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admin 11/22/2021

Mylio is the ultimate photo organizer, beautifully displaying your existing folders. Mylio also protects your original files by making sure that you have more than one copy of your original files. The easiest way to protect your entire library is by adding a dedicated Protection Drive (aka Vault Drive) to. Mylio stands out from the crowd for good reason. Unlike many competitors, Mylio is aware of photographers’ growing need not just to organize but to consolidate images. Using a peer-to-peer connection on a shared network, Mylio brings photographs from multiple devices into one spot. Mylio is a photo organizer that can help you sync your photos from different sources in one place. If your digital space is cluttered and all over the place, then this would be the perfect app for you. Mylio is a freely available app that would sync your photos across multiple devices. Mylio is the latest entrant in the crowded field of photo syncing and workflow software. It offers decent editing and organization tools, but it's still far less mature than the competition.

Mylio X


Mylio Xmp

This is a very good app if you have a need for what it does.
I've been looking for an easy to use DAM since the demise of Aperture. It needs to be easy to use as the people I live with aren't that interested in learning Capture One and, frankly, the performance of Lightroom is poor. This is further complicated by the range of devices used - point and shoot camera, Phone and a DSLR. 70k images in one Library, mixed Raw and Jpeg.
The very good: it's fast. I can whiz around through the library really quickly, It has 'good enough' editing tools for the Jpeg shooter and you can also use any app you prefer at all for the job, you're not limited to it and Lightroom only. I'm not impressed with the Raw processing, no problem. I can send the images to DXO PhotoLad or Luminar, process them and save them. They show up in Mylio in a few moments - as in, like less than 60seconds. So, it's not limiting in any way.
The cool: (and sometimes misunderstood)... you can share that Library to any other Mac, PC, iOS or Android device you have, and you do it over your home network, not the internet. (You can also do it over the Internet but - and some are confused by this - it is not compulsory.) The sync works and is fast. You can choose to have originals on all the devices, or small versions. You can do organising work on any device and it will sync back to all the others when you're in your own home/network. This is amazing. It just works. Apple should buy this.
To use Mylio you have to register with them. This is quite common now, you do the same with ON1 PhotoRaw for instance. It's their basic protection. It also means that adding a device simply means signing on the device. Then choosing what to sync. Libraries up to 25k items are free. From there to 100k items are about $10 per month. Yes it is a subscription app. If you don't like that, then fine, nothing here for you. If, on the other hand, you think it's good that they have a sustainable business plan... and that you won't have to move to something else if they collapse in a few months, then it might be worth it. For much larger libraries, yes it is more expensive again.
You do not pay to edit raws, you can send them to another processor without paying. If you want to process them with this app then you pay, and there's an added shortcut to Lightroom.
Your files are stored in folders in the Finder. No hidden library, no ingestion and so on. You can, for instance, easily surf that library with any app you prefer, edit and save, and the changes occur will show up in Mylio in a couple of seconds. So there is no lock in.
The bad: no stacking, there is a bit of a learning curve.