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Calculus: Integral with adjustable bounds. Calculus: Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Free online tools to create custom grid paper printable. Options include creating lined pages, grid page, graph papers, dot grid, isometric grid, hexagon grid and many more. Choose the tool of your choice to get started. Graph Paper Maker. Free online tool allows you to create highly customizable cartesian grids and save them to your computer. Works directly in your browser. Graph Paper Graph Paper at Office Depot & OfficeMax. Shop today online, in stores or buy online and pick up in store. Online Graph Paper Maker Free online tool allows you to create highly customizable cartesian grids and save them to your computer. Works directly in your browser.

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What is Grid Paper?

Grid paper is simply a page covered with a continuous square grid. It is often called 'quadrille paper' or 'quad paper.' The squares usually have a specific size such as 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch - which gives the paper a name such as '1/2 Inch Grid Paper.' No axes are drawn on grid paper. This type of paper is often used for student graphing assignments where the teacher gives students the responsibility of determining scale and drawing the axes.
Grid paper is the type of graph paper most often used for art and drawing projects. It is used for creating floor plans, designing web pages, creating cross-stitch patterns, planning construction projects and many other purposes. Many people who use it believe that a quick pencil and paper sketch can be created in a fraction of the time required to make the same sketch with a computer program. This works well for a single draft, but if multiple refining drafts are required, then the computer program begins to have an advantage.

About our Grid Paper

We have six different grid papers that you can print for personal or academic use. Please print as many sheets as you want. They are provided as printable .pdf documents, formatted to print on a standard sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper. To print them you will need a .pdf document reader such as Adobe Reader.

More about Grid Paper

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Waterproof Graph Paper Notebooks
4 sizes available

Graph paper which is known by many other names such as the grid paper or the square paper etc is actually a very significant form of paper. It consists of the grids and the printed lines over it in the shape of squares and the rectangles.

This type of paper is widely used in the many kinds of domains, for example, you can use it in the mathematics domain to represent the statistics, or you can use it in the domain of drawings to create or give shapes to the many types of objects. You can even use it in the coordinating domain to represent the coordinates of any place so that it can be reached just as intended.

In this article, we are basically going to discuss the Grid paper relevance, its types and how you can use it in your own purpose. We would also provide you with the downloadable or printable templates of this paper so that you can make the most of it.

Graph Paper Sample with Examples

There are the various types of the papers which are used in the graph, and here for the basic understanding purpose, we are listing down some of those papers types below. It will help you to understand the graph in a better way.

1. Quad Graph Paper

This is the first type of Grid paper or format which also has the other name as the quartile paper and the name actually is rooted from the french. In this paper, you will see the grey and the light blue colors spare grids surrounding the edges of the paper.

This kind can be consisted of as many as two to five squared and this is commonly used in countries like Canada or United States. This is ideal to be used in the purposes when you don’t have to include too much of data in this paper.

2. Engineering Graph Paper

This paper is normally used in the domain of engineering and the paper is printed using the light green color. You can see as many as four, five and ten squared lines in this paper and at the back of the paper, you will see some printed lines which reflect as the faint lines in the front part of the paper.

Every page of this paper is comprised of the margin lines which are actually unprinted, and in case you scan this paper then the xerox of the paper won’t be consisting of those grid lines.

This kind paper is used in the United States and Canada and this paper really helps in showing the work as neat and clean.

3. Millimeter Graph Paper

This kind of paper is generally used in the domain of art work or the drawings. The paper has the ten squares having the size of 1cm.

4. Hexgonal Graph Paper

This kind of paper is preferred in the geometric work for the mapping work or also in the tesselated designing work. As the name suggests this kind of paper is comprised of the hexagons instead of the squares.

5. Isometric Graph Paper/3D Graph Paper

This paper has the triangular shape and the shape is meant to be having three degrees in order to form an equilateral triangle at the 60° grids.

These triangles are further arranged in a way that they have the group of 6 and they ultimately create the hexagon. You can use this paper to have an isometric view.

6. Logarithmic Graph Paper

In this paper you will see as the rectangles are drawn which are indifferent in the context of widths. These rectangles correspond to the scale of logarithmic and you can use this paper plotting the logs.

7. Polar Co-ordination Graph Paper

In the polar coordination paper you will see the concentric circles in the form of arcs and the pie. These circles are used for the plotting purpose in the polar coordination.

