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admin 11/23/2021

Someone has sent me an email with access to a Dropbox file. When I open it and launch Dropbox it say 'not enough space to access the folder' and asks me to upgrade. However the person who sent it to me says that they haven't upgraded but use 'smartsync and select online only'. Reason 6: Does Dropbox Have Enough Free Space To Sync Your Files And Folders? Dropbox now comes with a meagre 2 GB storage in its free tier, that is a far cry from the 15 GB free that Google Drive provides. It is incredulously easy to fill 2 GB today if you are using Dropbox to store photos and videos. Dropbox is one of the best file synchronization tools around, but you start out with only 2 GB of space, which isn't always enough to sync music or collaborate with your co-workers. If someone shares a folder with you that is larger than the amount of space you have left, you won’t be able to join the folder. For example, if you have a Dropbox Basic 2 GB account, and you’ve used 1.5 GB of space, you can’t accept a shared folder larger than.5 GB.

If you are one of the hundreds of millions who regularly use Dropbox, there is something you should know: While the service provides a very handy and hassle free way for file storage, syncing and sharing, its cache folder, hidden on your hard drive, can easily turn into a goldmine for hackers. Dropbox cache was designed to offer users a quick and effortless way to restore deleted files, so it retains a copy of every single file you delete, on your HDD.

Even though the cache is automatically emptied in every 3 days, in the meantime there is basically a secret copy of all your deleted Dropbox files on your PC. Now, what if you have deleted some confidential trade secrets, or financial reports, but a malware , or hacker manages to access your hard drive before the files are removed from your Dropbox cache? It sure isn't a secret for cybercriminals where too look for the Dropbox cache folder! It's practically an open secret; Dropbox itself let users clear the cache themselves if they deleted sensitive files and don't want them to remain on the computer for 72 hours. Click here to learn how to do it.

But that's not the end of the story yet. If that privacy issue weren't enough, there is another one, closely related, at hand. This time, it isn't a Dropbox thing, but something your good old Windows throws at you.

The point is, simple file deletion in Windows doesn't guarantee that the file you wanted to get rid of is no longer accessible on the hard drive. When you click 'delete' the file gets marked as available for overwriting, but only its reference is deleted from Windows Explorer. However, the file content itself is going to stay on your hard drive until it is overwritten by another file. So in the meantime it can be recovered by third parties.

I'm sure you got the picture by now: Yes, even the files Dropbox auto-deletes from the cache, can be recovered, even after deletion. They will be lying somewhere in the free space and if they happen to be sensitive files, you better remove them for good. How?

Use east-tec Eraser to auto-detect and permanently wipe the content of the Dropbox cache, on a daily basis, or anytime you deleted some highly sensitive data. This step doesn't only help you maintain your privacy, but frees up disk space as well. By regularly running this software you can really make sure that there aren't confidential Dropbox leftovers on your hard drive and that the cache only serves controllable recovery purposes.

If your Dropbox account is over your storage space quota then file syncing will stop. Files won’t be removed, and syncing will resume when you bring your account under your quota again.

To get your account under your storage space quota you can:

Why didn’t I receive more space after I upgraded?

There are a few possible reasons why you wouldn't see a Dropbox Plus or Professional upgrade applied to your account.

  1. Verify that you purchased Plus or Professional using the same email address that's associated with your Dropbox account. Here are ways you can determine your account email address:
  • If your computer is linked to Dropbox, open your Dropbox desktop app preferences and click the Account tab.
  • If your phone is linked to Dropbox, navigate to your Settings in the Dropbox app.
  • If you shared a folder with anyone in the past, then that user can find your account email address in the shared folder invitation or shared folder settings.
  1. If you did purchase space using the same email address as the one associated with your Dropbox account, but you're still not seeing your space, verify the subscription purchase and then contact our billing team. You can verify a subscription purchase in a few ways:

If you paid with credit card:

  1. Enter the transaction ID (found on your payment provider's billing statement).
  2. Enter the last four digits and expiration date of the card charged (if applicable).

If you were unable to find the transaction ID, we'll need the following information to identify the account associated with your purchase:

  • The type of card (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)
  • The last four digits of the card
  • The first six digits of the card
  • The date of the charge
  • The amount charged
  • The billing postal code

If you paid with PayPal:

Dropbox Not Sharing Files

If you paid with PayPal, we will need the PayPal transaction ID. You can find this ID by logging in to your PayPal account and clicking the transaction in your account history.

If you paid with Direct Debit or iDeal:

If you paid by Direct Debit or iDeal, we will need the mandate reference number or transaction number.

If you paid through an app store:

If you paid through the Apple App Store or Google Play, you’ll need to contact Apple or Google to determine the status of your payment.

Learn more about contacting a mobile app store.

After gathering this information, submit a support request containing the billing information requested above. For security and privacy purposes, please don't send anyone, including Dropbox, your full credit card number or CVV number. We will never ask for your password or your full credit card number.

Why haven’t I received my promotion space?

To receive the bonus space for one of your devices, you first need to link the eligible device to your account and then complete five steps from our get started guide.

If you haven’t received your bonus space for a promotion, then check the following questions to see if they can help you to resolve the issue:

Is my device eligible for the bonus space?

Make sure that your device:

  • Is brand new. The bonus space offer can only be redeemed once per device so pre-owned devices will most likely have had their eligible space already redeemed by a previous Dropbox account.
  • Came pre-installed with Dropbox. If you manually downloaded Dropbox, then your device isn’t eligible for the bonus space.
  • Is from a participating network carrier.

Which account will receive the bonus space?

A common issue is that users link one of their Dropbox accounts to the new device and then sign into a different account where they won’t see the bonus space. When your first sign into a Dropbox account on a new device, an email will be sent to the email address you have used telling you about the bonus space.

After you receive this email you just need to complete five steps of the get started guide for that account to redeem the space.

I received the email about my bonus space but why haven’t I received the actual space in my account?

First, double check the email address where you received the email. This is the Dropbox account email which will have the bonus space.

After you received an email informing you about linking your space you need to complete five steps of the get started guide (you need a computer to do this).

Note: Even if you completed the get started steps for a different Dropbox account, you need to complete the five steps for the account that you linked to your device.

I already have a bonus space offer active on my account, but I haven’t I received more space for my new device that I purchased?

Multiple promotions of the same type can’t be applied to on one account.

However, you can give the promotion to a friend or family member so that they can redeem the promotional space. They can do so by logging into their account from the eligible device.

I had a promotion active on my account but the space has disappeared?

Dropbox Out Of Space

Each bonus space promotion is only valid for a limited period of time, usually either one or two years.