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admin 11/22/2021
This documentation is a result of scouring the internet for different forums of anybody who had any success with setting configuration options for OOo3.x, and trying to discern what steps were only for OOo2.x and what would actually work for OOo3.x. The following procedures will give you the instructions you need to customize many of the most common requests for pushing out OOo3.x silently. (NOTE) This documentation is for Windows XP.

Using LibreOffice5.3.1Winx64.msi installing to Win10 Pro x64. For some applications that are pretty ugly to install if you depended solely on their silent. Hi I am trying to do a silent passive install on a Windows 7 32 bit machine. So far the command line I have got is as follows: msiexec /i Libreoffice4.0.4Winx86.msi UILANGS=enNZ Reboot=No REGISTERALLMSOTYPES=1 INSTALLLOCATION='C:Program FilesLibre Office'. This works to a point but it is not passive as I still need to interact with the computer during the install. Silent installation and uninstallation switches for LibreOffice 5.4.1. Over 1000 Predefined Software Templates. Desktop Central helps you to silently install or uninstall software to servers and desktops from a central place, including commercial software like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat etc, without user intervention. You should be able to use the /quiet or /qn options with msiexec to perform a silent install. MSI packages export public properties, which you can set with the PROPERTY=value syntax on the end of the msiexec parameters. For example, this command installs a package with no UI and no reboot, with a log and two properties.

My main objectives in deploying OOo3 is to:
(1) make the install as simple and straightforward as possible,
(2) set OOo so by default it saves files in the word and excel formats
(2a) If you want it to OPEN word and excel documents by default, I will show those settings as well.
(3) avoid any registration prompts, wizards, etc.
1.First, you will need to download the latest version of OOo, which is currently 3.2. Since OOo requires Java, I personally decided to install the latest version of Java on all my network pc's first. Installing that silently is as simple as adding /s to setup.exe via batch file. You may not need Java at all if you determine you won't need the functionality it offers for OOo. Therefore, download the version of OOo3.x that doesn't include the JRE installer.
2.To setup an installation location, you need the following:
a. The current OOo package downloaded from the OOo website
b. The extension to disable the Registration Wizard, available at
c. A set of Extension Control Files that include settings to save documents in MS Office formats by default. (Next steps create these)
2a. Here is how you modify the Extension Control Files (.xcu)'s to automatically save in Office formats:
a. First, install OOo3.x manually on a test workstation.
b. Browse to “C:Program FilesOpenOffice.org3BasisshareregistrymodulesorgopenofficeSetup”
c. First open “Setup-Writer.xcu” with wordpad. NOT notepad, wordpad.
d. Drop down to line number 58 and change it to “<value>MS Word 97</value>”. Save it.
e. Open “Setup-calc.xcu” and drop down to line 19 and change it to “<value>MS Excel 97</value>”. Save it.
f. Open “Setup-impress.xcu” and drop down to line 18 and change it to “<value>MS PowerPoint 97</value>”. Save it.
Now perform these steps:
1.Create a setup folder to put the OOo3.x install files in, such as F:OOo3
2.Within that directory, create a folder called “Mods”, and put the following files there:
a. “DisableFirstStartWzd_ooo3.oxt” which is for disabling the Registration Wizard
b. Copies of the .xcu files you modified in step 2a.
c. (optional) to remove OOo banner to increase boot time: Go to “C:Program 3program” and open “soffice.ini” with
wordpad and change “Logo=1” to “Logo=0”. Now copy “soffice.ini” to the “mods” folder.
d. Since quickstart is disabled in OOo3.x by default, you'll have to add a startup shortcut to enable it. Browse to “C:Program 3program” and create a shortcut of “quickstart.exe” and put it in the 'mods' folder. Rename it to “ 3.2”. Skip this step if you don't want quickstart to run at bootup.
3. Create a batch file to automate the install process, and place it in your install directory. Here are the contents of my batch file, named Setup.bat:
(NOTE) I will break down each line of my batch for you. Also, my batch file will include steps for removing leftover files and folders from an Oo2.x install. You may not need these steps.
start /wait msiexec /qn /norestart /i openofficeorg3x.msi ADDLOCAL=All REMOVE=gm_o_Onlineupdate
del 'C:Documents and SettingsAll 3.2.lnk'
copy 'modsSetup-impress.xcu' 'C:Program 3BasisshareregistrymodulesorgopenofficeSetup' /y
copy 'modsSetup-calc.xcu' 'C:Program 3BasisshareregistrymodulesorgopenofficeSetup' /y
copy 'modsSetup-writer.xcu' 'C:Program 3BasisshareregistrymodulesorgopenofficeSetup' /y
del 'C:Program 3Programsoffice.ini'
copy 'modsSoffice.ini' 'C:Program 3program' /yInstallation
copy ' 3.2.lnk' 'C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsStartup'
copy 'modsDisableFirstStartWzd_ooo32.oxt' 'C:Program 3Program' /y
cd 'C:Program 3Program'
unopkg add --shared DisableFirstStartWzd_ooo32.oxt
cd 'C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuPrograms'
echo Y rmdir ' 2.3'
echo Y rmdir ' 2.4'
cd 'C:Program Files'
echo y rmdir /s ' 2.3'
echo y rmdir /s ' 2.4'
Silent(Note) The quotation marks in the batch script are required, so copy the lines you need exactly as posted.
Line 1. This will execute the initial part of the installation using the file. “/qn” is what makes it silent. “/norestart” means it won't reboot the pc after the install even if it needs one to complete some steps. “ADDLOCAL=All” means it will do a complete installation of OOo. “REMOVE=gm_o_Onlineupdate” will get remove any prompts for the user to update to a newer version of OOo.
If you want to only install certain modules, such as calc, writer and impress, add “REMOVE=gm_p_Base,gm_p_Base_Bin,gm_p_Draw,gm_p_Draw_Bin,gm_p_Math,gm_p_Math_Bin”
It would look like this:
start /wait msiexec /qb /norestart /i openofficeorg3.x.msi
ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=gm_p_Base,gm_p_Base_Bin,gm_p_Draw,gm_p_Draw_Bin,gm_p_Math,gm_p_Math_Bin
If you want OOo as the default program to OPEN Word, Excel and Powerpoint, like if you had Microsoft Office installed as well, add this:

