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Three days before a ban on the use of China-owned app WeChat in the United States is supposed to take effect, the Trump administration still hasn't said what specifically is being banned—only that individuals will not be penalized for using the app, despite the alleged threat it presents to national security.

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross does 'not intend to take actions that would target persons or groups whose only connection with WeChat is their use or downloading of the app to convey personal or business information between users, or otherwise define the relevant transactions in such a way that would impose criminal or civil liability on such users,' attorneys for the Department of Justice wrote in a court filing (PDF).

Users of WeChat may find services 'directly or indirectly impaired' by whatever measures the administration does end up imposing, the filing continued, but 'use and downloading of the app for this limited purpose will not be a defined transaction.'

The filing comes in response to a petition a group of US-based WeChat users filed in federal court in August seeking an injunction on the ban.

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The... ban?

President Donald Trump signed two very similar executive orders in August targeting WeChat and TikTok. The TikTok saga appears to have resulted in a deal with Oracle, giving the US firm a significant minority stake in TikTok.

The WeChat ban, however, remains much more nebulous. WeChat is owned by Tencent, an absolutely massive Chinese conglomerate with full or partial ownership stakes in a huge array of Chinese and US technology, media, gaming, and entertainment firms. It is China's everything app: where a US user might use Uber, GrubHub, Venmo, Facebook Messenger, and Google or Apple Pay in the course of a morning, a user in China would do everything within WeChat.


China's government, however, relies on this ubiquity for surveillance and censorship purposes inside China. The executive order alleges that WeChat captures 'vast swaths of information' from its users (as nearly all mobile apps do), and that because of its ties to China's government, that data collection 'threatens to allow the Chinese Communist Party access to Americans’ personal and proprietary information.'

The order says that 'any transaction that is related to WeChat by any person, or with respect to any property subject to the jurisdiction of the United States' will be prohibited. The order does not actually describe what those 'transactions' may entail but instead says the Secretary of Commerce has 45 days in which to determine them. Trump signed the executive order on Thursday, August 6, making Sunday, September 20—this weekend—the deadline by which Ross needs to identify what, exactly, the prohibited transactions are.

The promise that the executive order will not affect individuals is not enough, the users argued in a response to the court (PDF).

'The 'representations and assurances' in the letter 'provide no clarity about what the Secretary will or won't do on September 20,' the group wrote in its response filing. 'The Secretary has not taken off the table his ability to ban the use of WeChat by anyone... Having first failed to articulate any actual national security concern, the administration's latest 'assurances' that users can keep using WeChat, and exchange their personal and business information, only further illustrates the hollowness and pre-textual nature of [the administration's] 'national security' rationales.'

Many of you will buy a new mobile phone in two years or less. What will happen when you try to log in to WeChat with your new device?Security Verification! The most frustrating thing about WeChat!So, I will show you 4 ways to verify WeChat on new device. Actually,there’s only 4 ways to verify your identity.

NOTE:If you want to verify identity without SMS verification code, password,Ask for help, then I strongly recommend you to enable voiceprint.

Why WeChat always ask for Security Verification? I think It would be very helpful for WeChat account security. However, it’s so inconvenient for us to use it, especially for newbies. That’s why I write this blog, hope this will be helpful for you. If you have any questions, please comment below.

I will not show you how to log in to your WeChat account. If you don’t know, then you can read my other blog. When you try to log in your WeChat account with your new device, it shows” This is the first time logging in from this device. For your account’s safety, verify your Identity first.” You can start your verification by clicking [Start to verify] icon.

After clicking that button,then you will see there’re four methods to verify your identity. I will show you every method step by step.

Method 1:Ask your WeChat friend to verify account using Help Friend Log in.


This method is for people who have lost their phone or changed their phone and the old one is not by your side right now.

1. Tap [Ask friend to verify account using Help Friend Log in].
2. Ask your WeChat friends to send temporary code to your WeChat.

How to let them know your temporary code? You can do whatever you can to let them know, via phone call, SMS, Email or other methods. But, if you don’t know any other contact info about your WeChat friends and you can’t contact them without WeChat, then you need to use other methods to verify.

3. Let your friends contact you via WeChat and send you a message(only temporary code).

4. Check out how many friends have helped with verification by tapping [Refresh].

If you need more than one friend to help you, then you need to ask more friends to help you until the number meet the requirement. After that, you will be verified successfully.

Method 2:Verify via QR code.

This method is for people who have the old mobile phone by your side right now. Or you can ask somebody to help you to scanning QR code using your old mobile phone. The old mobile phone is that the last time your WeChat has logged in to.

1. Tap [Ask friend to verify account using Help Friend Log in].

2 Scan QR code.
You need to use the original phone to scan this QR code. What’s original phone mean? The original phone should be the last time your WeChat have logged in to that. In other words, it’s the old phone device and your WeChat logged in on that.

How to scan QR code on WeChat?

Some people might not know how to scan QR code on WeChat, So, this step will show you how. If you’ve already known,you can skip to next step.

  1. Click [+] button on the top right of screen.
  2. Then tap [Scan] icon on your phone.
  3. Using your old mobile phone to point your phone camera at the QR code and have it within the guidelines.
    NOTE: If QR Code expired, you need to refresh it(Click Refresh icon).
    If you need more details about how to scan QR code, you might see my guide on how to scan WeChat QR code.

Method 3:Verify via SMS verification code.

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If your WeChat was signed up by phone number or you have linked your phone number to your WeChat, Then you should consider this method because it will be more convenient to verify.

  1. Tap [Via SMS verification code].
    And then, an SMS verication code will be sent to your phone. If don’t receive SMS code, you need to request agian.

2. Enter the Verification code before it’s invalid.

You need to request verification code again if it’s invalid.

Method 4: verify via Voiceprint. (strongly recommended!)

There’s no need to ask someone to help you with verification if you use this method and you can verify without your old phone. In other words, it’s a piece of cake to verify WeChat identity when you login WeChat on new device.

How to enable voiceprint feature on WeChat?

Before you use this method you need to update WeChat to the latest version and open this feature. You can check and update your WeChat version as follow steps

  1. Update WeChat to the latest version.
    If your WeChat has updated to the latest version(At least,version 6.62) then you can skip this step.
    Open and logged in to your WeChat. Tap [Me] icon >> Tap [Settings]>>[About]>> [Check for Updates].

  1. Enable Voiceprint feature.
    1. Tap [Me] on the bottom of the screen.
    2. Click [Settings] icon.
    3. And thenTap [Account Security]

  1. Click [Create] icon to create voiceprint.
  1. Make sure that you are in a quiet environment and then hold button and read digits.
    If failed,you need to try again.

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  1. Once step 1 completed, you will be asked to proceed with the next step by Clicking [Next] button.
  2. Hold button and read digits again and then your voiceprint created.
    You can log in to WeChat via voiceprint.

  1. The last step is testing your current voiceprint by tapping [Test current Voiceprint].
    Hold button and read digits again as the previous step.

I have shown you that 4 ways to verify WeChat on a new device. As I said, I recommend you to enable Voiceprint feature in case you changed mobile phone or forgot the password. Especially for someone lost their phone.

Note: There’s a limit for logging in WeChat via voiceprint. You’re allowed to log in via Voiceprint up to six times per day. When this limit is reached, you can log in with password or other methods, or you can log in via Voiceprint again after 24 hours.

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As you can see, I have put a lot of effort into this article. So, If you have any questions, please let me know and comment below. I will try my best to fix it and help more people.

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