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admin 11/23/2021
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I finally upgraded to XL and got myself a Spotify sub again. It is a wonderment!

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Ropiee does what Roon lacks so much, gives us a way to stream Spotify Connect or Airplay to our Stereo to actually be able to use them. Being a classical guy, I get all my non-classical pleasures from Streaming services, Spotify simply has the best Playlists.

Roon Spotify

I subscribe to Tidal and Spotify and Amazon Music. I like to be able to switch on and surf for something to listen to (or have playlist suggestions). The Roon based setup always seems to take 20 mins of arsing around with passwords and updates when it has not been on for a while. Spotify + Roon would be so excellent. Spotify's UI is absolute garbage, every time they redesign the look functionality is lost and things get worse. Spotify's app development is a decentralized mess, seriously inconsistent across different platforms; the Android TV app is hands down the worst offender though, its a.bleep. nightmare. Step 4 Add Spotify music playlist to Roon. After downloading all your selected Spotify tracks, you could start to add Spotify music to Roon for listening. There are several ways to import Spotify music to Roon. You can directly drag and drop Spotify music files into Rook on Mac and PC. Listen to In Mood for Love on Spotify. Roon Single 2021 6 songs. It sounds as though Roon has pinched all the best bits of Spotify and Sonos app. Stunning room integration (syncing etc), ‘radio’ post-listening suggestions, searching across NAS and ALL streaming services (non missing!), excellent cd SQ from Qobuz and Tidal The only elephant in the room is hires. But, Sonos mesh reliability is second to none.

Roon Spotify


Roon does not understand why people would want a way to use Airplay or Connect within its software, well it is quite simple: to be able to listen to the many other music services on our home networks. RopieeeXL solves the problem for one endpoint, but sadly not the entire network - I really hope this will someday be possible. I really missed Spotify!

Roon Spotify Connect

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Roon Labs Spotify

Thanks for the great work and I just wished the Roonpeople would not be so stubborn. Just give us the option, you yourself really never have to use it. I promise.