Libreoffice Msi Installer

SELECT_WORD=1 SELECT_EXCEL=1 SELECT_POWERPOINT=1 (NOTE) Obviously you won't need this step if you only have OOo.
It would look like this:
start /wait msiexec /qb /norestart /i openofficeorg3.x.msi SELECT_WORD=1 SELECT_EXCEL=1 SELECT_POWERPOINT=1 ADDLOCAL=ALL
Line2. This will remove the shortcut that OOo puts on the “All Users” desktop.

Silent Install Msi File

Lines3-5. This replaces the default .xcu files with your modified ones. “/y” causes it to overwrite the existing .xcu files.
Lines 6,7. This replaces the default soffice.ini with your modified one.
Line 8. This copys the quickstart shortcut to the startup folder. Obviously if you don't want it, don't add it.
Lines 9-11. This runs the OOo add-in that disables the registration wizard.
Lines12-14. Since OOo doesn't do a super clean removal of older versions, this get's rid of leftover startup folders from OOo2.3,4 if you need it too. If you have other versions of OOo, modify the script to remove them as well.
Lines 15-17. This removes additional leftover folders as well.
(Note) Since some lines require running commands from the local drive, the install folder you created needs to be copied to the local PC first. So, if you are using an Admin program that remotely installs software, make sure it copies that install folder to the local PC.
That's it! I hope this helps you out, especially if you need to deploy this to a large number of network desktops. It did for me. I'll check back here every once in awhile and try and help out in any way that I can. I'm not much of a 'batcher', alot of this I pieced together from what others had done and if I didn't know a batch command, I googled it. Give it a try, you may suprise yourself as I did. Have fun.

Libreoffice Msi

P.S. If this helped you at all, post a reply!