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Click View Notes in the menu bar (move the cursor to the top of the screen to reveal the menu bar). At first it looks like only something to be displayed if printing the slides, but after adding notes in the text section, press F5 to start the presentation, click the 'Notes' icon at the bottom of the presenter view, and you'll find the notes there to be read during the presentation. LibreOffice Impress 3.5 was introduced recently with the new release with lot of new features and enhanced PowerPoint import functionality. LibreOffice Impress is a truly outstanding tool for creating effective multimedia presentations and allow to work with Microsoft PowerPoint files as well as other presentation file format.

Warning: This Help page is relevant to LibreOffice up to version 6.0.
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  1. To set the default printing options for LibreOffice Impress, choose Tools - Options - LibreOffice Impress - Print.
  1. Choose File - Print.
  2. Click the LibreOffice Impress or the Options tab page, and then select the printer options.
    These settings override the default printer options in Tools - Options - LibreOffice Impress - Print for the current print job only.
  1. Choose File - Print.
  2. On the General tab page of the Print dialog, select the 'Handouts' entry from the Document listbox.
  3. Select the number of slides to print per page of paper.
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  1. Click the Handout tab.
  2. Choose Insert - Page Number to open the Header and Footer dialog box.
  3. Click Notes and Handouts to enter the header and footer text for handouts.
    You see four areas on this dialog with check boxes for Header, Date and time, Footer, and Page number. These four areas correspond to the four areas in the corners of the handout master view.
  4. Enter text for header, footer, and date. Check the Page number box, if you want to number the handout pages. Ensure the Header check box is enabled if you want your header text to be printed.
  5. Click Apply to All.
    The fields in the handout master view on screen are not updated, but the text that you entered will be printed.
  1. Choose File - Print.
  2. Click the Document listbox and select the type of contents to print.
  3. Select Handouts or Notes and select the number of slides to print on each page of paper.
If you want another layout of the slides on the printed paper pages, use the mouse to move the slides around on the Handout view.
  1. Choose View - Slide Sorter.
  2. Hold down Shift, and click the range of slides that you want to print.
  3. Choose File - Print.
  4. In the Range and copies area, click Slides.
  5. Enter the slide numbers you want to print, and click OK.

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Warning: This Help page is relevant to LibreOffice up to version 6.0.
For updated Help pages, visit

You can change the background color or the background fill of the current slide or all of the slides in your document. For a background fill, you can use hatching, a gradient, or a bitmap image.

If you want to change the background fill for all of the slides, choose View - Master - Slide Master. To change the background fill of a single slide, choose View - Normal.

To use a color, gradient, or hatching pattern for the slide background

  1. Choose Format - Page, and then click on the Background tab.
  2. In the Fill area, do one of the following:
    Select Color, and then click a color in the list.
    Select Gradient, and then click a gradient style in the list.
    Select Hatching, and then click a hatching style in the list.
  3. Click OK.

To use an image for the slide background

You can display an entire image as a slide background, or you can tile the image to produce a patterned background.

  1. Choose Format - Page, and then click on the Background tab.
  2. In the Fill area, select Bitmap, and then click an image in the list.
    If you want to use a custom image for the slide background, close the Page Setup dialog, and then choose Format - Area. Click the Bitmaps tab, and then click Import. Locate the image you want to import and click Open. When you return to the Background tab, the image you imported will be in the Bitmap list.
  3. Do one of the following:
    To display the entire image as the background, clear the Tile check box in the Position area, and then select AutoFit.
    To tile the image on the background, select Tile, and set the Size, Position, and Offset options for the image.
  4. Click OK.

This modification is only valid for the current presentation document.

To save a new slide master as a template

  1. Choose View - Master - Slide Master to change to the slide master.
  2. Choose Format - Page to change the slide background, or choose other formatting commands. Objects that you add here will be visible on all slides that are based on this slide master.
  3. Choose View - Normal to close the master view.
  4. Choose File - Templates - Save to save the document as a template.
  5. Enter a name for the template. Do not change the category from 'My Templates'. Click OK.

Now you can use the Presentation Wizard to open a new presentation based on your new template.

Libreoffice Impress Ppt

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Libreoffice Impress Ppt
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