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Our services help close the distance between businesses and users, much like using LINE to communicate with friends and family.
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  • Lebih dari sekedar alat untuk berkomunikasi, LINE memudahkan hidup sehari-hari dengan berbagai layanan mulai dari berita, hiburan, stiker hingga layanan keuangan.
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LINE Official Account

A service which allows businesses to contact users while blending in to their daily lives just like using LINE to communicate with friends and family.
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LINE Promotion Sticker

The stickers that people use in their everyday chats can help boost your brand's awareness and convert users into fans of your business, while also encouraging them to friend your LINE Official Account.
Release highly-optimized ads that target the 83 million people* who use LINE each month. Use LINE's unmatched reach to share your information with just the users you wish to communicate with.

Current as of December 2019.

LINE Ads(formerly LINE Ads Platform)

This service allows you to deliver ads to LINE's 83 million monthly users. The widespread reach enables you to pursue a variety of branding and customer acquisition opportunities with your marketing efforts.

Talk Head View

Release video ads that can take advantage of one of the largest userbases in Japan. One company is allowed to display an ad at the top of the chat screen each day.
Take advantage of LINE's one-stop solution for all of your sales and promotion efforts—encouraging users to visit your store and participate in your campaigns while also gaining insight into their purchasing behavior, thereby removing the boundaries between online and offline user experiences.

LINE Sales Promotion

LINE features various solutions designed to simplify store operations, encourage promotion participation, and analyze purchasing behavior.

LINE Flyer

LINE's new digital flyer service is optimized for smartphones and makes consumers' daily shopping routine more convenient than ever before.


In addition to enjoying the largest reach in Japan, your ads can utilize LINE POINT to help boost user acquisition, inform users about your products and services, and get them to friend your LINE Official Account.

Classification of process analysis: offline, atline, online, inline

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Line At Zero Degrees Longitude

Online and inline analyses differ essentially from the offline and atline methods in that the time in which information about process or material properties is obtained is shorter than the time in which these properties change. This means that online and inline analyses permit continuous process control. Offline and atline analyses, on the other hand, are characterized by manual sampling followed by discontinuous sample preparation, measurement and evaluation. The material properties can change during the time between sampling and the availability of the results, so direct process control is not possible. The relationship between measurement and functionality is crucial for the selection of a suitable method of process analysis for cement production. The suitability and working properties of the raw materials, intermediate products and end products are described with a previously defined precision and accuracy by means of certain -physical and chemical parameters. To fulfil the requirements it is necessary not only to identify fundamental properties, such as the chemical and mineralogical raw meal composition, but also to determine the technical behaviour pattern in the production process, e.g. the effect of the raw meal fineness on clinker phase formation in the sintering zone, or to assess the cost-effectiveness of a process with the aim of optimizing the cost/benefit factor and the quality. In addition to feedback of process parameters for comparison with target values inline/online analysis also covers feedforward, i.e. linking the target values with the expected instantaneous values so that corrective measures can be taken even before the occurrence of a change in properties or a fault. This means that process analysis now extends far beyond quality control and makes it possible to optimize the process and make selective adjustments to the product properties.

Line Attenuation

Source: L. Dagge, Holcim (Süddeutschland) GmbH, Dotternhausen;
Dr. K. Harr, HeidelbergCement Technology Center GmbH, Leimen;
Dr. M. Paul, Dyckerhoff AG, Wiesbaden, Germany;
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