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admin 11/22/2021

Sant Cugat now has 50 megabits fiber connectivity! I’m happy that now my VOIP calls to the US are crystal clear (even with video conferencing), and the kids are happy that we can now download a whole movie in 120 seconds.

Movistar router password

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Movistar Router Wifi Not Working

Movistar router wifi not working

The only downside is that Telefonica gives you a really crappy router that connects via ethernet to the fiber optic converter. For some reason it drops connections after some period of time, meaning that my VPN connection never lasted more than a couple minutes.

At first, I though I could replace it with one of my collection of old routers, but unfortunately Telefonica was too clever for this: in order to provide IPTV, VOIP and other services, they require all ethernet packets destined for the Internet to be set with a VLAN Id of 6.

Movistar router login

Movistar Router Fibra Optica


Portal Alejandra

So the right setup is:

Wifi Portatil Movistar

username: [email protected]
password: adslppp
VLAN id: 6

Unfortunately almost no routers inexpensive routers support VLANs, so I had to buy myself a router. I chose the Netgear 3500L (buy it from, which although it doesn’t support VLANs out of the box, does allow you to install the Tomato firmware, which does.

Once you’ve installed the new firmware, set up the PPPOE connection, but you need to log in via telnet (remember the username is root, not admin) and set the following options (the UI VLAN screen doesn’t work with this router):

nvram set vlan6hwname=et0
nvram set vlan6ports=0t 8
nvram set wan_ifname=vlan6
nvram set wan_ifnameX=vlan6
nvram commit

And you should be good. The firmware has a lot of other nice features, including parental monitoring, bandwidth allocation, etc. All in all, I’m happy with Tomato.


In case you are wondering, I’ve tried earlier with DD-WRT firmware instead of Tomato, but for some reason it just wouldn’t work for me (it kept resetting the vlan back to 2 every time I rebooted).