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LibreOffice can open and save documents in the Microsoft Office file formats, including Microsoft Office Open XML formats.

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Google’s cloud-based word processor is a free writing platform for personal, academic, and professional use. All Google Docs files can be shared either by email or through web links, and the recipient can have either view-only or edit access to the documents. Download the latest LibreOffice documentation, written by community experts. LibreOffice, the best free and open source office suite.

Opening a Microsoft Office File

  1. Choose File - Open. Select a Microsoft Office file in the LibreOffice file open dialog.

Google Docs Vs Libreoffice Reddit

MS Office file...

...will open in LibreOffice module

Microsoft Word, *.doc, *.docx

LibreOffice Writer

Microsoft Excel, *.xls, *.xlsx

LibreOffice Calc

Microsoft PowerPoint, *.ppt, *.pps, *.pptx

LibreOffice Impress

Saving as a Microsoft Office File

  1. Choose File - Save As.

  2. In the File type box, select a Microsoft Office file format.

Saving Documents by Default in Microsoft Office Formats

  1. Choose - Load/Save - General.

  2. In the Default file format and ODF settings area, first select a document type, then select the file type for saving.

From now on, if you save a document, the File type will be set according to your choice. Of course, you still can select another file type in the file save dialog.

Opening Microsoft Office Files by Default

Libreoffice Google Docs

  1. In Windows’ File Explorer, right-click a file of the type that you want to assign to another application.

  2. In the context menu, choose Open with - Choose another app.

  3. In the list of applications that appears, select the program that should open the current type of files. Make sure that “Always use this app” is checked.

    If these steps do not apply to your brand of Microsoft Windows, search your Microsoft Windows Help for instructions how to change the file associations.

Converting Many Microsoft Office Files into OpenDocument Format

The Document Converter Wizard will copy and convert all Microsoft Office files in a folder into LibreOffice documents in the OpenDocument file format. You can specify the folder to be read, and the folder where the converted files are to be saved.

  1. Choose File - Wizards - Document Converter to start the wizard.

Macros in Microsoft Office and LibreOffice

With a few exceptions, Microsoft Office and LibreOffice cannot run the same macro code. Microsoft Office uses VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code, and LibreOffice uses Basic code based on the LibreOffice API (Application Program Interface) environment. Although the programming language is the same, the objects and methods are different.

The most recent versions of LibreOffice can run some Excel Visual Basic scripts if you enable this feature at - Load/Save - VBA Properties.

If you use macros in one of the applications and want to use the same functionality in the other application, you must edit the macros. LibreOffice can load the macros that are contained within Microsoft Office files and you can then view and edit the macro code in the LibreOffice Basic IDE editor.

You can choose to preserve or delete VBA macros

Open a Microsoft Office document that contains VBA macro code. Change only the normal contents (text, cells, graphics), and do not edit the macros. Save the document as a Microsoft Office file type. Open the file in Microsoft Office, and the VBA macros will run as before.

You may delete the VBA macros from the Microsoft Office file on loading or on saving.

  1. Choose - Load/Save - VBA Properties to set the VBA macro handling of LibreOffice.

Dec 21, 2020 • Filed to: Recover & Repair Files • Proven solutions

The article is going to be of assistance to you if you work on LibreOffice. In this article, you will learn LibreOffice document recovery, this is important to know because if you, unfortunately, forgot to save your document on LibreOffice you can recover it back. We have talked about all the useful tips that you can apply to recover your file. All these techniques are really simple and easy to apply. Not only this, here we have discussed an awesome application that will recover your any lost file on your computer.

Not only this here we have discussed some of the interesting questions that are absolutely amazing to know if you are using windows 10. So, let us begin and know more.

Part 1: Solutions to Recover Unsaved or Deleted Libreoffice Document

If you have accidentally deleted or haven’t saved your document on LibreOffice there are a couple of ways by which LibreOffice document recovery can be done. Down below we are providing all the working ways that will instantly recover your precious document.

Solution 1: Recover Unsaved LibreOffice Document with Auto Recovery

Step 1: Firstly you have to open the document which you closed and forgot to save. The program in LibreOffice will prompt you to recover your unsaved document.

Step 2: Secondly, you have to click on the “Start” to get your document recovered. That’s it!

