterable helps marketers determine what immediate actions to take—be it sending a simple nudge to users encouraging them to place an order or a direct mail piece thanking customers for their loyalty. All of this engagement creates increasingly greater revenue opportunities.

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“Direct mail marketing remains a leading channel for retention. Delivering dynamic, personalized postcards and direct mail pieces to customers’ mailboxes can be an integral link to successful lifecycle engagement. With Inkit’s innovative automation capabilities, Iterable customers can seamlessly integrate direct mail, email, web, mobile and social campaigns into real-time, event-driven workflows,” said Dave Schwartz, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Iterable.

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“Inkit’s team is excited to integrate with Iterable. Our unique CRM integration was built intelligently for marketers by marketers. Simply send automated direct mail pieces to customers’ mailboxes via Iterable’s existing workflow. I’m confident we are providing marketers with the fastest, most accessible and cost-effective way to retain their existing customers and win back inactive ones. We’re proud to offer our customers this powerful joint solution to directly benefit from our combined strengths,” concluded Michael McCarthy, CEO at Inkit.

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Strategic partnership enhances omnichannel marketing abilities by leveraging companies' focus on delivering direct mail automation

Inkit Direct Mail

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) April 04, 2018

Inkit, the dominant direct mail automation platform, today announced its partnership with Sailthru, the leading cross-channel experience management platform for the world's top retail and media companies. Inkit's integration with Sailthru makes including direct mail as a touchpoint within individualized, omnichannel marketing campaigns simpler, faster and more effective.

In a survey of more than 200 retail marketers, Sailthru found that multichannel campaign management is the area of marketing receiving the most significant investments to fund innovation. This makes direct mail an essential component to modern growth and retention strategies. Through this integration, marketers will be able to test and deploy direct mail to specific individuals based on any previous or predicted behavior. Marketers will have the ability to recapture revenue through multichannel abandonment campaigns, drive revenue optimization through triggered direct mail based on future purchase predictions, as well as a multitude of other additional data driven use cases.

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Inkit Direct Mail

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NatureBox, a joint Inkit and Sailthru customer, is one beneficiary of this partnership. Using the direct mail automation webhook, NatureBox cultivated new customers and retained existing ones without additional resource expenditure. Measuring against a holdout group, NatureBox experienced a 35 percent lift in orders. Customers in this group ordered 60 percent more per order compared to customers who did not receive direct mail offers. There was no impact to churn throughout the entirety of the campaign. Over the five to six week redemption period, 8.9 percent of the postcards sent were redeemed by NatureBox customers.

'Direct mail is the original performance marketing, but for too long it has remained in its own silo. Armed with a massive volume of first party data, marketers can better leverage direct mail to target and retarget their customers through a multichannel approach,' said Neil Lustig, CEO at Sailthru. 'Our integration with Inkit enables marketers to extend the power of our platform beyond our native solution for email, web, and mobile automation and personalization and we are proud to be working together to get marketers closer to true ‘right time, right message, right place' marketing.'

Inkit's Co-Founder and CEO Michael McCarthy said, 'Our partnership with Sailthru is about giving both marketers and consumers what they want. For marketers, this is a two-way integration that saves time – instead of having to open Inkit, navigate through the platform, find the updated creative, and manually move data from Sailthru to Inkit, it all happens in one place as a seamless part of the omnichannel experience. For consumers, this is about being engaged within the right context. Together our companies are making effective, efficient marketing a reality.'

About Inkit
Inkit sends direct mail around the world more efficiently and effectively than any other provider. Marketers use Inkit to build, refine, and send direct mail pieces. They automate sending mail via triggered workflows to dramatically grow acquisition, retention, and winback successes. Companies choose Inkit to deliver the personalized messages to mailboxes they need to drive engagement, customer loyalty, and ultimately sustainable sales from happy customers. Follow us on LinkedIn or for more information, please visit

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Sailthru helps modern marketers acquire, grow, and retain customers. With over 2Bn global consumer profiles under management, Sailthru's powerful suite of connected capabilities – including high-performance email, onsite personalization, mobile marketing automation, and unique integrations powering new customer acquisition – drives higher revenue, improves customer lifetime value and reduces churn. The world's fastest growing ecommerce and publishing companies, including Rent the Runway, JustFab, Business Insider, Hearst, and more, trust Sailthru to help them succeed. Founded in 2008, Sailthru's exceptional group of investors include Benchmark, RRE Ventures, DFJ Gotham, Scale Venture Partners, and AOL Ventures. For more information, please visit

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