Photo Grid Maker

admin 11/23/2021

Steps to use the collage maker:

  1. Our online collage maker tools let you create grid-based and freestyle photo collages. Choose from dozens of collage layouts, all with flexible cell resizing and drag-and-drop ease allowing for creative, fun collage making with beautiful results.
  2. Free Online Photo Grid Maker - Online Photo Grid Maker The photo might seem blurred in the design pane above, but the downloaded file would still be high-quality. Paid JPG image downloads are not watermarked and are suitable for printing photos.

BeFunky's Collage Maker empowers you to easily create breathtaking online photo collages. Simply upload your photos to our Collage Wizard and we'll automatically create a stunning collage for you, or you can choose from our selection of striking, fully customizable layouts.

1. Select some of your best photos to use in the collage and add them to photo collage maker above. You can add as many as 40 pictures.
Want to make a collage with more than 40 pictures? Here's how to make a collage with a large number of pictures.

2. Select a size for your photo collage depending on the space where you plan to put it. It can be a small 4 X 6 photo for your office table, large 20 X 30 photo to hang on your living room wall, or one of the many sizes available.

3. You can also select from one of the available social network photo sizes such as Facebook cover, Instagram, or Pinterest.

4. Select Landscape or Portrait orientation for your photo collage.

5. Once you have added photos and selected a size, you can re-generate the photo layout a few times to get a good arrangement. PicMyna photo collage maker has an incredibly smart photo layout algorithm that comes up with a unique arrangement every time you re-generate a photo layout.

6. When you are happy with the photo layout, download a JPG image. We provide a 14 day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!
The paid JPG image downloads are not pasted with watermarks.

Photo Grid Maker

7. Print your downloaded JPG photo using one of the online printing services such as Snapfish, Costco Photocenter, your local print shop, or your home printer.

8. Hang your collage photo in your home and show off to your friends!

You just completed a photo shoot and want to build a single sheet comprising the 100 or more pictures quickly.
Or, you have just returned from a vacation and you're anxious to share your trip photos with your friends. The only problem is — you have over 200 photos!
Everyone of us has been in a similar situation at some point of time.
How do you deal with such a situation?
In this post we will show you how to make 3 different types of collage from 100 or more pictures — without breaking the bank or learning a complex software like Photoshop.
Anyone can do it — no design background, no expertise required!

Before we get started, download and install TurboCollage. It takes less than a minute to download and complete the installation. Download here.

Why download a 100 picture collage maker app, why not online?
First, when you want to make a collage out of 100 photos, uploading them can be a tedious task. Online collage services are usually more suitable for small fixed template collages.
Second, when it comes to editing large number of really high quality, high resolution, big images — downloaded software is simply more suitable — no need to download or upload images, faster and more powerful processing, no waiting — it just works!

Photo Grid Maker

Make a 100 Photo Pile

1. Open TurboCollage and select the Pile pattern.

2. Add Pictures, then use the “Spreadout” tool to get your photo pile.

Want to see the above in action? Here's a 36 second video:

Make a 100 Photo Mosaic

1. Open TurboCollage, select the Mosaic pattern, select size of your mosaic, set border width to zero, set background color to black, and turn shadows off.

2. Add pictures to your mosaic.


3. Use the intelligent layout tool to get an arrangement that you like.

Photo Grid Maker Free

Want to see the above in action? Here's a under 48 second video:

Make a 100 Photo Grid

1. Open TurboCollage, select the Picture Grid pattern, select size of grid, set border width to zero, set background color to black, and turn shadows off.

2. Add Pictures to your grid and adjust the number of rows and columns.

Want to see the above in action? Here's a under 46 second video:

With the same steps, you can even make a collage out of 200, or 400 photos!
Still wondering why would one make a collage of so many photos? Here are some applications of a collage with a large number of photos:
1. You are a photographer or a designer and you want to combine all the photos from a shoot or a design project into one sheet.
2. You are an organizer at a conference and you want build a huge billboard comprising of 100’s of photos.
3. Posting too many photos on Facebook isn’t for you — instead you prefer to make a collage from your photos and post that.
4. You have been assigned a task to construct a collage of head shots of all the employees from your company.

Photo Grid Maker Free Download

So, the next time you need to make a collage from a large number of photos — use TurboCollage!