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admin 11/23/2021

At this time, Mylio is designed to sync with three cloud synchronization services:

Using the above-mentioned services with Mylio is only supported when they are added as devices from the Mylio Dashboard. Using these services/apps to sync Mylio’s folders on your computer to the cloud in any other way is not supported. Combining unsupported synchronization services like Dropbox or Box with Mylio is also not supported. Doing so can cause a variety of issues, including:

Mylio is the latest entrant in the crowded field of photo syncing and workflow software. It offers decent editing and organization tools, but it's still far less mature than the competition. Using Mylio to manage my 1,100,000+ images gives me the ability to find a needle in a haystack in less than 1 second. Mylio lets you arrange photos into albums, lightboxes, tag them with people and location info (think facial recognition and geotagging), apply a flag, 5-star rating system, and color-coded labels. Looking at the programs console and Little Snitch, Mylio wants to connect home quite often (mostly during import). I have more than 25k images, which means I either use the mobile device version (nope), or pay a MONTHLY FEE. I see no pay-once-and-done option, and I am not going to shell out about USD 250 per year to manage only 500k of my. Mylio stands out from the crowd for good reason. Unlike many competitors, Mylio is aware of photographers’ growing need not just to organize but to consolidate images. Using a peer-to-peer connection on a shared network, Mylio brings photographs from multiple devices into one spot.

  1. Import errors or the inability to import folders.
  2. Duplicate images in your synchronization services.
  3. Loss of data.

These issues arise when Mylio and the cloud service attempt to replicate the same data. This means that the folder and its contents may be either available to Mylio, or not, at different times. Some services, such as Dropbox, may also have folder permissions that Mylio cannot access. We are investigating using Mylio with additional synchronization services in the future.

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You can also start a Premium trial, which lets you experience Premium for 30 days. To start your trial, sign in to your account on the accounts page, select Upgrade, and select Trial.

What happens when my Create plan ends?

Mylio will send you an email reminder 30 days before your Create plan ends, 2 days before your Create plan ends, and on the day your Create plan ends. When your

Create plan ends, you have three options:

Upgrade to Premium, and get 20% off your next Mylio payment. If you get Premium for a year, you get 20% off your first yearly payment of $99. If you get Premium for a month, you get 20% off your first monthly payment of $9.99.

Continue enjoying Create for $50/year for life. This offer lets you keep up to 50,000 photos in your library, sync up to 4 computers, and edit raw images.

Downgrade to Free. All of the photos and organization will remain in your library. If you have over 25,000 photos, you will not be able to add new ones. You will also be limited to 3 devices, and you will not be able to make new raw edits.


What happens when I want to restart my Premium account?

You can easily restart your Premium account by signing into the accounts page. Select Upgrade and choose Premium. You will once again be able to add unlimited photos, unlimited devices, and make raw image edits.

What if I have more than 25,000 photos when I downgrade from Premium to Free?

You will still have complete access to all of those photos when you stop Premium. You will not be able to add any more photos to Mylio, though.

What happens to the raw edits I made if I downgrade from Premium to Free?

Your raw edits will remain, even if you decide to stop Premium. You will not be able to make new raw edits with a Free account.

How can I get my photos back if I let my Premium account expire?

You will not need to get any photos back. Your photos will still all be in Mylio, and they will also be in your file system in the Mylio Pictures folder.

Do I lose any of my edits, rating, or tagging if I downgrade from Premium to Free?

All of the organization you do in Mylio remains, even if you change plans. Your edits, rating, and tagging (as well as folders, albums, categories, and any other organizational work you’ve done) will remain part of your Mylio library.

If I had more than three computers with Premium, can I choose which three computers should be used with Free?

Yes, you can choose. If you have more than three computers on your account when it reverts to Free, you will need to remove computers from your account until you have at most three in order for them to sync. To remove computers from your account, open Mylio on one of the computers you intend to keep. Then open the Dashboard in the top right corner of the Mylio interface. In the Devices column, select a device you want to remove from your account. Click on the image of the device, and in the Device Settings panel, click the Unregister Device button. Repeat these steps until you have at most three computers on your account.

How To Access Files On Mylio-x

If my photo library is split between the cloud and local storage, does a downgrade to Free affect my library?

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When you downgrade to a Free account, you will still have access to all the photos that are already in your Mylio library, including those in the cloud. If you have more than 25,000 photos, Mylio will stop importing new photos. If you have more than 3 computers, you will need to remove computers until you have at most 3; once you do, your library will continue to sync as usual.