Recycled Vellum Paper

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Vellum paper invitations

White Paper Office Solutions specializes in office supplies, copy paper, printer paper & more. Based in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa. Offered in cool colors including red, blue and black vellum. Vellum, frosted glass appearance and printable! Vellum paper — noun: a strong cream colored paper resembling parchment for calfskin in appearance but not parchmentized.

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Can You Recycle Vellum Paper

DISCLAIMER : All my videos are intended for Adult crafters ( 18 Years and above ) due to products and supplies used to make the items that I show in the videos. This channel is not for CHILDREN.
A big Thank you to Joie de fi for inviting me to take part in this years collaboration. I will link all the Youtubers who I know that are taking part. Happy New Year everyone. xx
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Curved spine Tutorial
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White Vellum Paper

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