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Direct mail campaign

Target new customers and increase brand awareness with Valpak of Mid Hudson Valley. Our full-service marketing agency is qualified to help you increase exposure while staying within budget through powerful direct mail and digital marketing solutions. Whether you own a beauty salon in Poughkeepsie and you’re looking for postcard advertising or you manage a pizza shop in Highland and you want to grow your digital presence, Valpak’s direct mail and digital marketing solutions will get the job done.

The nature of Orange County (OC) makes Local direct mail Orange County the best tool to reach the target audience in the county. Unlike other major population hubs of the United States, which is identified with one or more major cities, OC does not have any defined urban center or a mega city. Direct Mail Advertising Mailing Lists Mail & Shipping Services. BBB Rating: A+ 37. If effectively used, direct mail local advertising can be a very powerful direct marketing tool to promote your business in your neighborhood. It serves a vast array of direct marketing functions. You can use it to inform the local community about the product, induce call to.

Being part of The Blue Envelope® of coupons aligns your business with a trusted national brand, boosting both loyalty and brand recognition. Sharing the direct mail cost with other advertisers helps you increase exposure while staying within your budget. We’ll help you target new leads and drive greater revenue in Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Newburgh, Kingston, Monroe, Wappingers Falls, New Windsor and other nearby New York cities. You can also advertise to 1.93 million homes statewide, including in areas like Buffalo, Brooklyn, Long Island, Rochester, Rockland County, Staten Island and Yonkers.

Direct mail advertising is one of the oldest and most well-known forms of advertising in the world. It appeals to businesses by offering relatively low initial investments, high circulation, and high returns all at once. View our Digital Services But in today's Internet-driven, eco-conscious world, there are better alternatives to direct mail.

Ramp up your online presence with Valpak’s digital suite of products. As a Google Premier Partner, we provide expert search engine marketing tactics so people can find you easily. We also offer SEO, local business claiming and social media marketing to improve your “findability” online.

Targeted Direct Mail in Newburgh

Since 1968, Valpak has operated as the national leader in direct mail with nearly 140 office locations. Your Valpak of Mid Hudson Valley marketing consultant is always on-call to answer any questions or if you need help. Just select the format that works best for you and we’ll do the rest:

  • Direct mail coupons: Our most popular and most affordable solution. Valpak direct mail coupons are mini billboards that give consumers the incentive to give your business a try. Each ad uses lean design with one offer, one image and one headline, which makes them easy for consumers to scan.
  • Direct mail flyers: A larger-print format with 2, 3 or 6 panels or 8, 12 or 16 pages for businesses that need more space for their ads. These are ideal for promoting multiple locations, a menu, product line, seasonal event or even a holiday sale. You can order extras to hand out to customers in your store.
  • Direct mail cardstock: Advertising with cardstock is the cost-effective way to reward loyalty and encourage repeat visits. Using your choice of finish and format, loyalty cards can be created with redemption tracking to ensure one-time use (when necessary).
  • Valpak PlusOne: A stand-alone postcard that mails to the same high-income households as the Valpak envelope (limited inventory).
  • Solo postcards: From the mailing list to the direct mail format to the mail date, everything is customizable when you choose solo mail. Dial up your 1-to-1 marketing easily and benefit from volume-pricing savings due to Valpak’s size and scale.

What is direct mail marketing?


Direct mail marketing for businesses is the ability to reach potential customers with a message in their mailbox. We specialize in helping businesses reach targeted affluent homeowners with specific messaging to make our direct mail marketing campaigns the most effective.

Is there a difference between direct mail marketing and direct mail advertising?

No. Direct mail marketing and direct mail advertising business services mean the same thing and refer to the ability to advertise to people through the mail.

What should I look for when choosing a direct mail marketing company?

Local direct mail advertising agencyLocal direct mail advertising jobs

Be sure the direct mailer you choose can target an audience best for your business. For example, our direct mail marketing services can affluent homeowners which make great candidates for companies who offer luxury items, dining, and home improvement services.

Direct Mail Marketing FAQs

How do you select my mailing list for my direct mail campaign?

Our proprietary direct mail marketing campaign technology allows us to identify the affluent homeowners in your area to form your target mailing list. By being targeted with your campaign, it ensures your message reaches more of the right audience.

Why direct mail marketing for my company?

  • HIGH IMPACT: Card packs enjoy an 84% open rate, per On Target Research. RSVP also has an 86% renewal rate; and many say RSVP direct marketing provides their highest ROI.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Printed in four colors with a gloss finish on premium paper stock, our luxury cards enhance the image of every advertiser.
  • LONG SHELF LIFE: Durable, pocketable and sharable, RSVP cards offer remarkable staying power. They’re designed for future reference as well as an immediate response.
  • TIMELY DISTRIBUTION: RSVP Luxury Card Packs reach your audience just prior to peak seasonal buying periods.
  • COST-EFFICIENT: Compare our costs to that of individually mailed cards or letters. Our cooperative mail format achieves amazing economies.
  • PROVEN CONCEPT: RSVP Luxury Card Packs are not new or experimental. They’ve proven their worth to thousands of advertisers for over 30 years.

Local Direct Mail Advertising Rates

How does RSVP target consumers who are most likely to buy?

We start with the top-tier of homes, based on home value, then refine it through a proprietary process to ensure you’re reaching the highest value, owner-occupied homes in your market. New movers and new construction are also added in, so your business is introduced to the neighborhood’s newest upscale residents.

Do postage rates affect my campaign?

Local Direct Mail Advertising Programs

Yes, postage rates are considered when creating the best campaign for your budget. We'll help you understand all that goes into your campaign to make the best decision for your business.

Local Direct Mail Advertising Jobs

How does direct marketing for my business work?

Local Direct Mail Advertising Agency

One of the great advantages for your business to work with us for your advertising program is you have to do very little; we take care of it! All the list management, printing, and mailing is taken care of by us so that you can sit back and wait for new customers.