Msi Check Cpu Temp

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MSI Afterburner for Windows is a graphic card utility that handles the graphic card, overclocking CPU fan running, and temperature. With this app, you can keep a close look at your CPU performance and temperature. It is free of cost-utility which can work with all graphics cards irrespective of its brand.

What is MSI Afterburner?

MSI afterburner is a widely used utility it works closely with the graphic card and also exceeds it’s working capability. It was many features like overclocking tools, scanner video recording hardware monitor, and many more. It is also available on Android. It provides you the feature to handle the graphics card of the system without actually opening your system. Let’s discuss these features closely.

OC scanner

It is the main feature of the MSI afterburner stop scanner means an overclocking scanner. It is an automatic tool that can see your hardware and make the necessary changes. It automatically enhances the device’s performance. Buy boosted performance you will experience better gameplay it increases the FPS so that you can play with smoothness. Includes many other features let’s study them closely.

The hardware monitor

  • MSI Afterburner says my CPU is only 40 degrees Celsius, even when running demanding games. I don't overclock, but I do often read people having higher temperatures. I've also read that most software can't really tell how hot your CPU is, anyway. Afterburner is giving a temp for all 8 'CPU's'. I have a 4 core with hyper threading threading.
  • Using the MSI Dragon Center app, or the Open Hardware Monitor, at idle CPU runs at 55-60C (for some reason none of these tools give me a GPU reading when idle). When playing PUBG, CPU goes to.
  • The 8 CPU temperatures does refer to the number of cores. The reason why CoreTemp only shows four is because of the Hyper-Threading technology on your CPU. The temperatures of the cores should all be the same. You only really need to select the first CPU temperature.

Hardware monitor brings you detailed data of all your hardware. You can monitor your heart’s best performance closely. It provides statistical data on the CPU temperature, usage, voltage, and clock speed. You can see all the stats on your screen in real-time. While playing video games you can view the selected that’s on your screen it provides you the opportunity to monitor your system while playing.

Fan Profiles

Fan profiles determine the cooling process of the system. Buy this feature you can customize the fan speed. It increases or decreases the cooling performance stop the heat dissipation will provide better performance.

Once installed, open Core Temp to see a no-frills look at the current state of your CPU, including an average temperature reading at the bottom of the window. If you want even more detail, click.


MSI afterburner provides you different skins. You can choose the look of the afterburner utility as per your liking. You can change its display to feel more dynamic for stop you can download skins online from the settings menu.

Predator Video Capture

This feature allows you to capture your best moments while playing video games. It supports the h.264 codec and can support other formats. .WMV and.AVI is the size and format in which the tool will capture the video.

Kombuster Benchmarking

It is a feature with check the extent to which the performance of the graphics card can be pushed. As the name suggests, it Benchmarks the point up to which the graphics card can be extended to stop it sets the limit of the card based on stability and thermal performance point it also supports the latest versions which are, open GL and direct x.


Why should we use MSI afterburner?

MSI afterburner is a free utility that is used to enhance the device’s graphic card. If you want to overclock your PC then you will need this utility. Mostly, Gamers who need to overclock their PC use this software full stop according to PC enthusiasts coma this app is the best for overclocking. It also provides many features that benefit Gamers.

This app provides many benefits like recording while gameplay. It also provides smooth performance for the CPU which provides smoother gameplay. It will enhance your graphic driver to the extent that it will not hamper the PC’s performance. But if you do not need to exceed you are driver’s performance then there is no need to install this utility. You can use Nvidia drivers for the data of your hardware to stop it is good for normal usage.

Msi Check Cpu Temp

How to download MSI afterburner in Windows 10?

Step 1: you can download MSI afterburner here.

Step 2: After the download is done to stop the installation is pretty easy.

Step 3: Select the installer language, and accept the license agreement.

Step 4: MSI afterburner will ask you to download an additional application which is a river tuner statistics server.

Step 5: you can ignore it if you want to stop MSI afterburner doesn’t need any other application to work. After which you can finish the installation.

Msi Check Cpu Temperature

The Bottom Line

MSI afterburner is the best tool to manage graphic card and overclocking CPU fan settings. If you are a gamer then you should use this software.


Feb 21, 2014
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Alabama, USA
MotherboardMSI MEG UNIFY
CoolingArctic Liquid Freezer 2 360mm
Memory4x8GB 3600c16 Ballistix
Video Card(s)EVGA 3080 FTW3 Ultra
Storage1TB SX8200 Pro, 2TB SanDisk Ultra 3D, 6TB WD Red Pro
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CaseFractal Design Meshify 2
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Hi all, I've got an x570 Unify causing some issues. If I leave it on for long amounts of time (especially to complete a render or similar) it stops responding to CPU temperature changes. After boot the POST code display usually shows the CPU temp, but once this happens it only reads 00 and all fans linked to CPU temps run at minimum speed. This is obviously an issue if I'm running an intense render or similar as I can boot up HWinfo and see the CPU bouncing around its 90c throttle point, even reaching a maximum of 95c sometimes. Wondering if this is any sort of a known issue.
MSI x570 Unify
Arctic LF2 360mm
Corsair RM850x