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Also, the temp sensor on the cooler itself, is showing a much much cooler temp, similar to the lower temps I had with the cpu. I was wondering if it is possible for the cpu sensors to become faulty, and if so, is there any way to test and confirm the fault? DeLaRocha I have pretty much the EXACT same problem with the temperature sensor. I upgraded the cpu to a 3.0 and still have the issue. While swapping the cpu I noted the sensor which is a small. Intel® Processor Identification Utility download for Windows. Identify characteristics of the processor inside your computer. Download: Desktop: Intel® Board ID Tool: Know if an Intel® desktop board is installed on your computer. If an Intel desktop board is found, the tool identifies board model and version, BIOS version, and operating system. Like the XTU, there’s also a graph that can plot your CPU’s temperature over time, even breaking it down by the core, so you can see if individual cores are getting warmer than others.

I imagine that most people are aware that measuring CPU temperature accurately is difficult because of the inaccuracy of many motherboard sensors. If you want to push your system close to the edge to gain higher performance but still maintain low noise, then having an accurate CPU temperature reading is very useful.Cpu core temp
Intel introduced the Digital Thermal Sensor (DTS) in the Core Duo family of CPUs; at least I’ve seen no mention of it prior to the release of Core Duo.
The sensor seems to give accurate temperature readings, one for each separate CPU core and the readings are to my knowledge directly related to the temperature threshold at which Thermal Throttling occurs.
This makes the readings much more useful when calibrating a system. If you monitor these readings in conjunction with a utility that monitors when Thermal Throttling occurs, you get a much clearer picture of how much cooling you need.
There are quite a few utilities that can be used to monitor the DTS readings; here are some:
Intel Cpu Temperature SensorCore Temp – freeware!
Intel Thermal Analysis Tool – unknown status.
Everest Ultimate Edition - $30.
Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any utilities that can control fan speeds based on the DTS readings. I’ve emailed Alfredo Milani-Comparetti of Speedfan fame about this, but I’m not clear from his initial reply what his position with regard to supporting the DTS is. As always, if there’s a feature that you’d like to see in a favourite program, then email the author or company behind it. If you don’t ask….
Since I’ve been using RMClock to control C2D systems and it has a feature to alert you when CPU throttling occurs, I thought I’d give it a go. It has worked well for me in limited testing, although the procedure by which it alerts you is cumbersome. Of course I have given them feedback on this
Another utility that monitors Thermal Throttling is Throttle Watch, although I’ve heard reports that it doesn’t support C2D; I haven’t personally tested it.

Intel Cpu Temperature Monitor Mac

Intel cpu temperature monitor macAnother feature of the utility Core Temp is that it presents a value for TCaseMax; this seems to be the temperature at which Thermal Throttling occurs. Until a utility such as Speedfan starts to utilise the DTS readings, using a combination of Core Temp and RMClock gives us the opportunity to manually calibrate fan speeds in conjunction with seemingly much more accurate and useful CPU temperature readings. Amen to that.
1. Please excuse my slight vagueness with some of the terms involved as Intel has an amazing plethora of acronyms and I’m sometimes unclear how up-to-date 3rd parties are when they use certain acronyms or terminology.Temperature

Intel Cpu Temperature Limits

I’m also personally bamboozled at times by the amount of jargon involved and how it subtlety changes over time and across platforms. The low power states for the Core 2 Duo mobile and desktop series of chips are quite different in terminology for example
2. Intel have I believed introduced Thermal Monitor 2 with the Core 2 Duo desktop chips. This is an expansion of the original Thermal Monitor in that when Thermal Throttling occurs; it not only reduces clock speed but also VCore.

Best Cpu Temp Monitor Intel

Some BIOS’s even give you the choice of which version of TM to choose; TM2 seems the obvious choice to go for.

Intel Cpu Temp Tool

I’ve seen some over-clocking guides suggesting that you turn off TM in the BIOS. For obvious reasons, this doesn’t seem like a very good idea.
RMClock allows you to enable/disable TM and also to select which version is active.Intel Cpu Temperature Sensor
Enough already.