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admin 11/22/2021
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Is a NodeJS module that helps you reading large text files, line by line, without buffering the files into memory. Installation: npm install line-by-line Usage: Synchronous processing of lines.

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There are following ways to read a file line by line.

Line By Line

Line By Line Chords

  • BufferedReader Class
  • Scanner class

Using BufferedReader Class

Using the Java BufferedRedaer class is the most common and simple way to read a file line by line in Java. It belongs to package. Java BufferedReader class provides readLine() method to read a file line by line. The signature of the method is:

The method reads a line of text. It returns a string containing the contents of the line. The line must be terminated by any one of a line feed ('n') or carriage return ('r').

Example of read a file line by line using BufferedReader class

In the following example, Demo.txt is read by FileReader class. The readLine() method of BufferedReader class reads file line by line, and each line appended to StringBuffer, followed by a linefeed. The content of the StringBuffer are then output to the console.


Using the Scanner class

Java Scanner class provides more utility methods compare to BufferedReader class. Java Scanner class provides the nextLine() method to facilitates line by line of file's content. The nextLine() methods returns the same String as readLine() method. The Scanner class can also read a file form InputStream.

Line By Line Art

Example of read a file line by line using Scanner class