So, these are the various kinds of Grid papers which we have discussed above. Further, we are going to provide you the various kinds of paper which can be downloaded easily in the best possible quality and at free of cost.

We are living in the world of internet where the things are quick just at the snap of fingers. When we relate it in the terms of graph then you can literally use the internet to generate this paper just by going to the internet.

Now you don’t need to go to the shop to actually buy this paper since you can easily print it from here. Yes we are here providing you the direct source of printing this paper by which you can easily print this paper and use it in your own purpose.

We all know about the significance of this paper as they are widely used in mathematics to represent the statistics and many other such purposes. This is why the Grid paper’s demand touched the sky at the time, but later after the advent of computers and the internet, the demand of the graph declined.

So if you are needing a computer format of this type of paper then you can download it from here.

PDF which stands for the portable documented file is one of the oldest and the popular electronic or digital format. This format holds the first place when it comes to securing any kind of digital format since it is simple and can be easily transferred. If you want to have this format then you can get it from here.

8. Printable Graph Paper with Axis

The Grid paper with the axis is generally used in the domain of mathematics in the purpose of drawing the graph or in representing the statistics mathematics. In this kind, you will see the x and y-axis, which represent the horizontal and the vertical grids respectively.

These axis are the base by which this graph is actually used in the mathematical representation. So if you need the axis paper then you can easily print it from here as we have provided you the printable format of this axis paper.

There could be the times when we might not be sure of our preferences as to what kind of graph we are actually needing and this is when the custom Grid paper comes into existence.

The custom Grid paper is one such paper which doesn’t have any specific shape to fulfill the specific purpose of the users, rather the custom paper can actually be customized as per the requirement or the preferences of the users.

Using this custom paper you can give the desired shape to this paper and you can get this paper from here.

As we have said above, this Paper can be used for the varieties of the purposes and not only in the mathematics domain. You can use this paper to draw the objects in the drawing domain. This kind of paper helps the users to draw any object by using the dots on this paper and it can be the perfect help for the beginning levels drawers.

As we have discussed above that there are the many formats of this paper and you can get the one such format which suits your purpose. Microsoft Word is the most used software in the world when it comes to creating the formal documents, and the best thing is that you can have the template of this paper in the Word format as well.

The word format is considered to be the best format as it allows the users to make the tons of changes and if you generally work in the Microsoft Word then you should be using the Word format. You can get this template of this paper in the Word format from here.

9. 1 cm Graph Paper

This paper comes in the various formats and the sizes as well and you need to be specific in this regard that what size of the paper you actually require. The size 8 1/2×11 of the paper is the widely used size in the various industry such as in the professional work of the official people.

10. 8.5 x 11 Graph Paper

This is actually the standard size of paper and you should be using this size of paper when there is no specific size of the graph is mentioned or required. You can get this size paper from here at free of cost.

A4 is the other size of paper which generally remains very high in the demand due to its ideal size. The A4 size is actually a very sophisticated size which looks good in the outlook and due to that, it is used more in the comparison of the other sizes options.

If you also need the A4 size graph paper then you can get it from here.

These paper templates are used widely these days as they are easily available on the internet and you can choose the desired type of the template from there, and then can download it to use in your purpose. You can get this paper template from our article.

11. Interactive Graph Paper

The interactive paper comes with the coordinates on it which lets the users make the coordinates graph easily. This type of graph can also be used in the field of mathematics.

Well if you are someone who is always being around using the graph then the better choice for you is buying the notebook. In the graph notebook, you can easily get the many Grid paper sheets, which will save your time of buying this paper over and over again from the market.

Here for your concern, we have provided you with this paper notebook which you can download and print using the printer, and it will cost you less than buying the equivalent page graph sheet from the market.

12. Coordinate Graph Paper

Coordinate graph paper is the one which comes with the pre-mentioned coordinates over it. This kind of paper is used in creating the navigation guide for the concerned path and you can see it being used as a navigator in the ships or the airplanes.

13. Polar Graph Paper

The polar graph has consisted of the radials and the degrees and it is ideal to be used in the graphical representation work.

This is the last type of Grid paper in our list and as you can guess as the name suggest this kind paper isn’t having any specific purpose. It is a blank paper which can be made usable as per the preferences and the requirements of the users.

You will see the grids and the rectangles on this paper and you can get this paper from here.

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