Solution 2: LibreOffice backup copy recovery

In case the program has not suggested you recover your auto-saved document automatically, don’t panic!! Still, you can recover your document from the backup copy which is automatically created in LibreOffice. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: After opening the LibreOffice Writer or Calc document head towards the menu Tools / Options.

Step 2: Once you will click on the menu Tools/ Options you can see a window opening in front of you. Click on the LibreOffice / Paths menu.

Step 3: If you see in the “path used by LibreOffice” section you will find the “backup” folder containing the latest file that is available to recover, this document was autosaved by LibreOffice.

If you want to open this file you have to start the LibreOffice program followed by going onto the menu File/ Open and open the backup copy (.bak).

The backup copies that are saved by LibreOffice are in the folder location given below:


Note: The option to autosave the copies of in LibreOffice is disabled by default. If you want to enable it to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open menu “Tools” followed by Options / Load/Save General, and you will find the box “Always create backup copy” and “Save AutoRecovery information every…” in the “save” section. Tick both the options.

Once you will do all the above processes, your document will automatically get back-up.

Solution 3: Recover Document with a Professional Tool

This is probably the best and the easiest way you can apply to get all your data back in just a few simple clicks. Introducing Wondershare Recoverit that offers quick recovery and that too in easy steps! We recommend this tool as it is completely free from any harm and secure. Follow the guide given down below and get your data back.

Libreoffice Docs

To recover your data from your computer there are three simple steps that you have to follow. These are:

1. Select a location
2. Scan the location
3. Preview & Recover

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Step 1: Select a location

After installing this tool, you have to select the location where you have lost your data. Here you can select the location where you have lost your data followed by clicking on the blue 'Start' button to begin the scanning process.

Step 2: Scan the location

Once the scanning process is started, you can see that all the lost data is getting visible on the screen along with all the details. While the process of scanning is running you can select the types of data you want to search, stop/start the process, preview the file, and do much more.

Step 3: Preview and Recover Files

Once you have found the file that you were searching for, you can preview the file before you recover it, and after getting sure select it (multiple files can also be selected) and click on the blue “Recover” button. Also, you can select the location where you want to save the recovered data.

Part 2: Some interesting Questions people ask

Q1. How do I recover an unsaved LibreOffice document?

Answer: If your Libreoffice is unexpectedly closed or crashes off. You get the advantage of recovering your document from the recovery folder. You can go to the “Tools” followed by “Options” then go to “LibreOffice” and click on “Path”. Now you can find the location of your backup and temporary files, all you have to do is find your doc. and restore it.

Q2. Can an unsaved document be recovered?

Libreoffice Base Tutorial Pdf

Answer: If you are using office 2013 then you can get back your lost or unsaved document. What you have to do is navigate to the bottom of 'Recent Documents' and click on the 'Recover Unsaved Documents' if you are using MS Word, and if you are using Excel click on 'Recover Unsaved Workbooks' or in Powerpoint you can click on the 'Recover Unsaved Presentations' button. Now in the new window, you can see your saved draft folder.

Q3. Why isn't my deleted file in the Recycle Bin?

Answer: If you cannot find your data in the recycle bin, it might be possible that placing the deleted files in the recycle bin is disabled. If this is the case check the setting of the recycle bin. Come on the desktop and find the Recycle Bin on it, do the right-click on the icon, and in the context menu select the “Properties” option to check the settings of Recycle bin.

Libreoffice Docs Download

Q4. How do I recover an unsaved text document?

Answer: Let’s see how you can recover your Unsaved notepad Docs.

  • First, you have to open the Start menu.
  • After that type %AppData%
  • After that click on the “Enter” button to go to 'C:Users%USERNAME%AppDataRoaming'
  • You can also use the search box to find all '*.txt' files. Now you have to select and copy the file to the different location.

The Bottom Line

So this article was all about some of the interesting facts but mainly on how the LibreOffice document recovery can be done. In this article, we have discussed all the possible and the best working methods that you can apply to recover your unsaved LibreOffice document. You will find two solutions based on LibreOffice and one awesome way to recover any lost or unsaved file. The tool Recoverit from Wondershare is probably the best and the easiest way to recover your lost file anywhere on your computer. All you need to do is a few clicks to recover your lost files. We hope that you liked this post.

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